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Exam MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility, and Security

Introduction to the Exam MS-101

The candidates who are mainly for this Exam are the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators who generally take part in getting evaluating, make planning, deploying as well as effectively managing the services of Microsoft 365 the candidates effectively get aware of the best-bundled versions for the related features that generally does not primarily work with all such available bundles. For such particular exam course unit, the candidates are generally responsible for configuring the main system to meet the needs and wants of clients and generally performing several design tasks related to main tasks to effectively implement various new features, and the major functionality, and effectively implementing the testing related major changes.

This particular exam course would measure the ability of the candidates to accomplish the technical as well as the major administrative tasks as either identifying the threat vectors, securing the score, configuring the protection of Azure identity, and also protection for online exchange, and effectively implementing the modern devices, and effectively managing the compliances, and governance of Microsoft 365.

The MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security Certification Exam is mainly intended to teach the professionals regarding how to effectively configure the main mobility, and the security-related main features as within the vast Microsoft 365 Portfolio, and at once the candidate successfully pass this exam, they will earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert badge from the Microsoft.

Time is taken to study for the MS-101 Exam

While preparing for this intermediate-level Exam, the experts mainly recommend effectively creating, and following the best study schedule, as various people have their careers, families, and some other major obligations, in this case, a schedule would help all such candidates being set aside the best study time to effectively ensure that the candidates are fully prepared to take, and pass the MS-101 Exam, the main topics which the candidates are required to study for this particular Exam are mainly as follows:

Implement the modern device best services (30-35%)

  • Effectively make planning for MDM
  • Configure the integration of MDM with the help of Azure AD
  • Setting up of authority of MDM
  • Setting the enrollment devices limit for the users.
  • Managing the device compliance, and apps
  • Planning the deployment of Windows 10

Implementing the Microsoft 365 Security, and threat management (30-35%)

  • Implementing the Cloud App security
  • Effectively implementing the threat management
  • Implement the windows defender and advanced threat protection.
  • Managing the alerts, and security reports.

Managing the governance, and compliances of Microsoft 365 (35-40%)

  • Configure prevention from data loss.
  • Implementing the Azure Information Protection
  • Managing governance for the data source.
  • Managing auditing, and eDiscovery.

There are approx. 40-60 questions, and have 120 minutes that is about 2 hours to effectively complete the Exam, and for all this, the passing marks of the question are 700 points out of 1000 total points, and higher to 700 marks for effectively passing the Exam.

Significance of Microsoft MS-101 Certification

The certification is a great way to the following simpler ways like as mainly as follows:

Gaining additional recognition, and the best authentic expertise at the current work of the candidate.

It helps and supports the candidate to land a job where the Microsoft 365 administration is generally in higher demand.

Effectively building the personal skill set of the main portfolio.

Having relevant, and, meaningful conversations that provide proper guidance to all its peer groups.

Preparation resources for Microsoft MS-101 Exam

There are plenty of available resources that help, and support the candidate to effectively pass the exam MS-101 like as follows:

Training courses: For this, the candidates are required to sign in at some platform to regularly take the exam from such a platform. While pursuing these courses, the candidates would effectively experience a series of several lectures that help them to learn about the major key topics, and related services, which is generally followed by having an effective demonstration for a more hands-on effective approach to learning.

YouTube videos Playlists: With the help of YouTube videos playlists the candidates could surely get to know about more things at one particular place through video content so that with the help of this they could easily visualize things in a better way.

Books, and guides: With the help of books, and guides the candidates could effectively get familiar with the relevant topics related to the Exam pattern.

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