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Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect

An introduction to the Exam course Unit

The Microsoft Power platform solutions architect effectively leads the best successful implementation, and this mainly focuses on how the solution addresses the broader business and the best technical needs of the organization. An architect solution has the functional, and technical knowledge of the power platform, the dynamics 365 customer engagement apps mainly related to the Microsoft cloud solutions, and also with some other third-party relevant technologies. The best architect solution mainly applies their knowledge and experiences through a better engagement, and the solution architect also performs the major proactive, which mainly prevent the work from effectively increasing the value of the customer’s technologies, and which also promotes the organizational health.

The best solution architects should be effectively getting capable to facilitate the designs related to main decisions across the development, major configuration, integration, better availability, and the best change management. This role also balances the needs for the project’s business while meeting the functional, and the non-functional major requirements.

Learning path of Microsoft Exam PL-600

The Microsoft exam generally provides the learning path of exam that the candidates could effectively use for the better understanding, and the related best concepts in a step-by-step manner, and for the Exam PL-600, the candidates would effectively get a better understanding, and an overview of the power platform-related main concepts.

Details of Exam PL-600

Name of Exam: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect

Cost of Exam: $165 USD

Language of Exam: The exam is mainly conducted in the English language

Passing score of the Exam: The passing score of the Exam is obtaining 700 marks out of 1000 marks.

A number of available questions in the Exam: Approx. 40 to 60 questions are available in the Exam.

Format of Exam: The format of the exam is multiple response answers.

Scheduling for Exam PL-600

Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect generally measures the candidate of the knowledge to effectively perform the solution for envisioning the analysis, and effective implementation of solutions, as mainly for scheduling the Exam PL-600 can directly be logged into the portal of Microsoft.

Microsoft Exam policies

The Microsoft Exam policies mainly provide the exam-related details, main processes, and relevant procedures, and while effectively taking an exam the candidates always get required to follow up all certain rules to carefully attempt the exam.

Retaking policy of Exam

To attempt the exam, the candidates must fill out the exam form, and if the candidate fails to pass in the first attempt of the exam, then, they need to wait for at least 24 hours before retaking their exam, they can effectively use the certification dashboard of the exam to reschedule the exam again, and if the candidate failed in their exam for the second time also, then, they generally required to reappear in the exam after 14 days, and simply like as 14 day waiting period also in the 3rd, and 4th attempt if the candidates are not capable to pass in the exam.

Rescheduling, and the cancellation of the Exam

Microsoft has temporarily waived up its rescheduling, and the cancellation fee as if the candidates cancel their exam mainly within 24 hours as before their scheduled appointment.

Before 6 business days of the appointment for the exam, they would no any charge for either canceling or rescheduling the Exam.

If the candidate shows as failed for the appointment for at least 24 hours appointment their fee amount would be forfeited.

Objectives of Microsoft Exam

The Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect the candidates would effectively get the major proficiency, and familiarity with the main objectives of Exam as the candidates can effectively use the study guide of Microsoft PL-600 for effectively get exploring the main topics, and for its better understanding, and such topics mainly consist of the following:

  • Performing solution envisioning
  • Architecting a solution
  • Implementing the solution.

Study guide of Microsoft PL-600 Exam

Getting familiar with the modules of the Exam:  The candidates while preparing for the Exam, must be familiar with the modules, and their sub-division that is mainly as follows:

  • Performing solution envisioning
  • Architecting a solution
  • Implementing the solution.

Microsoft docs: The Microsoft documentation is the main knowledge source for the Exam PL-600 that generally offers detailed information about the main topics, and concepts of the exam, as with effectively using the Microsoft documentation, the candidates could easily get the reference of all topics, and with this, the candidates can easily learn the major essential area of the exam, and also this would help, and support the candidate in gaining a lot of knowledge about the areas of Power platform, and the best solutions concepts.

Solving various practice tests papers: Practice tests are important for the preparation of Microsoft Exam PL-600, and with effectively using the exam tests the candidates can know about their stronger and the weaker section areas, and this would also help them in improving the best answer writing skills that would result to save a lot of time during their preparation time.

Online study groups: The online study groups mainly provide the major benefits to the candidates during the preparation time for Microsoft PL-600 Exam, and also the study groups would help, and support the candidates to stay connected with the experts, and the professionals in this particular field, instead of this, the candidates can effectively start its discussion and can ask any query related to the exam, and also can take the study notes for Exam PL-600.

Benefits of Solution Architect Certification

The Solution Architect Certification gives an edge over the other candidate, and effectively as per being the data, the average solution for the architect is approx. $99,000 in the US, as the solution architects, are highly demandable, as they are mainly in charge of directing all successful deployments, and focusing on how these solutions effectively address the wider business, and the issues related to an organization, and also the major requirements of technologies of business. In the larger organization, the architect enterprise would rely on the solution architect to effectively ensure that the solution is generally being developed, and that would be more compatible with fulfilling the overall main aim of the organization.

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