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American Civil War Homework Help

American Civil War Homework Help

Generally, the American Civil War is basically a war that was fought in the United States in the year 1861 to 1865. The civil war is considered to be one of the most studied and also well written about the United States Origin in specific. It was the main result of the popular controversy in the past. People faced the secessionists of confederate states in the South majorly and further advocated for the states’ rights in order to uphold slavery.

  • As the civil war is considered to be the central event of America’s historical consciousness but the revolution took place in the year 1776 to 1783 that was created in the United States.
  • It basically established the kind of nation one would be and this war was further resolved two kinds of fundamental questions that were further unresolved but at the same time, the United States was one of the dissolvable confederations of the sovereign states that too with the sovereign national government in major.
  • The American civil war is considered to be one of the greatest conflicts in American History. As mentioned above it was begun with the battle of the Fort Sumter in Charleston in South Carolina.
  • This conflict further resulted in tensions between the South and the North. There were different regional economic competitions involving the state rights and also discussion over the problems of slavery in particular.
  • As the Southerners and Northerners usually attempt to compromise politically on certain questions.
  • Each and every side usually entered numerous arguments involving the Missouri compromise but all of these compromises basically ease the tensions and none of them entirely solved the issues but existed in between two different regions.
  • In the year 1850, the tensions between the north and south escalated with different confrontations. This is basically evident in bleeding Kansas.
  • There are some of the northerners that are quite convinced about the southerners that they are dominated into the legal system that further held the slave's property and not the citizens in specific.

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American civil war is considered to be the war in between the states and it was a four-year war in between the United States and other 11 southern states that further split into the accomplice states of America.

Introduction to the war

So, the secession of the southern states ensure the main outbreak of the armed hostilities were these culmination process was growing. The economy of the northern states was basically modernizing and also expanding at the same time. The agriculture was of smaller farms that usually relied on the freelabor that remained to be the dominant partof the North. The Southern Economy is initially based on the large farms that are further produced by the commercial crops involving cotton that was majorly relied on the slaves.

  • Nobody initially has an idea about the deadliest war in American history because it wasn’t a regular war indeed. It was a civil war that was further opposing the union in the North and the accomplice states in the South.
  • The civil war usually cost different people’s lives on the main field and beyond that. In order to begin with the civil war it lasted from 1861 – 1865 and this war was proposed for the enormous amount of different battles that were fought all over the United States.
  • There were around 6, 20,000 soldiers who died in the conflicts with the nation. Therefore, the civil war is known as the most deadly war of all time in US history.
  • During the war was on there were many men who died but this death wasn’t caused by the war on the battlefield.

The United States initially maintained its position in the world as one of the strongest countries for quite a few decades. After observing the history one can see that they had actually gone through many ups and downs and battles that were harsh within the nation and with other countries as well. To further determine the civil war and the reconstruction of the United States one needs to understand the major causes of the war and also the modifications that war brought in.

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Slavery was considered to be one of the greatest causes of the civil war. Slavery was all across North America and existed for around 168 years. But by the year 1804, there were most of the Northern States that abolished this slavery institution but then the invention of the cotton gin came into existence and then increase the main use of the slaves in the South and it became one of the most important things for the South.

