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Internal and external influences on business opportunities



Business is an integral part of our lives. With modern technologies, businesses have raised to their peak where humans and businesses have become an integral part. Without business, it is impossible to sustain our life. The business has enabled trading between two areas, and it offers a great variety of choices to the customer. There are different type of business and the business which provide us services and goods such as Nike selling shoes and offering us a wide variety of shoes to wear. The business also allows the economy to grow and add a huge amount to the national revenue. Businesses employ in every sector. From selling in person to working in a corporate office, every business is spreading job opportunities into society. the business has become an integral part of our lives where they have become the source of earning for some. But every coin has two sides. Likewise, Business also has some factors which influence it. There are two types of factors which include internal and external factors.


Internal factors are the factors that can be controlled or authorized by the owner inside a business. Some of such factors are location, product, quality, resource, and business s culture.


Such influence affects a lot to a business. the quality of the goods and the services the business provides should be above average. And the company should be well equipped because if a product needs to be designed differently, the company should have been well maintaining to improve the quality of the product. Different types of businesses need different types of services and equipment. Therefore l, the company or the organization should be well equipped in providing better service to provide good.

The size of the business varies by the production and the demand in the marketplace. If the product demand is less in the market, then it is not necessary to build a large plant for production. Therefore, it is understood that the number of goods produced by the business depends on the size of the business. Poor productivity can become a source in defaming a company and customers would choose the constituent of the product.


Location plays a crucial role in developing the business. The business owner must take care of the production location. The location must be near all the basic facilities and there should be good transportation. The business must be in a location with good facilities and a reputed area, and it must be hygienic. A business located in a poor suburb would lead to less selling. Before purchasing the land for production or even retailing, one must take out time to search for the place.


There are four major resources which include Human resources, Information resources, physical resources, and financial resources. Human resource is the most important source as no business can succeed with good human input. Every business need strategy which is needed to be implemented to promote the business. A physical resource is another resource that is significant to run the products consistently. The financial resource is not the integral resource, but it is obvious to have the input which can be used as capital. Management is another very important source. Without proper management, any successful business can fall.

Every business has its terms and conditions. Some distinct ideas and beliefs are behind any business. The culture in the business can be seen from its productivity and growth. Culture has been proved a necessary skill for the business to grow well.

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The factors which cannot be controlled by the business owner or the organization are term as the external influences. Such factors include Economic, Financial. geographical and competitive situation and market influence.


There are different experiences of the economy in a different region. An economic boom is a term that refers to the higher employment in the nation. And during this time, the employees wages tend to increase due to the higher productivity and growth of the business.


Financial influences impact a business in distinct ways due to non-involvement . Due to competition pressure and globalization, every business is trying to improve productivity and extending its reach.


Geographical factors are important in the transportation of goods. Australia has located in Asia pacific region and if the china can export its good to Australia by any means of transportation, they both countries have different benefits and advantages. And if any region is isolated and underdeveloped then there are chances that no trading would take place Globalization is an important factor of geographical influence because globalization is much more than the trading and shipping of goods.


Social trends have become the new mode to look after the brand. With the increase in technology and the increase in social media apps, people only like to purchase which is in trend. Therefore, businesses are required to adapt to changes as soon as possible to build a pace with the trend. Adopting such trends in your business will help to increase the profit.


Certain things are illegal to perform in a business. Therefore, one must be aware of the legal entities that can be performed in the business. Society expects the business to run under the rules and regulations. therefore, the business must keep in mind the rules and should not breach the laws. External influences play an important in Australia. External influence can cat positive and negative in a business.


Without business, it is difficult to support our life. The business has empowered exchanging between two territories, and it offers an extraordinary assortment of decisions to the client. There are diverse sorts of business and the business which give us administrations and products, for example, Nike selling shoes and offering us a wide assortment of shoes to wear. Inward factors are the components that can be controlled or approved by the proprietor inside a business. Some of such factors are area, item, quality, asset, and business s culture. The organization ought to have been well kept up to improve the nature of the item. Various kinds of organizations need various sorts of administrations and hardware. Hence l, the organization of the association ought to be exceptional in offering better support to give great. Area assumes an urgent part in building up the business. The entrepreneur should deal with the creation area. Each business needs a procedure which is should have been carried out to advance the business. An actual asset is another asset that is important to run the items reliably. The variables which cannot be constrained by the entrepreneur or the association are term as the outside impacts. Topographical variables are significant in the transportation of products. Australia has situated in Asia pacific district and if the china can send out it is great to Australia using all means of transportation, the two of them nations have various advantages and benefits. Accordingly, organizations are needed to adjust to changes straightaway to assemble a speed with the pattern. Embracing such patterns in your business will assist with expanding the benefit. Society anticipates that the business should run under the standards and guidelines. consequently, the business should remember the principles and ought not to break the laws. Outside impacts play a significant in Australia.

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