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Measures of central tendency homework help

Measures of central tendency homework help provided by our tutors are to help students learn those methods and their application. A measure of central tendency method is used to calculate the central point for any given dataset in an attempt to describe the dataset given. The measure represents the probability distribution. At first, the central tendency was called average but later the term “central tendencies” was coined due to the vastness and different methods of calculation. There are three basic methods used to measure central tendencies, and those are the mean, the median and the mode. Here, you will get basics for all the three along with the examples to calculate. For more measures of central tendency homework help ask from our expert tutors.


Mean is the most popular measure of central tendency. It is used to calculate the average of the variables in the dataset given. Due to its vast application, it is widely used throughout the world.

A simple formula for calculating “Mean” is:

Mean= Sn/n

Where Sn = Sum of variables in the set

And, n= number of variables in the set.

For example, a player while playing cricket had scored followings in his last 6 innings:


Runs Scored













Then, the mean average of his innings will be,

Total of the variables= 270

Total number of terms= 5

Mean average= = 270/5 = 54

This is the simplest example to calculate the mean, to provide you with the sample. But calculating mean becomes complex with the increasing variables and complexities of the data. Also, there lie various problems as to which method would be more suitable for any given set. To get measures of central tendency homework help from the best tutors, with reasonable prices, ask for your homework help.


Median is calculated to distinguish between the upper half and lower half in the given dataset. It is calculated by finding out the middlemost number after arranging the variables in ascending order.

For example, the median for the dataset given above will be calculated in the following manner:

Firstly, we will arrange the variables from lower to a higher order. So, the dataset given will be arranged as 30, 34, 45, 55, 106.

The median of the following dataset is 45 since it is the middlemost number.

In case the variables given to us are in even, then we take the average of two middlemost numbers as Median. For example, if in the sixth inning the player scored 0, so the updated dataset in ascending will look like 0, 30, 34, 45, 55, 106.

The new median will be an average of 34 and 45 since they are the middlemost variables.

Median= 34+45/2 = 79/2 = 39.5

The median gets more complex at later stages, and it involves more equations and formulas later. To get any measures of central tendency homework help, get the best tutors and experienced postgraduates to do your homework and to teach you. Or to learn more about the application of median get measures of central tendency homework help offered by us.


The mode of a set of data is the most appearing variable in the given dataset. If the most appearing variable is only 1 time, that is no variables are repeated, then that data has no mode.

For example, in the above-given example, there is no mode since no variable is repeated twice. So, let’s take another example:

Say several wickets bowler took in his last 10 matches are following,

Number of Matches

Wickets Taken





















The bowler has taken the 2 wickets in a match more times than any other wickets. Therefore, the mode in the given data is 2. Through mode, we find the most probability of a variable to occur. It becomes important at a later stage as it analyses the nature of samples collected through surveys. If a mode is very high, then it might mean that there may be a lack of diversity in the survey data. To learn more complex usages and methods for calculating mode, get your measures of central tendency homework help to learn and get help for not an only mode but for other measures of central tendency as well.

So, for on-time, quality assured notes/homework/solutions/samples get your measures of central tendency homework help from the best service provider in the market.

Measures of central tendency homework help
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