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MST20519 Certificate II in TCF Services and Repair

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Service and repair are several steps that are followed for the correction of faulty parts or to renovate a product/ service. These are the number of steps that are carried away from time to time to give a new look and flawless service to the vehicle.  Services and repairment is constant assistance that is required in the Clothing and footwear industry. Repairing inches and footwear is one common thing that we do in our daily life. There have been many sources that came up with the time to provide the suitable service in this sector. There are three major industry that comprises the textile and clothing sector i.e., 

  • Production of the goods such as textile, leather, footwear
  • Provision of the services including dry cleaning and laundry operation
  • Manufacture of the clothes that are retrieved from natural sources such as wool, silk, PVC and many more.

The services sector of the textile, clothing and footwear is associated with services such as laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and many other things. The textile and the footwear industry include bonding, welding, braiding, plaiting, coating, surface treatment, embroidery, knitting etc. All these services are done before and after the piece of the product get ready. These are necessary for the maintenance of textile, clothing and footwear. Various trends arrive from the clothing industry and so the demand of this industry is always high. The services such as dry cleaning, embroidering, knitting etc are useful for maintenance otherwise the product doesn’t last long.



MSMENV272 Use renewable material for the healthy working

MSMSUP102 try to maintain a healthy work environment

MSMWHS200 Work precisely

MSS402051 Take care of following the norms

MSTGN2013 Identification of the filaments, textures and materials utilized in the TCF business

Expert electives

Gathering A - Footwear Fix

MEM18001 Use instruments that doesn’t require electricity

MEM11011 Attempt manual dealing with equipment’s

MEM13015 Work securely and adequately in assembling and designing

MEM16006 Sort out and communicate the information

MEM19006 Usage of watch batteries

MEM11011 Embrace the art of designing  

MEM13015 Work securely and viably in assembling and designing

MEM16006 Coordinate and communicate

MEM18001 Use hand instruments

MEM20001 Key product

MEM11011 Attempt manual dealing with

MEM13015 Learn and carefully design the apparel

MEM16006 Convey the minute details

MSTFP2001 Identify the material used in footwear and use it

MSTFR2001 Evaluate the cost of the footwear

MSTFR2002 Learn to attach heels sole

MSTFR2003 Try to learn to attach non-slip sole and heel top piece

MSTFR2004 Cowhide sole

MSTFR2005 Use sewing machine for sew purposes

MSTLG2006 Identify material and use cowhide

Gathering B - Cleaning

MSTDC2010 Client Support

MSTDC2012 Make a list of necessities

MSTDC20 Use cleaning machines

MSTDC3003 Take care of wet cleaning task

MSTDC3004 Take care of the cleaning task

MSTDC3008 Cleaning articles

MSTDC2014 Identify different texture, material and textile

Gathering C - Piece of clothing Adjustments and Fixes

MSTCL2021 Perform sewing experiments

MSTCL2022 Assistance in sewing done manually

MSTCL2023 Learn sewing

MSTCL2021 Use sewing machine

MSTCL2019 Sew segments and learn technical terms

MSTCL3015 Alteration of the garments

MSTFD2006 use sewing machine

MSTGN2013 Distinguish strands, textures and materials utilized in the TCF business

General Electives

BSBCUS201 Build communication to help clients

MSMOPS101 Calculate the total cost

MSMSUP106 Work effectively in the group

MSTCL1001 Manufacturing of a basic clothing piece

MSTFP1001 Decoration of the footwear

MSTGN2016 Learn the steaming and equipment utilise in TCF creation

MSTGN2017 Get ready, finish and bundle items for the delivery of the product on time

MSTGN2018 Work in the TCF business

MSTGN2005 Take assistance

MSTGN2020 Perform a quality check before using it for production

MSTGN3009 Manage the work of different segment

MSTGN2022 Take risk to make new discovery

MSTGN2014 Register yourself and work authentically in the TCF industry

MSTTX1001 Production of a material texture on the product


The demand is increasing day by day as there are 14,000 business operating in the industry of textile, clothing and footwear. There are various segments such as processing, manufacturing which also uses the services and repairment. As per the record, it was found that 40,000 people got employed from this industry and have found a good career option. 73% of the population is involved in the textile industry and 78% in the footwear industry. The course is sufficient in providing all the skills that would be required to carry out in this sector.  The course offers you Manufacturing and related services. We provide the practical training with the required knowledge and the course allows the candidate to explore the fields of textile, clothing and footwear. We are providing the best services for the candidates to grow in this field. We offer a defined knowledge and range of services that are taught to the candidates to solve predictable problems. The services are applicable in both the small and large industry. By choosing Elective units, one can learn the various special and extra skills. The alteration, maintenance of textile, repair and textile helps the candidate to offer services to the population. There are elective units that are needed to be covered to get the certificate. Awards and scholarships are being designed by the government to increase exposure in the textile and clothing industry. The repair and the maintenance industry use a set of equipment and tools to offer well-defined services, therefore the course teaches all the techniques and methods that are important for continuing in this field. It offers such typical routine maintenance so that candidate can follow efficiently and inhibit the breakdown of the unnecessary repairment. The services provided here are authentic and are very useful for maintaining a good future. One gets a chance to choose the following elective field and the course offers various skills that one can master in. The assistance provided here is all round the clock. The academics curriculum follows the strict guidelines of the Australian Government. The sector of the textile, clothing brings up the production processes and the services are revolving around this. 

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