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FNS60620 Advanced Diploma of Banking Services Management

FNS60620 Advanced Diploma of Banking Services Management

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The course FNS60620 Advanced Diploma of Banking services management mainly focuses to develop the high-level skills that are mainly used in managing the performance of individuals and effectively coordinating various sales of financial products and services. In this also various other subject has been effectively included like the organizational change and the continuous Improvement that is mainly focussing on the customer service management. This qualification has been effectively getting designed properly so that it can reflect the job roles of senior management and services with various teams and businesses that effectively results in banking responsibilities with the numerous other deposited Institutions. This qualification effectively anticipates that Individuals could be able to operate a variety of competencies and understanding of specialists to get hold of effectively dealing with a variety of issues as well as situations. The effectively works across a broad range towards the management functions and with its accountability for one’s individual as well as group consequences.

So, this course is primarily for properly understanding the working conditions in the banking sector and the commercial assistance environments.

Scope of this Unit for the Students

After completion of the course Advance Diploma of Banking services management, the students would be effectively capable to understand various key business drivers that have an impact on the world of banking. So, those students who are looking for a role and career in the retail banking sectors can move towards the course and qualification of senior and service management. With this course, the students can effectively be able to learn about the customer service’s quality significance and in what way they know how to effectively make plan the key objectives for selling a variety of commodities. If the students completed this course, then he/she should be able to get employed as the regional executive of the Banking sector.

About the Course

In this course, there is a total 14 number of units in which there are 8 cores plus units and the remaining 6 are the elective units. This elective course unit mainly consists of the 6 courses from the elective courses and 2 courses has been taken from the advanced diploma in the financial training packaging services or the accredited courses.  Such effective courses that have been selected be required to give an appropriate outcome so that they can meet the desires as well as requirements of the industries.

So, regarding pursuing this course several requirements for this have been defined. These are as follows:

  • The students and others who want to do the course must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must having an IELTS score that contains marks 5.5 or maybe equivalent to it.
  • The students must have completed the Australian year or equivalent to it.

The International students who want to pursue this course it is not required for them that they provide the competence of the English language as evidence instead of that they can provide any of the following things. These are:

  • The students have been effectively getting educated in English speaking for 5 years.
  • Students have been effectively completed their 1V Level course certificates for at least 6 months.
  • The student must have completed their foundation course in Australia and must have completed their high school in the English language.
  • Students must have finalized their English placement tests.

The duration of the course is mainly for the 78 weeks which includes the training for 60 weeks and the 6 term assessments for the 10 weeks and the 18 weeks of the desired holidays. Classes would also get scheduled so that students can provide both the theoretical well as the practical session classes. As per the requirements of the units, some effective workplace practices also get conducted. The course is delivered to the students in the classroom face to face.

The whole course includes the project reports, students have to prepare some presentations, students have to do report writings some questionings and the case studies and the proper observations.

While joining this course the students would get to the enrolment application form with an offer letter and also the written agreement students must have to read all the information related to the course and confirmation of enrolment is delivered to the students so that students can give their acceptance regarding undertaking this course effectively. With all this, the students would also get academic as well as personal support from the campus and a variety of referrals or external support services. The students have to complete all their online classes and they also have to complete their 5 hours homework that includes reading as well as the research.

While getting prepare for this assignment the students can take the help of books which effectively helps the students in getting prepare for the exam.

Core Units of the Course


Managing the customer Service Quality


Delivering leadership in the Association


Effectively building and maintaining relationships with the small business stakeholders.


Properly administering the implementation of people


In sales of the financial products and the services effectively monitoring the performances.


Appropriately supervising the continuous improvement and the Innovation


Identifying marketing occasions in the area of Service Industries.


Applying the principles of professional practices in the field and Industries of Financial service

Effective Units of the Course


Developing and creating the compliance-related requirements


Planning and establishing the compliance management systems.


Effectively Integrating the customer engagement in the organization


Leading and controlling the organizational changes.


Developing and implementing the strategic plans.


Developing and cultivating collaborative partnerships and relationships.


Effectively take part in the Work, health, and safety hazard identification, its risk assessment, and in the risk controlling activities.


Effectively developing the policies in the workplace and the effective procedures for the sustainability


Identifying the situations that are required for principled decision-making processes.


Developing and properly managing the Budget


Developing and supervising the financial systems.

While pursuing this course it may be possible that sometimes students have to also do some assignments regarding this so if students face any problem regarding completing the assignment then the students can effectively take help from the urgenthomework to complete their assignments appropriately.

Benefits of the Course Advanced diploma of the banking services management.

After completing the course, the students can get able to take more benefits from this course.

  • The students would be able to effectively understand the structure of the Industry and its lending process.
  • Students can be able to gain knowledge in the field of Industry legislation.
  • The students can effectively develop their knowledge in financial manufactured goods and effectively tailoring it so that it can meet the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • The students would get knowledge about the lending products.

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