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Unit Code and Title: SBM4203 Management Information Systems

Assessment 4:

Assessment Details:

Students are required to conduct self-reflection associated with personal learning. You are required to identify the key issues and findings from your learning outcomes Reflection on learning and progress is based on the following:

After studying different types of information system that can be used for business management.

Discuss how the management information system can be practically applied in the manufacturing, medical and education sectors. In Week-3, you studied the advantages and disadvantages associated with the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system. SAP R/3 software application is an example of ERP system, in your opinion, do your think SAP R/3 is the best application for all business? Justify your answer.

Artificial intelligence (A1) systems form a broad and diverse set of systems that can replicate human decision making for certain types of problems. In week-4, discuss the Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

Reflect your understanding with the support of examples, the techniques of using the A1 in supporting Knowledge Management system in making correct decision,

Do you believe it is ethical and legal for the executives to monitor or spy their employee's online behaviour and activities?

Why or why not? Would you spy on your employee's online activities once you become a leader of an organization?

Why or why not? Could you give a real example or evidence where employees are caught up for their immoral online behaviour? If you were the leader of that company how would you deal with that situation?

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