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Perdisco Assignment Help

Perdisco Assignment Help

Hire Perdisco Assignment Help Experts Online

Perdisco is presently utilized in the majority of the created nations including Asia, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. Practice sets, course readings, E-exercise manuals, and appraisal are altogether incorporated into this e-learning asset. Without the correct information on bookkeeping practice sets, it is very hard to work with a Perdisco practice set. So as to enable understudies to manage confused inquiries, UrgentHomework has presented master Perdisco task help. With a group of more than 50+ Perdisco Experts, we offer skilled help with a few distinct finance, accounting, statistics, and mathematics. We provide Perdisco accounting homework help to get the perdisco practice set help answer.

Our Ph.D. experts in accounting can provide MYOB PerdiscoPractice Set Help in the following areas.

  • Inventory management
  • Debtor management
  • Weighted average
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Sales ledger
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Time billing reports
  • Aged payable reports
  • General ledger
  • Record adjusting entries

Reliable MYOB Perdisco Assignment Help Services

MYOB Perdisco Assignment Help

We have an excellent team from which we can ensure that you will get only high evaluations. Our homework help experts can enlighten you with the information identified with bookkeeping, money, arithmetic, and insights. Look at the motivations to confide in us with your perdisco set.

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Sample of Perdisco Assignment Help Done By the Experts

Perdisco Manual Entries Sample Transactions

Week 1

Date Transaction description

1 Issued Cheque No. 839 for $8,700 to pay Blue Blazer Realty for two month's worth of rent in advance.

1 Issued Cheque No. 840 to Office Supplies Warehouse for the purchase of $586 worth of office supplies.

3 Made payment of $826 to Integer Energy for 3 months of electricity up to and including 31 May, Cheque No.


4 Paid the full amount owing to Restlay, Cheque No. 842.

4 Paid sales staff wages of $1,993 for the week up to and including yesterday, Cheque No. 843. Note that $1,143

of this payment relates to the wages expense incurred during the last week of May.

6 Candy Man paid the full amount owing on their account.

Week 2

Date Transaction description

8 Purchased 11 boxes of Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans from Restlay for $352 each, terms net 30.

9 Central Candy paid the full amount owing on their account. Since Central Candy has been a loyal customer from

the day the business commenced, a 10% discount was given for this early repayment.

10 Paid the full amount owing to Hershel's, Cheque No. 844. Payment fell within the discount period.

11 Sold 17 boxes of Pecan Fudge to Sweet Tooth for $312 each, Invoice No. 401.

11 Paid sales staff wages of $2,066 for the week up to and including yesterday, Cheque No. 845.

13 Paid the full amount owing to East Tangiers Cooperative, Cheque No. 846.

13 Paid the full amount owing to Brennan Imports Group, Cheque No. 847.

13 Made cash sale of 9 boxes of Drinking Chocolate for $760 each.

Week 3

Date Transaction description

15 Sold 2 boxes of Macadamia Toffee to Candy Man for $552 each, Invoice No. 402.

15 Candy Rush paid $1,100 in partial payment of their account.

16 Purchased 10 boxes of Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans from Brennan Imports Group for $424 each, terms 2/10, n/30.

16 Purchased 16 boxes of Drinking Chocolate from East Tangiers Cooperative for $440 each, terms net 30.

18 Paid sales staff wages of $1,760 for the week up to and including yesterday, Cheque No. 848.

20 Made cash sale of 28 boxes of Scorched Almonds for a list price of $448 each. A trade discount of 25% applies.

20 Received a purchase order from Candy Rush. Created a corresponding sales order to deliver 17 boxes of Macadamia

Toffee to this customer for $552 each, Invoice No. 404.

21 Sweet Tooth returned 6 boxes of Pecan Fudge that were originally sold for $312 each on 11 June. These items cost

$176 each and were not faulty or damaged. Issued a Credit Note for $1,872.

Week 5

Date Transaction description

29 Made cash sale of 37 boxes of Drinking Chocolate for $760 each.

29 Purchased 17 boxes of Scorched Almonds with cash for a list price of $256 each. A trade discount of 25% applies,

Cheque No. 851.

30 Received 15 boxes of Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans for $424 each, which were ordered on the 26th. Agreed terms

with Spud's Confectionery are 2/10, n/30.

30 Mercury Square paid the full amount owing on their account.

30 Paid monthly salary of $4,900 to Maria Brockhouse, Cheque No. 852.

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