  • Just before the civil war, there was the main tension between the North and the South that was invested in slavery. The North further insisted that America should initially become a free country and further require industrializing the South.
  • While south was basically opposing the North by being a pro-slave for their agricultural industry. America further gained a huge part of the west basically from the victory in the war with Mexico involving New Mexico, California.
  • The amount of gold was majorly discovered in California was quite huge and it further led to the gold rush in America that didn’t last for a long period. The state of California was quite significant for both the powers
  • The north was then asserting opposite to the opinions from the south because California eventually got rich quickly and slavery in California got abolished at the same time.
  • The south was saying that they would leave the Union if California becomes a free city but the issue eventually drove the south to further assert their perspectives that were to elect the two different presidents in between north or south.
  • The event basically triggered the civil war of 1860. The presidential election of 1860 usually contains four presidential candidates from numerous parties indeed.
  1. So, as the union and the accomplice were separated, they then began for the deadliest war of US history. The Union was then willing to basically force the accomplice to further join again but the accomplice was kept on refusing.
  • The general PGT Beauregard who is the commander of the Charlestown was eventually ordered by the accomplice government to further clear out for the fort.
  • Beauregard then replied that the announcement was basically unacceptable and further stated that all of their guns weren’t holding fire more than an hour. Although, they bravely defended for over 30 years at the end, they surrendered and went back to their place.
  • The battle wasn't massacred and this was because of the soldiers from both the sides who didn’t die and wasn’t seriously injured but the battle for the Fort Sumter eventually gave the rise to the more massacre and also a violent war of the US history.
  • This civil war was then started with the main battle of the Fort Sumter. As time eventually passed the war got more violent and also serious. The brothers killed each other and further thousands of men died. The war basically had numerous battles but the battle of the Gettysburg was the most significant battle of all.
  • The union won the battle as usually by eventually pushing the accomplice back to their respective places. Both the sides had basically a close number of the causalities and it was the bloodiest battles of all time.
  • As it was the climax of the war and basically a key battle for the union to further conclude the war.
  1. The Congress basically passed the 13th amendment that was further abolished slavery. The main victory of the Union eventually gave them the main power to further free the blacks across America. The government of the US had to basically reconstruct the whole country. They also faced a lot of difficulties to further give full citizens ships to all the unchained blacks initially.
  • Accomplice defeat was the end of slavery that brought to far-reaching modification in the lives of the southerners.
  • The main destruction of slavery eventually led to the main conflict in between the blacks and further seeking to breathe the substantive meaning into their freedom by eventually asserting all of their independence from the white control.
  • The main meaning of freedom has become the main point to the conflict in the reconstruction south. The former slave eventually relished the main opportunity to further flaunt up their liberation from the innumerable regulations of slavery.
  • After the civil war, they eventually sought to further give meaning to further freedom by eventually uniting the families that are separated under the slavery, determining their own churches and the schools initially seeking the economic autonomy and also demanding the equal civil and political rights.
  • The slaves eventually got the freedom and the main privileges that one have dreamed about but at the same time also faced the harsh discriminations. The main increase in the discriminations was because of the white southerner’s response to an end to slavery.
  • While the reconstruction was going on the Andrew Johnsons’ plan got rejected by the Congress. The reconstruction acts of 1867were then handed over to Johnson’s’ veto on March 2nd.
  • He then Inaugurated the bitter conflict for the control of the reconstruction policy that was further culminated in 1868 when he was about to remove from the office. At the end of the reconstruction, the north retreated from basically having the main responsibility of equality.
  • Once the war was completed the north was on their way to the industrial revolutions. The civil war was then resulted in the North than in the South. Their economy was basically benefitted from the war itself.
  • There are basically new and different markets for the products that are used in the Union Army. The northern factories were eventually producing more than ever before. The factories meant that the bankers and majorly the investors eventually were making profits.
  • The money was then supported for the new inventions because there were better ways to produce these goods. The new technologies eventually sprouted for growth. But the civil war was still in progress.
  • While the war was on the basic need for the weapons and other different metal product can majorly boost in the steel production. The raw materials were plenty but the mining and the fining of the metals eventually became the main backbone of the Northern industry.

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Nowadays, people usually think of America as a country where there is freedom. Although, slavery was one of the most terrible conditions there and nobody either wanted to be under this kind of condition. The civil war ended and further brought freedom for those slaves as well. It was a dramatic transformation from slavery to the citizenship.

Although, it has been one of a hard time for the historians to exactly look out for the causes and the effects of the war. The war was itself had an international impact because of the growth of international status of the United States but at the same time was threatened to the South's cotton. Britain and France were two main countries that had an interest in the outcome of the wars but the other nations were also affected by this. The civil war was the main conflict over a way of life. The southern states usually depended on the agriculture of the slaves involving the cotton production in particular.

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