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Geography Homework Help

Geography Homework Help

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Geography is the study of physical structure of the earth, including the people and the environment present around. This meaning can be elaborated in many more ways but the actual meaning remains the same.

This subject directs students to find out and explore every part of physical world. This subject puts in understanding the different aspects of human civilization pulling out similarities between them. In fact understanding different places and various similarities and differences between several aspects can help to find out underlying cause of various facts. Geographical studies have so far helped individual to find out about the temperature, resources and environment of any particular place and answer the questions regarding its formation. Students pursuing this subject are mostly directed towards practical and theoretical jobs, practical works here includes lots of field work and travelling, only then an expected goal can be achieved.

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Educational institutes have added this subject in their course because of several reasons, but the most important aspect is to understand the relationship between the human race and nature in a wide range. The subject outlines some of the amazing things regarding the planet, which often grabs the attention of readers. But, when the situation comes to writing the assignments, then soon, things turned into a nightmare. 

Sample of Geography Homework Help Done by Geography Experts

Crime Data Analysis in ArcGIS Online & Google Maps

Using Hot-spot analysis locations of Aggravated Assault Data for a City and County in 2017.

Crime levels have an important impact on social cohesion and civil life. Social Scientists can use the geographic tools available in ArcGIS Online to measure many variables pertaining to crime and its relationship with other social variables such as income, housing, and employment. Complete the steps below for a great introduction to these AGOL methods and data sources. Fill in the information as described and upload your final completed Word document to Blackboard.

Methods and Data Sources: Crime Hot and Cold Spots

Adding, Filtering, and Clustering Crime Data

Many cities make geocoded crime incident data available to the public that can be downloaded and imported into GIS software. However, the available formats vary (usually shapefiles and CSV files) and significant cleanup is often required to get the data into a format suitable for import.

For this assignment, 2017 crime incident data for Baltimore has already been imported into an ArcGIS Online hosted layer (Minn 2017 Crime Baltimore). To visualize the data:

  • Add data, search for the ‘Crime’ in My Organization, and add Minn 2017 Crime Baltimore to the map
  • View the metadata to find the name of the crime category variable (open the table or open the layer’s description page and click ‘data’.
  • Filter by crime: Description is AGG. ASSAULT
  • Turn on clustering: When a large number of points makes it impossible to see patterns, the clustering feature can be helpful to aggregate points into graduated bubbles depending on the zoom level. Adjust the slider bar so that your clustered dots look appropriate.
  • Save your map

Hot Spot Analysis Tool

  • Under your Crime layer, click Perform Analysis, Analyze Patterns, Find Hot Spots
  • Choose the point layer to analyze. Accept the default settings for each step and option.
  • Give the new hot spot layer a meaningful name
  • Uncheck the box: Use the current map extent. This will calculate the hot spots for all of your crime features, regardless of your zoom factor.
  • Show credits - if this is over 20, you may be analyzing the wrong layer
  • Run Analysis - this may take a few minutes
  • This tool sometimes freezes and never returns. Remember, all processing is occurring ON THE SERVER, not your own computer. If your analysis doesn't complete after three minutes:
  • Check your content page to see if the hot spot layer was created
  • Reload your map and then add the hot spot layer by hand if necessary. Adjust symbology to show hot (red) areas or cold (blue) areas. Use a blue-to-red color ramp in style settings. 
  • Add labels (more options, create labels). Specify the ‘number of points’ field.

ENEC20003 Numerical Analysis Term 2 2019

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