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Exam PL-400: Microsoft Power Platform Developer

About the Exam course Unit

The candidates for this Exam effectively design, develop and secure the best troubleshoot Power platform related best relevant, and authentic solutions, and also the candidates implement the best relevant major components of the solution, including the better enhancement of applications, and the authentic custom user experience, the system integrations, and the data conversions, and also the custom visualization, and its process for automation. For this, the candidates must have the stronger, and more effective best-applied knowledge of the power platform services including an in-depth understanding of the major capabilities, its related boundaries, and major constraints, and also for this, the candidates should have a basic understanding of DevOps practices for the best power platform. Also, the candidates should have the related best development experiences which include the best Power Platform related relevant main services like as JavaScript, HTML, Microsoft Azure, RESTful web services, and the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence.

This cloud training generally equips the aspirants to diligently get preparing for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams, and also after completing this exam course the candidates could easily earn the Power Platform Developer certification.

The Microsoft Power Platform Developer PL-400 Certification Exam could be one of the best relevant options for the candidates, and to obtain this certification the candidates must be required to develop the best components of solutions as which mainly get comprises for enhancing the applications, the system integration, and the user experience of the customers, the data conversion, and the custom relevant process automation, and for this, the candidates are effectively required to sharp their applied knowledge for the services of Microsoft Power Platform, and the basic understanding of DevOps practices for the Microsoft Power Platform, and the background of the candidate also includes the incorporated development experiences as effectively through using JSON, JavaScript, HTML.

Overview of the Exam PL-400

Vendor of Exam: Microsoft

Code of Exam: PL-400

Name of Exam: Microsoft Power Platform Developers

The number of questions available in the Exam: The number of available questions in the Exam is approx. 40 to 60

Time Duration of Exam: The time duration of the Exam is 120 minutes.

Passing score of Exam: The passing score of the Exam is obtaining 700 Marks out of 1000 Marks.

Certification Name: The name of the certification is Microsoft Power Platform Developer Associate

Language of Exam: The exam is mainly conducted in the English language.

Cost/Price of Exam: The cost price of the Exam is $165. 

Scheduling of Exam: Scheduling of Exam is Pearson VUE website.

Benefits of Passing the Microsoft Certification PL-400 Exam

Best attractive, and relevant packages: The IT Professionals who mainly obtain the Microsoft certification are their first, and major choice for hiring the managers in the internal promotions process, and getting the best attractive salaries, and other perks, and for this, they also relish the relevant and brilliant opportunities for the development of their career.

Having the certification of PL-400 Exam proves the willingness of the candidates to learn: Giving one’s plentiful, and significant time to prepare for the Microsoft PL-500 Exam means that the candidates are so much dedicated to their career in the field of Information Technology, and having the yearning for effectively becoming the highly-skilled best IT Professional.

At once, the candidate effectively received their Microsoft certification, then the skills and the credibility for Information Technology would be something that generally gets acknowledged by the organization.

Having a better advantage over the other applicants: Various other companies generally hunt for the well-equipped relevant IT Professionals to do their job in the most significant manner, and the IT professionals who meet up the major standard needed in performing various authentic networking computers, and the other relevant system services, and the organization also values the examination that is generally set by several vendors at while examining the skills, and capabilities of an individual. This simply means that while the candidates get the Microsoft Certified- Power Platform Developer Associate certification, then the candidate would have the relevant advantage over other applicants who do not have any other.

Preparation tips of Microsoft PL-400 Exam

This is so much required for the main blend of various other relevant training study materials from some different other sources, and the number one platform which is so much helpful for the study resources is the official website of Microsoft, so to start this, the candidates are effectively required to follow the following steps that are mainly as follows:

Best instructor-led Training course: Microsoft generally offers PL-400T00-A: Microsoft Power Platform Developer course that is unlike the traditional classroom education course, and the online instructor-led training course could be simply taken for the better preparation of exam.

Practices sets for Microsoft PL-400 Exam: The practice sets cannot be ignored while preparing for this exam, and the exam practice sets and the practice tests from the Edusum.com websites are the best resources for the best certification exam preparation that would not be the overstatement. The practice sets of the Microsoft PL-400 Exam provide evidence of the strengths and weak topics of the candidates that generally require more preparation.

Using the best study guide: To effectively avoid the solid grasp for the main exam topics, the candidates must require to understand what exactly the Microsoft PL-400 Exam is all about, so, at firstly, the candidates are effectively required to understand the main objectives and topics of exam, and in such a case, only the official study guide can equip the candidate to pass the Microsoft Certification Exam, and the candidates must study this in details to understand the major objectives of the exam.

Main subject topics of Microsoft PL-400 Exam

Creating the technical design (10-15%)

Configuring common data services (15-20%)

Creating, and configuring the Power Apps (15-20%)

Configure the automation for the main process of business (5-10%)

Extending the user experience (10-15%)

Extending up the main platform (15-20%)

Developing authentic integrations (5-10%)


The technology is getting ever-evolving, and with the preparation tips for passing the Microsoft PL-400 Exam while following all such tips carefully, the candidates could surely pass this exam and could earn the Microsoft certification. With the personal dedication, persistence, and hard work of the candidates they can easily pass their exams.

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