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PSP60116 Advanced Diploma of Government

PSP60116 Advanced Diploma of Government

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A planned program to inspect the workplace for the identification of risks and potential hazards are known as workplace inspection. This method is considered to be the best method that actively participates in the identification of hazards before any injury it can cause. Anyone can inspect a workplace. An experienced person belonging to a specific department like a safety officer or representative usually conducts an inspection. Any one of the team must be independent of the designated area. The management and assessment of risk is a process that is carried out at the designated place to classify and identify the type of risk, its risk level, and plan for the management process where different practices and steps are involved to resolve the risk. The risk could be of different purpose it may cause health problems to the individual, may cause damage to the work area, damage caused due to natural disaster, and other company-related loss also fall under types of risk at the occupational premises. Laws and regulations are formed to encourage the protection of employees and others in the workplace from any kind of harm and damage. Different regulations are formed and targeted at different types of hazards. One of the examples is health and safety which provides the following:

  1. Identification of the reason behind an injury and illness around the business
  2. How serious are the damage and illness?
  3. Actions to resolve and eradicate the hazard or control it.

Assessment of the risk is majorly performed where the elimination of the risk is not possible the risk is being controlled to its maximum extent to reduce its impact on the workers and others. There are several steps given by different agencies and regulatory bodies to be followed to ensure high health and safety at the workplace. It is a primary assessment tool that ensures the health and safety of the workers including others present at the workplace. Many people are not aware of the legal requirements and actions in ensuring the health & safety of the workers. Another definition of risk assessment is defined as a planned process that combines the identification of the hazards followed by the evaluation of any connected risks in the workplace, Final step is the implementation of control measures to eliminate or control the risks.

For the managing process of a project, you will find only one person who will look for an explanation. The project manager has the major responsibility to monitor the overall success and failure of the project. Three key items establish the pillar for successfully achieving project management. Which are, Authority: Using resources in a manner to achieve the goals and objectives of the company is monitored by the main authority in the organization which held legal power, Accountability: A person who is answerable to his/her higher position about the work done by the lower hierarchy and Responsibility: Results of the work plan designed to achieve the goals and objectives.

Risk management strategies

  1. Identification of risk: finding the risks which are found in the business. For example, risks related to legal activities risks related to the environment, regulation-related risks and risks in marketing, etc. To come to a solution to the problems occurring in an organization identification of the risk related to is the foremost step which is to be done.
  2. Analyzing the risk: Identification of risk should be followed by the analysis like what is the scope of the risk. Which will provide an evaluating parameter to it.
  3. Ranking the risk after the evaluation: Risks must be given with a rank and prioritize accordingly. The most affecting risk needs to be resolved first.
  4. Treating the risk: With a proper plan and executing strategies after a brief discussion with every hierarchy treatment of the risk should be done.
  5. Final review of the risk: it is not possible to eradicate every risk so, it important to review the risk encountered and keep a watch on all risk factors to make it easier for the next time to treat.

How can we help you for PSP60116 Advanced Diploma of Government ?

We are offering students with the concepts and strategies on the Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace inspections/investigations/fraud control) and introduce you to the regulatory framework which includes the process of creating execution plans and how it is communicated. We will take you through practical knowledge and skills which are important for strategic analysis and implementing plans for better management. We will develop an understanding of the different techniques involved in creating these plans and types of analysis and reporting. The units provided in the course will make you understand the basic concepts related to project management and how it is implemented and run, what are the acts and regulations behind it.

Description of the course

The given course covers all the designing and evaluating systems, management, and assessment part of the risk in a workplace. The qualification also includes the validation, designing, evaluation, and management of risk, project and it provides technical advice. There is no such licensing, legislation, or certification requirement to the respective qualification.

Contents in the package

Type of Units


Core Units


Elective Units


Core Units

Course Code



Implementation of management policies and procedure


Enhancing and maintaining confidence in public services


Diversity management


Application of governmental systems


Management of compliance with regulations in the sector of government


Establishing and maintaining networks strategically

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