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Nursing Case Study Homework Help

We give nursing contextual analyses task tests to the understudies so they accomplish fantastic outcomes with an away from the topic alongside the inclusion of immensely significant nursing services themes. The goals behind our nursing case studies analysis help services are to help the competitors of the nursing calling and give them the best quality and refreshed substance material about the nursing case study services against attainable charges. As it has been said that the nursing case study services are a significant piece of the human services industry, it is important to see a few essentials about it.

Necessity for Nursing Case Study Help Online

The act of nursing or the reason for nursing case study services is giving consideration to the patients to different medicinal services necessities that incorporate careful help, post-careful help, specific clinical services dental services, and so on. For offering these types of assistance, the medical attendants ought to be expertly qualified and experienced and thus they have to experience proficient preparation like some other calling and contextual investigations are a piece of the preparation. Along these lines, our specialists from significant foundations are there to help with the complexities recorded as a hard copy and writing the nursing case study.

Why should you Hire Experts for Nursing Case Study Help?

The nursing case study services that are provided to students from the universities are critical and target-oriented as well as having stiff deadlines. It becomes difficult for the students to maintain the quality of the nursing case study services assignments as well as to meet the targeted period that is set by the universities in order to complete the solutions in the given deadline. Therefore, the nursing writers are here to help the students in solving these issues along with the affordable fee structure. There are some other reasons as well that require online nursing case study services assignment help that are presented as under:

  • Outstanding results
  • Establishing a fine impression on professors
  • Assistance to deal with a foreign accent
  • Part-time work to survive in a new city/country
  • Specialized team for Nursing Case Study Help Online

Urgenthomework.com has an expert team for the nursing case study services assignments related to the healthcare industry that provides the best and top quality solutions for the case studies in nursing service sectors. The writers provide exclusive explanations for the nursing case study, meanings along with the necessary illustrations so that the students can gather understandability and the main concept of the entire study. Our nursing case study writers possess specialized knowledge and writing skills for solving critical nursing case studies as well and therefore help our clients to achieve higher grades and clarity of understanding the content.

Professional Nursing Case Study Writers

We are ready to provide efficient nursing case study services writing help so we hire writers who can do magic in nursing writing your work.  All the writers are skillful in writing case studies at a professional level. Each has a Master‘s or a Ph.D. degree with experience and a high commitment to quality.  They work in groups according to their specialization for them to write case studies on areas in which they possess much knowledge.  We evaluate new nursing case study orders to determine the most qualified writer for each according to the nursing writer’s level and order complexity.  The nursing writer must also be available to write the nursing case study services up to the end.

Nursing Case Study Help Sample Assignment

Case study.

Task description:  For this essay, select EITHER Case Option 1 (adolescent case) or Case Option 2 (adult case). Review your chosen case. Using the clinical reasoning cycle you are required to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate your care for the patient. After identifying the relevant assessment data you must identify two (2) current or potential problems for your patient. For each problem identified, list two (2) nursing interventions (collaborative/independent) linking to your research of the literature. One intervention must be nursing initiated. In collaborative interventions, you must focus on the role of the nurse. Include a one to two-line rationale for each intervention. Evaluation of the effectiveness of your interventions is essential.

Chosen 2 (adult case).

URN: QUT158| PATIENT: George Williamson DOB: 31/10/1948 | Clinic: OPD

George Williamson is a 72-year-old man who is a lifelong smoker. 10 years ago, George was diagnosed with COPD however he has continued to smoke with this diagnosis. George has been prescribed Salbutamol; a short-acting bronchodilator (SAB) to use on a PRN basis as well as an inhaled steroid which he is supposed to use twice a day.

Today you are seeing George and his granddaughter (who is his primary carer) in the respiratory outpatient clinic. George’s granddaughter reports that she doesn’t think that George is using his SAB inhaler correctly and often forgets to take his steroid inhaler. She says that he is too stubborn to listen to any advice on the matter. She also comments that his exercise tolerance is decreasing, and he now spends almost all of his time lying in a reclining chair at home. She is worried that his sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement may cause other health issues.

On examination, George’s wheeze is audible without the use of a stethoscope. His Spo2 is 93% on room air. He is pursed-lip breathing and leans forward in his chair. His spirometry results show and FEV1 of 36%. In the clinic 6 months ago, his FEV1 was 42% and his Spo2 remains stable since his last clinic visit. His blood pressure is 125/60 with a pulse rate of 84. He states that his bowels feel “blocked up” and he can’t be bothered going out or doing jobs around the house anymore. He wants to know “when will this all go away and I’ll be better?”

What you need to do:

The 2200 word essay should cover the points below:

  • Introduction (150 words approximately): State an overview of the patient’s condition and identify TWO actual or potential nursing problems.
  • For each of your identified problems (Approximately 950 words for each problem): Briefly explain how it relates to the patient’s assessment data. You must demonstrate your understanding of the relevant pathophysiology to explain the link between the problem and the patient’s signs and symptoms. Identify TWO interventions to address each problem. Justify the interventions you will implement (explain what is involved in implementing the intervention, why it is suitable, any relevant special considerations relevant to the patient or situation) and support/justify the use of these interventions with reference to current evidence-based literature (a minimum of 5 current articles for each intervention). Outline the expected evaluation criteria/data that would indicate that each intervention is improving or resolving the identified problem.
  • Conclusion (150 words approximately): Briefly restate the overall clinical scenario and how your interventions can benefit the patient’s health.
  • You need to discuss at least one independent nursing intervention in your essay. This intervention must be nurse initiated and driven.
  • For any collaborative interventions, you must discuss the nursing responsibilities and actions in relation to this collaborative intervention. Referral to another health discipline alone does not constitute an intervention
  • Medications cannot be both of your chosen collaborative interventions for a problem. If a medication is one of your collaborative interventions, you must identify an appropriate drug that is likely to be prescribed by the doctor. You must consider and NSB231 Integrated Nursing Practice 2 On-Campus NSB 231 - Assessment 2 Page 3 of 10 discuss the nursing responsibilities associated with the medication (action, dose, side effects, prevention, and management of same, administration requirements and evaluation).
  • Be written in CiteWrite APA style and prepared as follows:
  • Journal articles. Blogs and general healthcare websites are to be avoided and are not considered suitable for academic writing. Remember to watch the video under the assessment task tab on how to search for evidence. References can be no more than 7 years old, i.e. prior to 2013 unless they are considered landmark papers in the field. You need a minimum of 20 references for this essay.
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