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Organizational culture Assignment Help

People act differently in different situations and surroundings. Even though there is no written rules and regulations regarding the behavioral pattern people tend to follow certain universally accepted codes of decorum. Organizational Culture works in this manner. Every company, every institution is different in its own way along with their unique personalities. The particular unique personality type of a company is referred to as ‘culture’ of that organization. It is a binding force that unites the workers and the persons involved with that particular organization and enable them act in a united. This is a network of shared beliefs and value system which determines how people should behave in a particular organization. Undoubtedly these values have enormous influence over the people working in that particular company. The values determines what will be the dress code, code of manner in which they perform and behave. It is composed of couple of characteristic features that can be prioritized from high to low. Combined together, these features form the unique culture of that organization. This is very much interesting concept in order to understand the nature of the organization as well as people associated with it. Therefore people willing to research about this may seek online service on Organizational Culture Assignment Help from relevant Internet resources.

The Characteristic Features

Organizational culture Assignment Help

The different characteristics of this culture are following:

  • Companies generally place too much value on Innovation which refers to the Risk Orientation. They encourage the workers to take sufficient risk in order to increase the performance.
  • Generally they seem to be very much Attentive to particular details following the Precision Orientation in order to be perfect in their field.
  • According to Achievement Orientation they are bound to emphasis the outcome or the result of all the hard work since at the end this is what matters.
  • Besides putting emphasis on outcome good companies put emphasis on people as in their employees too according to Fairness Orientation. Since people are the one who are the basic cornerstone of the company.
  • Multinational companies as well as smaller ones Teamwork following the rules of Collaboration Orientation, is the most important thing in order to produce a good result.
  • Following the rules of Competitive Orientation companies determine the Aggressiveness of the employees in order to determine their nature and set rules accordingly.
  • Following the Rule Orientation the Stability of a company can be measured.
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