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MEA20618 Certificate II in Aircraft Surface Finishing

MEA20618 Certificate II in Aircraft Surface Finishing

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Paint and the other furnishing services are the utmost task in this field, and it is the fundamental service, but paint is the color of the aircraft which depicts a lot about the plane and the person who operates it. The paint scheme depicts the duties and responsibilities of the aircraft and its build-in project.

There is a wide variety of material that is used in the aircraft and gets the desired appearance of the plane, but the explanation paint is a term that uses primers enamels, lacquers, and various other formulas. The three main components of the paint include coating material, pigment for color, and any liquid to decrease its viscosity. The course is intended for understudies who needed to seek after their vocation in aircraft surface furnishing. There is a preparation program created for individuals who needed to take their vocation at a high level from this course. There are numerous projects intended for the high level in this course. According to the records, the architects who as of now have sought after the flight course are content with the high level of recognition in this course.

The Pilot in order is the individual who is liable for the airplane. The airplane's activity, its wellbeing is in the possession of the Pilot in order. He/ She is the skipper among the few Pilots present in the aircrew. Every nation has an alternate course that an up-and-comer should follow for turning into a Pilot. After the fulfillment of the course, an individual gets the permit to fly a plane or a helicopter. The individual who has the last authority of the airplane is the Pilot of the order.

Pilots are the individual who drives airplane. Individuals who have an adequate measure of information on airships. As the business of carriers is on the lift, the number of airplanes and planes are additionally expanding all the while. With the expansion in the innovation of airplanes, there is a requirement for individuals who can plan it, work it, and look after it. With the assignment of activity comes the obligation of building and employing experienced Pilots. In the time where specialists are chipping away at air bicycles and air vehicles.


The course applies to the candidate and the workers of Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) or the course is better for aircraft finishing organization who are organized in the stripping of old finishes and it is competent in preparation of aircraft and aircraft paint and other services. Some part of the component removal and the installation tasks which is related to the aircraft furnishing. there is a total of 6 units that applies to the employment at the Certificate II level and some technical stream units are being taught and besides, there is a mechanical technical stream unit that provides additional skills in aircraft furnishing. The qualification is sufficient in providing the furnishing qualification regarding the aircraft at levels III and IV.

This capability applies to work environments that work under the airworthiness administrative frameworks of the Australian Protection Power (ADF) and the Common Aircraft surface furnishing Wellbeing Authority (CASA). Any administrative/authorizing necessities related to any MEA units of competency should be met.

  • To be granted the MEA20618 Authentication II in Airplane Surface Completing competency should be shown in twelve (12) or thirteen (13) units of competency, contingent upon the decision of expert units. These units include:
  • eleven (11) center units comprising of normal, imported, and specialized stream units.
  • either elective Gathering A (one (1) unit) or Gathering B (two (2) units).



Interpret and use aviation maintenance industry manuals and specifications


Apply self in the aviation maintenance environment


Apply work health and safety practices in aviation maintenance


Plan and organize aviation maintenance work activities


Apply quality standards during aviation maintenance activities


Complete aviation maintenance industry documentation


Perform basic hand skills, standard trade practices, and fundamentals in aviation maintenance


Even though there are numerous courses accessible in the country in the area of aircraft surface furnishing, the understudies who as of now have a permit of the Pilot and filling in as a Pilot may consider this course as a decent vocation climb choice. The length and the charges may fluctuate from college to college. As the progression in the innovation of air transport. Turning into an affirmed Pilot is an astounding decision for the profession. As the business of carriers is on the lift, the number of airplanes and planes are additionally expanding at the same time. With the expansion in the innovation of airplanes, there is a requirement for the individuals who can plan it, work it, and look after it.

The requirement for a furnishing is expanding step by step. The course is intended for the understudies who have sought after the certificate of flying or Aircraft Surface Finishing at a fundamental level and are working in this industry. The competitor who needed to apply for a similar should have the permission of the Pilot and ought to be working in a similar field. The capability shows the part of multi-team tasks and air transport Pilot. The Pilots that are working inside the Australian limit, global, and the military planes. According to the records, the Aircraft Surface Finishing who as of now have sought after the aircraft surface furnishing course are cheerful with the high-level confirmation in this course. There are about 84% of the Pilots who are happy with the course of advance confirmation. Besides, according to the records, the improves the situation with work after this course of the representatives are 53% which is a great number. Other than these two benefits, there is a climb in the compensation of individuals after the finish of this course. There is preparation given to help with the area. Moreover, the public authority is likewise giving the advance to the understudies who cannot manage the expenses. There is a grant being granted to the understudies.

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