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Linguistics Final Exam

  1. the 1895 U.S. Supreme Court decision provided separate in Plessy v. Ferguson but equal ruling

2. a 2006 study by Fight Crime: invest in kids found that __ of teens and __ of younger children had been threatened online with physical harm

10%; 4%

3. academic standards

are instructions for what students must learn, developed at the state level.

4. according to Annette lareau, children in middle-class homes are likely to exhibit

knowledge in "the rules of the game" & greater verbal

agility and vocabulary

5. According to Clive Belfield, all of the following are major for-profit education companies except

the national public school choice plan

6. According to former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, what makes a nation's workforce uniquely attractive to a global market?

diverse skills, supported by lifelong learning

7. according to the author, the major goal of education in the 21st century is to

prepare students for

jobs in a global economy

8. according to the film, judgement day, intelligent design has failed bc it cannot be tested


9. according to the National Service Learning Clearinghouse, servicelearning experiences can

all of these are correct

10. according to this chapter, economist

Gary Becker refereed to the American economy as a ______



11. according to this chapter, what is one reason why African American students may not be willing to engage in their education?

they may see it as sacrificing their identity to "act white"

12. according to this chapter, which of the following is the reason schools sort students by ability and talent?

students will pursue jobs that match their educational interest

13. according to this chapter, which of the following statements about the labor market is true?

high-skilled workers' wages are rising, while low-skilled workers' wages are


14. according to this chapter, workingclass parents emphasize obedience and neatness in child-rearing


  1. according to high skilled workers' wages are rising, while your spring low skilled workers' wages are falling

text, which of the following statements about the labor market is true?

16. afrocentric education is concerned

primarily with the segregation of black students


17. all charter schools are

privately funded and operated


18. allegiance to the American flag

west Virginia state board of education v.


19. all of the following are conclusions made by Bowles and giants except

school reinforces school stratification and contributes to intergenerational immobility, cultural capital reinforces class status, capitalism contributes to social reproduction, students are passive recipients of knowledge

20. all of the following are examples of federal involvement in

public education


compulsory school laws

21. all of the following are true

students can form religious clubs at school, a course must not proselytize (indoctrinate) students, religious courses may be offered, such as a class on world religions, the history of religion in the U.S., comparative religions, etc,, students can pray quietly virtually any time

22. all of the following are true

a state/district/school can't require equal time for creationism or creation science, a teacher can't teach creationism freelance (on his/her own), a state/district/school can't ban the teaching of evolution, a state/district/school can't have a disclaimer that singles out evolution

23. all of the following are true about republicans

they tend to favor cultural literacy (traditional dominant culture) over multliculturism, they favor abstinence programs in public schools, they are more likely than democrats to favor greater religious influences in the public school curriculum, they favor school choice and for-profit education

31. As students' time in public schools has increase, there has been a corresponding decrease in crime rates. (true/false)


32. "at-risk" factors for students include

all of these are correct

33. bicultural means to retain ones own culture while renouncing the dominating culture


34. the board of education of which of the following states voted to remove evolution from the state science standards?


35. the board of education of which of the following states voted to remove evolution from the state science standards


36. Brown v. Board of Education resulted in the integration of schools in the south, and it is a decision that was supported by all black families and teachers


37. By instilling common moral and political values in public education, leaders have helped to

all of these are correct

38. categorical aid is

both a system of targeting funds for specific school programs and a means by which the federal government has gained more control over what is taught in schools

39. charter schools are public schools that

cannot charge tuition

40. Chief Justice burger distinguished between political speech which the court has protected in a number of cases and the supposed sexual content of a student's high school speech was the following case

Bethel v. fraser

24. all of the following are true of democrats

they favor increased federal funding of public schools, they prefer a strict separation of church and state, they tend to favor whole word reading instruction, they tend to favor sex education programs

25. all of the following cases are directly or indirectly related to segregation

brown v. board of education, Meredith v. jcps, plessy v. Ferguson, Oliver v. michigan

26. all of these are true

the federal gov became involved in the education of Native American children, the fed gov has funded attempts to equalize education funding, the fed gov has increasingly shown a presence in public education policymaking, the fed gov has provided financial support for vocational education in public schools

27. america is a collectivist society that sees the world made up of relationships based on contact


28. the American Federation of Teachers supports the rigid curriculum of for-profit education


