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Exam MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity, and Services

Introduction to the Exam course Unit

The candidates who are for this exam are the Microsoft 365 enterprise best authentic administrators who mainly take part in evaluating, get deployed, and effectively managing all major services of Microsoft 365, as this generally perform the tenant management related relevant tasks for Microsoft 365 with including all its authentic identities, main power platform, several supporting technologies, and the major compliances. The candidates who are trying to effectively get pursue this exam must have the working knowledge of the fields related to Microsoft 365 and should have been an administrator for at least any one particular field of this exam course unit, and the candidates also have the working knowledge of the networking and the major fields of Information Technology.

MS-100 Exam

The Exam MS-100 effectively measures the ability of the candidate to accomplish several major technical tasks like designing as well as effectively implementing all the main services of Microsoft 365 and also managing the identities, and roles of the candidate, and also managing its access, and the best authentication.

The Microsoft 365 Identity and the best service certification mainly targets all those candidates who surely want to make their career in the field of the domain for Microsoft 365. The Exam named Microsoft 365 Certified- Enterprise Administrator Expert team also verifies that all such candidates also effectively get possess the basic fundamental knowledge, and the best-proven skills in the main area of Microsoft MCE Microsoft 365 Certified- Enterprise Administrator.

Learning objectives of the Exam MS-100

The learning objectives of the Exam MS-100 generally includes the following:

Learning about how to effectively design, and implement the major services of Microsoft 365 like Online exchange, and the online SharePoint.

Effectively managing the roles, and identities of the user.

Learning about the process of managing the access, and the authentication of the user.

Planning for the deployment of Office 365 workloads.

Planning for the deployment of Office 365 Application.

Learning Path description of Microsoft MS-100 Exam

The learning path description overview of this Exam has been effectively designed to help the candidate, and all team members to effectively get prepare for the Microsoft MS-100 Identity, and the services Exam, and this course would generally provide a solid, and authentic understanding of the identity as well as major relevant services related to Microsoft 365, and those candidates who effectively pass the MS-100 Exam would earn the credit as that is mainly credited towards the Enterprise Administrator best Expert certification.

A detailed summary of Microsoft 365 Exam

Name of Exam: The name of the Exam is Microsoft 365 Certified- Enterprise Administrator Expert

Code of Exam: MS-100

Price/Cost of Exam: $165 USD

Time Duration of Exam: The available time duration of the exam is 150 minutes.

The number of available questions in Exam: The number of available questions is approx. 40 to 60.

The passing score of the Exam: The passing score of the Exam is obtaining 700 marks total of 1000 Marks.

Schedule exam: The scheduled Exam is Pearson VUE. 

Practice set for Exam: The available practice set for the Exam is Microsoft MS-100 Certification Practice Exam

Syllabus topics of Exam Microsoft MS-100

Exam Microsoft MS-100 generally contains four modules in which also the modules are effectively sub-divided into its following modules that mainly contains the following syllabus designed for the exam that is mainly as follows:

Module 1: Designing, and implementing the services of Microsoft 365 (25-30%)

  • Planning an authentic, and relevant best architecture.
  • Get deploying a tenant for Microsoft 365.
  • Managing the subscription as well as the tenant health of Microsoft 365.
  • Planning for the migration of users as well as the data sources.

Module 2: Get manage the identity, and toles of User (25-30%)

  • Effectively designing the strategies for identity.
  • Planning for the better synchronization of having an authentic identity.
  • Managing the best roles of the User.
  • Managing the Identities of Azure AD.
  • Effectively managing the synchronization for identity with the Azure Active Directory that is mainly the Azure AD.

Module 3: Get manage the access and the Authentication of the User (15-20%)

  • Managing the authentication of the User.
  • Planning as well as effectively implementing the best-secured access.
  • Configure the access for having a relevant application.

Module 4: Planning for the workloads as well as the Applications of Microsoft Office 365 (25-30%)

  • Planning for the Microsoft 365 Apps for having a better deployment.
  • Planning for the relevant messaging deployments.
  • Plan for SharePoint, and also OneDrive for the Business.
  • Planning for the Team infrastructure of Microsoft.
  • Plan to the Power Platform Integration of Microsoft.

The reattempting policy of Exam MS-100

Microsoft generally permits 5 attempts per year for the specific Exam, and the exam retake policy for Microsoft MS-100 Exam is mainly as follows:

1) If the candidate is not capable to clear the exam on the first attempt, then the candidate must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam.

2) If the candidate is also not capable to clear their exam in the second round, then, in such a case, the candidate must wait at least 14 days before giving the exam for the third time.

3) A 14-days waiting period is also available for the fourth, and fifth subsequent exams for reattempting.

Cancellation, and rescheduling the policy of Exam

Microsoft generally permits free canceling for the exam that generally occurs within 24 hours as before the scheduled appointment of the candidate, but, if the candidate fails to show up on the particular day of the Exam without rescheduling, or canceling their exam, then Microsoft effectively get reserves all rights to forfeit the entire exam fee of the candidate, as the rescheduling, and cancellation of the scheduled exams could be simply done through the dashboard certification.

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