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Pacific International Hotel Management School Assignment help

Pacific International Hotel Management School Assignment help

Study abroad at the Pacific International Hotel Management School

A Brief History and Introduction

Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) is one of New Zealand's best business schools. It provides students with an opportunity to pursue careers in tourism and hospitality. It is a world-class student campus complete with a hotel. Along with their normal study course, students may learn everything about food and beverage, front office, management, and cleaning.

The greatest thing about PIHMS is that students may earn money while they study via PIHMS placements. On-campus, there are a variety of educational facilities, including conference spaces, a library, a housekeeping office, clubs, lecture theatres, placement office, a reception center, cafes and restaurants, commercial learning kitchen, etc.

The school provides hotel-style accommodations with well-appointed rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, and meals provided in the PIHMS restaurant. A single room is available upon request. PIHMS has a full-time Student Support Coordinator who is accessible to kids on a case-by-case basis. Counseling, career development, job placement, education, and language assistance are all available as support services.

On-campus, there is an abundance of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. Based in the city of New Plymouth, PIHMS is the perfect destination for international students who wish to take a detour from time to time and try activities like surfing, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

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PIHMS is committed to the hospitality world and the advancement of hospitality management standards in New Zealand and throughout the world. It is a joint effort between the hotel sector and schools of higher learning. Additionally, students participate in paid industrial internships to get real-world job experience.

Courses offered at Pacific International Hotel Management School

PIHMS provides a number of different courses. Anyone interested in studying English as a second language may enrol in an English language certificate programme. This course places a premium on writing, reading skills, and oral communication skills. At the level 5, 6, and 7, certificate and degree programmes are offered. This includes a stipend for the duration of the programme and placement for an internship.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association has recognised the one-year graduate credential in hospitality and tourist management. The students who graduate from this one-year postgraduate diploma get to acquire skills and knowledge that make them experts at management, finance, and business strategy. Finally, the Master of Hotel Management programme is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of hotel operating operations.

Why choose PIHMS?

  1. Fantastic Courses

The PIHMS degree is intended to prepare students for management or business roles in hotels, hospitality, or tourism. It is also intended to prepare students to establish their own successful company.

There is no other way to get a greater knowledge of how hotels, tourism, and hospitality work than by living and learning in a real hotel. Students are immersed completely in a hotel atmosphere. You will be staying in hotel rooms that are shared by two people. Meals will be provided at the on-site La Vista Restaurant.

Through 30 weeks of lecture-style instruction, the hospitality course will provide students with critical business and hospitality skills and knowledge. Additionally, students will get real-world hotel operational experience in either food and beverage or room division. Students will join the paid industrial placement program after successfully completing on-campus operations. Positions will be available in either the food and beverage or rooms divisions of leading New Zealand hotels.

Graduates who successfully complete the program will be able to show advanced knowledge and abilities in the areas of business planning, financial management, and product creation as they pertain to the Hospitality Industry, namely the Hotel sector. Graduates will possess knowledge and abilities in operations planning, human resource management, accounting, marketing, and communications.

NZQA evaluates the quality of education provided by New Zealand's tertiary education institutions via an established system to assessments, tests, and reviews. These established systems also ensure that the education institutions are always accountable to the parties involved, including students, teachers, and all other entities.

  1. Facilities and Accommodation

Having the appropriate facilities is just a tiny element of ensuring student achievement; the following facilities are critical components of the integrated learning that all students encounter. The hotel facilities at PIHMS play a crucial role in preparing students for future jobs in hotels.

It has meeting rooms, a learning center, a housekeeping office, a reception business center, a fully operating laundry, restaurants, bars, and lecture rooms. The school provides large twin-share rooms built with a hotel-like style, with en-suite bathrooms.

The rooms are built to enable and support a study-environment for students. These rooms have study tables and are equipped with wi-fi connections. Once a week, the rooms are serviced and maintained for the students to have comfortable stays.

Single rooms are available for an additional charge and are subject to availability. Each student residence is equipped with the amenities and equipment that one can require to enjoy their stay at the institute. Students have access to laundry facilities on each hotel level. Parking is free on-site, and electronic security is provided.

There are various leisure activities that you can indulge in. PIHMS offers a well-equipped indoor recreation room, TT tables, Futsal Tables, student lounge, squash court, and student lounge. There are also various restaurants and bars where you can have a fun time and have a chance to meet new people from around the world.

  1. Global Network of Alumni

A worldwide network of friends, professional connections, and current information. Since 1995, the Pacific International Hotel Management School has graduated approximately 2000 students with the necessary skills, exposure, and experience required to stand out among other professionals working in the hospitality industry.

The graduates that this college produces are hired by some of the major hotels in the country of New Zealand. These graduates and professionals can be found working at all the levels and posts in the chain of hospitality industry, including attendants, receptionists, and many more.

Numerous alumni have also established their own businesses, including pubs, cafés, and lodges. There are several others who have gone on to make a place and name for themselves in other fields, including human resources, marketing, etc.

  1. Paid Placement Programs

Students studying at the Pacific International Hotel Management School have the opportunity to earn as much as $30,000 during their studies by participating in programs of paid industrial placement. The students of PIHMS get job and internship opportunities at the top players in the industry. The ones eligible to work in Australia also bag opportunities there.

The institute has a dedicated team for Placements and Industry Relations that handles and organizes all the placement-related processes. Considering the requirements of the international students, the institute Variation of Conditions for their study visas in order to enable them to study full-hours during their studies.

As is quite known, COVID-19 has impacted the hotel industry quite adversely. The effect is quite evident on the hotels that the institute has partnered with for placements. However, the institute has stood strongly through the times and is still managing to enable the students find good placement opportunities.

As a result in the surge in domestic travel, the industry has had a new boost. Therefore, PIHMS students are back to getting placed in the top hotel chains all across New Zealand. The industry relations and placement team at the institute has successfully adapted to the current changing times. This has enabled it to meet the demands of the current hospitality environment. This has led to them being able to find good placements for the students in these times too.

  1. Study at New Plymouth

New Plymouth is a tiny coastal city in Taranaki, an area on the west coast of the North Island that is often ignored by tourists and even locals, despite being voted one of the finest places to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet.

You'll like the beautiful green landscape, the wild black sand beaches, and, most notably, Mount Taranaki. This perfectly conical volcano resembles Mt Fuji (it was also used as a stand-in for it in the film The Last Samurai) and rises majestically from lush fields. While the top is often covered by clouds, each time it appeared, it made me joyful.

New Plymouth is a typical New Zealand town in some ways, but it has a lovely coastal walkway and pockets of cool—a surprising contemporary art gallery, street art, record stores, and artsy design shops, a sourdough bakery hidden in a shipping container down a colourful alleyway, and some excellent cafes for coffee and brunch. Additionally, it is host to world-class events such as WOMAD.

You can surf on the beach, hike through the rainforest on a volcano, and end the day with an incredible meal in Taranaki. Puke Ariki, a beautiful museum and history centre, and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, the first and only contemporary art museum in New Zealand, are both situated on the New Plymouth waterfront. Additionally, it is the country's first institution dedicated exclusively to the work of a single artist, Len Lye, an innovative filmmaker and innovator of kinetic sculpture.

Pukekura Park is open all year and has a children's zoo and woodland paths. Additionally, you may want to stroll the 13-kilometer-long New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, which offers magnificent views. You may anticipate great shopping and a wide selection of restaurants.

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