29. antipoverty programs

include all of the following except

higher attendance at school and work

  1. as a teacher, you are given the Hazelwood School proofing and editing rights of district v. Kuhlemier

school newspaper

  1. the children of the rainbow curriculum in true 51. the economic model of the War on poor diet, poor New York City public schools includes Poverty links inadequate education medical care, low-

teaching diverse family structures, to quality housing, lowincluding that of gay and lesbian families income jobs

42. the civil rights act of 1964

enabled the federal gov to enforce anti discrimination in public institutions, including schools

43. competition for socioeconomic standing takes place outside of school in the __ model



44. competition for socioeconomic standing takes place outside of school in the ___ model


45. the concept of "separate but equal" was overturned by what seminal U.S. Supreme Court case?

Brown v.

Board of


46. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

first; the separation of church and state

47. the criticism of multicultural education raised by Lisa Delpit is that

it does not teach minority students about the culture of the powerful

48. cultural capital is best defined as

the symbolic value of a person's behavior, attitiudes and knowledge

49. cultural capital refers to

the economic value of a person's behavior, attitudes, and knowledge

50. dominant culture in the US refers to the European American culture


52. Edison school INC. is a for profit


53. educational attainment alone is the sole factor in determining one's economic success


54. educational bureaucracies are criticized as being self-serving and resistant to change and improvements


55. educational inflation happens when

jobs require more education, but the actual skills required

ti di them do not change

56. educational reforms based upon high-stakes testing advocate the use of teaching methods that promote conceptual understanding


57. the elementary and secondary education act of 1965 provides Title I funds for schools that have higher rates of student poverty


58. equality if educational opportunity would mean that everyone has an equal chance to receive and education


59. equality of opportunity refers to

everyone having the same chance to pursue wealth

60. ethical standards that place primary emphasis on a person's ability to interpret and guide his or her own moral actions is referred to as

secular humanism

61. European Americans tend to view the world through

the lenses of taxonomic categories

62. family factor that most strongly correlate to math skills upon entering kindergarten include

exposure to performing arts, ownership of computer, preschool, all of these are correct

63. the first education laws were implemented in this current state


64. the following are all part of the sorting-machine model of school except

all students receive a common education

  1. the following statements it is clear by this statement support these teachers' that the Dover teachers are response above EXCEPT irreligious or atheists

66. For Thomas Jefferson, the most important political goal of public schools was teaching arithmetic. (true/false)


67. Free market advocates argue that schools won't be able to improve, even if school choice is an option


68. the goals of early home economics courses included

All these answers are correct.

69. grove city college v. bell involved this specific federal law

title IX of the 1972 Higher Education Act

70. a guarantee that children have the right to all levels and forms of education in a state is given in the

declaration of indigenous peoples' rights proposed to the UN

71. high-stakes testing

has led to teachers and administrators cheating on exams.

72. high-stakes testing refers to

tests that determine a person's career and job opportunities

73. high test performance may

increase teacher and administrator pay, increase real estate values, be the result of increased time teaching testtaking methods

74. Horace Mann believed that even people without children could benefit from schools


75. Horace Mann envisioned that common schools

would teach common political values to all children in the same type of school

76. human capital education for the global economy emphasizes which of the following subject areas?


77. the idea of civil society, by Adam seligman, concludes

social movements have been the chief method of articulating and furthering demands for change

  1. the idea that investment in human capital theory education will improve the quality of workers and, accordingly, increase the wealth of the community is referred to as

79. the idea that schools needed to be centralized in larger cities and urban areas, as well as development of graded classrooms is best identified as

the cult of efficiency

80. the idea that schools reinforce differences and replicate social class structure is known as

social reproduction

81. the idea that schools reinforce differences and replicates social class structure is known as

social reproduction

82. if you believe that everyone has an equal educational opportunity, blame shifts to the social system when inequalities Aries


83. immigrant cultures

refers to first generation immigrants who were born in another country and immigrated to the U.S.

84. the inclusion of children with disabilities in the classroom

was endorsed by regulations of the No Child Left Behind Act requiring that students with disabilities be included in testing

85. Inclusion of special education students is overwhelmingly supported by teachers as way to provide education for all students. (true/false)


86. in integrated schools, the social boundaries between racial groups disappear when it comes to student activities


87. in order to prove segregation exists at a school, Oliver vs.

