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JMP (pronounced "jump") is a data analysis program for Windows and Mac OS X. It offers a graphical user interface and is Windows and Mac compatible. It was created by SAS Institute's JMP business unit. JMP software was released in 1989 to take advantage of the Macintosh's graphical user interface. JMP is a data analysis and visualization program that focuses on exploratory data analysis. It is intended for users to study data in order to discover something unexpected rather than to confirm a notion.

JMP was originally exclusively available for Apple's Mac OS, but it has since evolved to include a Windows version. JMP is available in five different versions as a software suite. These are the following:

  • JMP
  • JMP-Pro
  • Clinical JMP
  • JMP Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.
  • App for JMP Graph Builder

JMP and the SAS statistical software package have a strong association because JMP was developed by the SAS Institute. For example, JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical combine JMP with SAS software. The SAS component is required to run JMP Genomics, which is used to analyze Genomics data. SAS procedures SAS/Genetics and SAS/STAT can also be accessed. SAS code can easily be converted to JMP using JMP clinical.

JMP puts the most advanced analytical methodologies into practice. The JMP information table and dialog boxes are the focus of JMP's design. Unlike other software applications, where you must choose the appropriate analytical technique (e.g., contingency, ANOVA, linear regression, and so on), JMP allows you to simply assign columns in a dialog to analysis functions, and it will choose the suitable analytical approach.

The majority of JMP's features are visual and interactive. This keeps analyses engaging and lively by avoiding a complete reliance on understanding p-values and other analytical principles (which are all included) that are frequently found to be alien or difficult.

SAS and JMP differ in a number ways, including the fact that JMP is simply a desktop application, but SAS may be installed and run on both desktops and servers.

Why Should You Use JMP Software?

  • Text mining techniques such as cluster analysis and topic modeling are used by JMP software to analyze unstructured text.
  • For design experimentation, JMP Software is utilized.
  • Because it has the capacity to communicate with SAS, it is used to import and export SAS data. This software allows you to write and run SAS code.
  • Without having to re-run the method, JMP software can assist you add or remove extra statistics and graphs from the results box.
  • The Graph Builder and Tabulate tools in JMP are used to create and enhance graphs and tables. The graph builder creates graphs, and the tabulate tools create tables.

JMP software version

JMP includes a variety of software. Among these are JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical, JMP Pro, and the Graph Builder iPad app. JMP programming is primarily focused on data analysis, visualization, and exploratory data analysis. Data will be linked to graphics when using JMP, allowing users to drill down and explore multiple visual representations.

Applications of JMP

JMP programming language applications have been widely explored by students all over the world, and the research has been used to activities such as wildlife monitoring. This is where a group known as wild name track used JMP for footprint identification technology to look at various species. The software may also be used to analyze the DNA of various plant species. JMP programming is a technology that is employed in the research of cancer, HIV, oceanography, and stem cells.

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These are some of the topics:

  • Data Tables
  • Profilers
  • Data Import and Export
  • JMP Help
  • Graph Builder
  • Query Builder
  • Generalized Regression
  • Control Charts
  • Formula Editor

Text mining processes that is simple to carry out with JMP


Linear modeling in general

Modeling neural networks


Modeling in a variety of ways

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JMP is a statistical analysis computer program developed by SAS Institute's JMP business unit. JMP was first released in the 1980s, and it makes use of the Macintosh's graphical user interface. The developers of this software have now made it available for other operating systems as well, due to a significant increase in its usage. Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Design of Experiments (DOE), Reliability, Six Sigma, Consumer and Market Research, Predictive Modeling, and Data Mining are some of the applications.

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