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Exam PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

About the Unit course Exam

The candidates who envisioned, and effectively create the relevant solutions to simply, and automate the tasks, and the best processes for their team members, and also for themselves, and they also understand about the data that are working with it, to the particular issue which the candidates are effectively get required to resolve it, and instead, for this, they also need to resolve the issues that are related to the required process, and the app experiences. The candidates are self-directed, and they always focused on the solutions so, with this they could effectively connect with the best use features of apps as with including the teams of Microsoft 365, and its related best services, and also the relevant solutions of the third-party solutions. The candidates also have their main desire to understand the major capabilities, and the limitations of available best tools, and they also understand how they apply for this, on the other hand, the candidate is also an advocate for the Power platform-related platforms.

Microsoft PL-100 Exam

The Microsoft PL-100 Exam has effectively been getting built to measure the ability of the candidate to get accomplish the major tasks which also include the best design solutions, and which effectively create the relevant solutions, get analyze the data, and implement as well manage the relevant solutions. The Microsoft App Maker is responsible for is to build the relevant solutions to get simplify, automate, and transform the tasks, and processes for themselves, and also for their team members at where the candidates have deep expertise in the best domain solutions, and also the candidates are skilled in the business analyst related tasks like as data modeling, the basic requirement analysis, and the UX design, and also the relevant major process analysis.

Skills required for Exam PL-100

Effectively being as the Microsoft Power platform app maker the candidate would get capable to develop their skills through including the following things that are mainly as follows:

  • Building a relevant solution to get simplify, and easily get transform all main tasks, and processes for themselves, and also for their team members who are deeply expertise in the best solution domain.
  • They could easily get implement the business analyst-related main tasks like data modeling, the basic UX design, the major requirement analysis, the process analysis, etc.
  • Creating, and enforcing the main process of business, and the best structure digital relevant collection of the basic information, which effectively improves the efficiency of best repeatable tasks, and which also automates the main process of business.
  • Effectively using the best maker tools of the powerful platform to solve the problems related to the business.

Who should take the PL-100 Exam?

The candidates who take the Microsoft PL-100 Exam are generally suggested to have a relevant experience with the visual basic for applications, the excel pivot tables, teams, and several other tools, and also it should have a basic understanding of data models, the relevant process, and the user interface also the app maker candidate should get aware of the major capabilities, and limitations for the best available tools, and also understand about how to apply for this. The app maker should be self-directed so that its solutions are also getting focused on this, and regarding this, the candidate may not have any formal IT Training but this should be also comfortable as through using the technology to solve the major problems related to business with the mindset for personal growth, and the candidate also understands the operational main need with best phased, and iterative strategies.

Details of PL-100 Exam

Name of Exam: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

Time Duration of Exam: 150 minutes

Type of Exam: Microsoft Power Platform

Language of Exam: The exam was conducted in the English language.

Code of Exam: PL-100

Format of Exam: The format of the exam is multiple-choice questions

Fee/Cost of Exam: $165 USD

Passing score of Exam: The passing score of the Exam is 700 marks out of 1,000 marks.

Policies of Exam PL-100

The Microsoft Exam-related policies generally cover the exam-related all details, and relevant information as with effectively giving the procedures for the exam, as such exam-related policies mainly consist of the certain rules that are generally to be get followed during the exam period.

Retake policy of Exam

This states that all candidates who would not get capable to pass the exam for the first time, so, in such a case, such candidates have to effectively wait for 24 hours before retaking the exam, and for this time, the candidates are required to go to the certification dashboard, and then rescheduling the exam, and if the candidates failed the exam for the second time, then such students have to effectively wait for at least 14 days as before retaking the exam, and this is a 14-day waiting period that is generally inflicted in between the third, and fourth attempts, and after that the fourth, and fifth attempts. Overall, the candidates can give the exam 5 times a year.

Rescheduling, and the cancellation policy of Exam

Microsoft temporarily waives either for rescheduling, or the cancellation fee if the candidates cancel their exams within 24 hours as before the scheduled appointment. Either for rescheduling or canceling an appointment there is no cost charge as if it is effectively get executed for at least 6 business days before the appointment of the candidate.

Outline of Microsoft PL-100 Exam

The course PL-100 Exam generally covers the following main topics that are mainly as follows:

Module 1: Designing relevant solutions

  • Creating a high-level design.
  • Identifying the best required Power Platform major components.
  • Designing relevant data models.
  • Designing a relevant user interface.
  • Designing output
  • Designing security, privacy, and major compliance.
  • Understanding the environment of Power Platforms.

Module 2: Creating relevant solutions (55-60%)

  • Managing the Power Platform-related development environments.
  • Creating the best model-driven main apps.
  • Creating canvas apps, and the best-configured data stores.
  • Creating the best Power automate flows.

Module 3: Analyzing, and visualizing the data (5-10%)

  • Creating the best Power BI reports.
  • Describing the models of AI builders.

Module 4: Get implementing, and manage best authentic solutions (15-20%)

  • Configure the common data service relevant security.
  • Securing, and deploying a relevant solution.
  • Testing the relevant apps, and flows.
  • Managing the best versions of Canvas Apps.

Best preparation guide of PL-100 Exam

The PL-100 Exam effectively needs a lot of concentration, and proper preparation authentic best solutions resources to Excel, and also it has the right set of several resources which would not only help, and support the user but also in the right direction but this also gives a clear path for easily get qualifying for the exam.

Get previewing the objectives of the Exam:

Designing solutions (10-15%)

Creating solutions (55-60%)

Get analyze, and visualize data (5-10%)

Implementing, and managing authentic solutions (15-20%)

Learning from resources: learning from the learning path of Microsoft, from online tutorials, and the Microsoft documentation.

Joining an online community: Joining an online study group during the time of exam preparation, and while resolving the doubts of candidates.

Preparing for exam with the practice tests: The candidates could start their preparation with the latest, and updated PL-100 practice Exam.

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