Michigan State Board of Education stated that

the pattern of a school's actions had to have caused a measurable increase in segregation

  1. in recent years, which of the local areas 97. it is generally agreed that vouchers false following has decreased its are key to the success of educational

98. Johann Fichte suggested which of the following means of creating loyal citizens through public education?

learning patriotic songs and stories

99. the key founding father attempted to create free public schools for all white children in the state of Virginia:

Thomas Jefferson

100. the largest percentage of children and youth receiving IDEA services are classified as learning disabled


101. learning societies and lifelong learning are not essential parts of the global educational system


102. local school boards may not remove books from school libraries simply bc they dislike the ideas contained in those books and seek their removal to prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other

matters of opinion.'" this court ruling is based on

board of Island union v. pico

103. the Massachusetts act of 1642 and 1647 required all children be taught to read and required all towns with 50/100 or more familites to provide elementary and secondary schooling


104. Measuring voter participation rates in history can be difficult because

all of these are correct

105. natural growth identifies child-rearing practices that includes all of the following

sense of constrain in institutional settings, cultural capital is well developed, child

initiated play, household conversations are less intimate

106. the Naturalization Law of 1790 gave citizenship rights to

white men

107. natural law

a descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances

89. institutional cheating on high-stakes tests occurs due to the pressures exerted on schools to pass the tests


90. in the court case Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlemier, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school administrators have no right to control the content of student publications


91. in the nineteenth century, schools emphasized

punctuality, obedience, respect for private property, order

92. in this case a federal court judge ruled that intelligent design was introduced to the curriculum for the purpose of promoting religious beliefs and therefor unconstitutional

kitzmiller v dover

93. in this case the court reasoned that the Board of Education's general regulation of extracurricular activities diminished the expectation of privacy among students and that the Board's method obtaining urine samples and maintaining test results was minimally intrusive on the students' limited privacy interest

board of education v. earls

94. it has been suggested that the No Child Left Behind Act is unconstitutional because it takes power over education away from the states


95. it is fair to conclude that all of the following variables contribute to the achievement gap between whites and



educational funding resulting from property tax differences, unequal development of

cultural capital in

children, culturally biased

assessments, socioeconomic status

96. it is fair to conclude that members of the Whig Party saw themselves as

the moral redeemers of society

percentage contribution to school reform revenues in comparison to other sources?

  1. "neither a prayer's engel v vitale 121. the phrase culture and power unspoken codes about how nondenominational character nor its refers to to dress, talk, and interact in vocabulary character saves it from the workplace,, the culture

unconstitutionality" according to the of the middle and upper

court in this case classes

109. the no child left behind act explicitly supports the inclusion of which of the following in schools?

secular character education

110. the no child left behind act gives the option of testing English-language learners in their native language


111. the no child left behind act includes all of the following elements of secular character education EXCEPT


112. the no child left behind act's effect on school choice

required local school districts that were considered unsafe to offer a public school choice plan

113. the no child left behind act's guidelines for secular character education are clear and easy to implement, according to Spring's chapter 2


114. one issue raised with regard to home schooling is parental competence as teachers


115. One of the shifts that have occurred as a result of the emphasis on education for the global economy is the priority given to the economic goals of education. (true/false)


116. one original goal of home economics courses was to teach household



117. one purpose of ethnocentric curriculum is to purge Eurocentric worldview from Native American, African American, and Hispanic

children's minds


118. One purpose of ethnocentric education is to

overcome dominated groups' negative feelings about school

119. the organization that views its duty as educating the nation about the godly foundation of our country

wall builders

120. a person's race is an objective scientific matter


122. the process of desegregation under title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was much different in the North than in the South


123. Pursuant to No Child Left Behind, parents

of children in failing schools can choose another school for their children.

124. Race is

a legal construction and a social construction

125. the redistribution of wealth and status so that economic and social equality are actually achieved is referred to as

equality of outcome

126. the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated

fourth amendment

127. school funding comes from

primarily from state and local governmental sources

128. school voucher programs have been criticized because

they may result in taxpayer money going to religiously affiliated schools

129. scientific theory

in science, a well

substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences and tested hypotheses

130. the second-most amount of money is spent in school districts with the highest percentage of students from families below the poverty level


131. sectarian bitterness refers to

the conflict among religious groups over common school funds during the nineteenth century

  1. the selection of textbooks chiras v. miller 142. suddenly after a new superintendent is hired Abington by the state for use in for your school district, teachers receive school Publix school classrooms is notice that all students are required to read district v. gov speech, and is not a Bible verse in their classroom at the schempp

143. the suppurate but equal doctrine was developed by the US Supreme Court in this case

plessy v. ferguson

144. the term cultural frame of reference refers specifically to a method of multicultural education that encourages students to see the world through others' eyes


145. the term that refers to middle class parents influencing their children's behavior through reasoning is called

concerted cultivation

146. Texas is a major determiner of textbook content because it buys a significant share of the nation's textbooks. (true/false)


147. the Texas state board of education rejected the textbook Environmental Science: Creating a Sustainable Future because they considered it to be

anti-free enterprise

148. the Texas state board of education rejected the textbook titled, Environmental Science: Creating a Sustainable Future, for all of the following reasons

the text does not promote the idea that America is a divine nation

149. that all white children in the state of Virginia should have access to free public education for three years was initially the idea of



150. there is no correlation between the ownership of a home computer and reading skills upon entering kindergarten


151. This type of choice plan allows students to choose to attend any public school in their district or state.

public school choice plan

152. Title IX of the 1972 Higher Education Act, as amended

includes all

activities of an educational institution receiving federal aid

133. separation of students by family income in school is determined by

the methods of ability grouping and tracking

134. service learning is a preparation for direct involvement in politics


135. the sex respect program is a sex education program that

teaches the social, psychological, and health gains of abstinence

136. the "sex respect" program is a sex education program that

teaches the social, psychological, and health gains of abstinence

137. socialization of students includes

following school rules

138. socialization refers to

what students learn from following school rules, interacting with other students, and participating in school activities

139. social reproduction is

both a means by which society passes down the best of its culture to its youth and a process by which schools ensure that students from wealthy families continue to

live the lives to which they've become accustomed

140. something in education over which states have


funding of local school districts, teacher licensing, curriculum guidelines

141. students with disabilities must take the same tests as all other students


subject to ... the viewpoint beginning of the school day. you are neutrality requirement - concerned bc this practice is unconstitutional this decision was reached according to the court's decision in in

  1. the tradition of school proms false 166. which of the following is a factor increased separation dates back to the early 1800s in the recent increase in school between where

154. Until the 1960s, most moral values taught in public school were based on ________ values.


155. the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school administrators can punish student speech they find to be lewd and indecent in which case?

Bethel vs. Fraser

156. the wearing of armbands was closely akin to pure speech and protected by the first amendment. this court ruling is based on

tinker v. desmoines

157. When this book describes schools as a form of social control, it means

all these answers are correct

158. which court case resulted in public school as part of a religious exercise?

Abington school district vs.


159. which of the following about for-profit education corporations is NOT true?

they are heralded by the teaching profession for providing education to under-served populations

160. which of the following are examples of state involvement in schools?

teacher certification requirements, compulsory school requirements,

collection of education


161. which of the following are social goals of public schools?

all these are correct

162. which of the following are ways the federal government exercises indirect control over education

federal regulations, research, categorical aid

163. which of the following educational practices has not limited the role of schools in providing equality of educational opportunities?

counseling methods

164. which of the following effects fit the no child left behind act have on scientific study?

some 95% of scientific study has been cast into doubt and much of it was removed from publicly available research databases

165. which of the following factors affects one's income-earning potential?

all of these are correct

167. which of the following is an example of empowerment?

working to change a discriminatory law or policy

168. which of the following is a problem associated with secondgeneration segregation?

student-created racial boundaries

169. which of the following is NOT one of Sonia Nieto's recommendations for multicultural education?

encourage white students not to comment, so that they do not discourage students of other ethnicities

170. which of the following reasons given by parents for homeschooling their children?

specific needs of the child, flexibility,

academic excellence, religious convictions

171. which of the following statements is true about the effects of bilingual education?

students are better able to learn English if they can read and

write in their native language

172. which of the following type of education is supported by the No Child Left Behind Act?

English acquisition

173. which of the following was not a consequence of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

it put all control of public schools in the hands of state and local government

174. white non-hispanics have the highest median income in the U.S.


175. William Godwin believed that the government would use public schools as a means of political control over its citizens


176. you are shown 3 pictures - a fishing pole, a football, and a fish. If you view the world through a holistic lens, which pictures would you put together?

fishing pole and fish

segregation? people of different

races reside

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