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Psychology Homework Help

Psychology Homework Help

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Urgenthomework.com Provides College Homework Help in Psychology. Psychology (Greek: Ψυχολογία, lit. "Study of the mind", from ψυχή psykhē "breath, spirit, soul"; and -λογία, -Logia "study of") is an Academic and applied discipline involving the scientific study of Human Mental Functions and behavior. Occasionally it also relies on symbolic interpretation and critical analysis, although these traditions are less pronounced than in other Social Sciences such as Sociology. Psychologists study such Phenomena as Perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behavior and interpersonal relationships. Some, especially depth psychologists, also study the unconscious mind.

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Psychological knowledge is applied to various spheres of Human Activity, including issues related to everyday life—such as family, Education and Employment—and to the treatment of mental health problems. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and Social Behavior, while also exploring the underlying Physiological and Neurological processes. Psychology includes many sub-fields of study and applications concerned with such areas as Human Development, Sports, Health, Industry, Media and Law.

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Psychology incorporates research from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Psychological Abnormality – Case Study – Samantha (AC 2.1 & 3.1)
Samantha is a 36 year old woman with one child aged seven. She is happily married to Dan, a successful portfolio manager.
They met when Samantha worked in finance.  The family is well off, although Dan's long working hours mean that he gets
to see less of his family than they would like. Samantha does not work; she does not have to.  She puts much energy into
her daughter and is a loving, devoted and strong mother. As a young girl she worked hard to become a professional ballet
dancer, but did not make it.  Sam was told she did not have the look and had grown too tall. Although most people considered
her beautiful and extremely attractive, with the look of a professional model – Samantha hates her image.  She views herself
as being tall and too curvy.

Friends, family, and colleagues will swear of Dan’s devotion to his wife and daughter. In his spare time Dan will organize fun days for the family aside from the annual holiday, and when possible, frequently takes Samantha on breaks away. Lately, Samantha has been feeling neglected by Dan, assuming that he has other reasons for always working late. Samantha often thinks the worst of any given situation, being caught up in a spiral of negative thinking – being half empty, rather than half full as they say. She had an unhappy childhood; her mother was an addict and suffered from depression, committing suicide when Samantha was eight years old. Samantha was raised by her aunt, who was very cold and austere. Her family originally came from the Caribbean, whilst Dan’s are from England.

Recently, Samantha has been feeling depressed and has begun drinking heavily to numb the pain she feels inside. She indulges in shopping sprees to make her feel good and lift her spirit. However, Sam is hiding this habit and getting into debt. At times she finds it hard to sleep. When Sam does sleep, she dreams about her mother and believes her mother is trying to tell her something, trying to reach out to her. In addition, Samantha has been experiencing mood swings of extreme highs and lows, displaying erratic behavior that is incomprehensible to others and makes some people feel uncomfortable. Her aunt says she is behaving just like her mother did. She needs to get a grip of herself and “fix-up”. Samantha is fraught with anguish and worries that history might be repeating itself.

Last night, Dan found evidence of Samantha’s spending when he looked over the household accounts. He was more upset that she had kept the state of her finances away from him, than the actual spending itself. Samantha opened up to Dan about the way she has been feeling; she knows she needs help but fears she would be wrongly assessed due to her ethnicity. They talked for hours, well into the night. This morning Dan made an appointment to see Dr. Harrison, a psychologist with a private practice based in Harley Street. Samantha’s first session is next Tuesday and Dan is taking the day off to attend with her.

From the main assumptions of each of the perspectives learned in units 1 & 2, can you think of explanations for Samantha's behavior based on each of the approaches – biological, psychodynamic, behaviorist, cognitivist and humanist?

What you are required to do in this assignment…

In class

Using the four definitions of abnormality, state and explain the difficulties in defining psychological abnormality. In-class assessment to be typed in class and submitted after the time specified to complete to be marked. This piece is then scanned and uploaded. (AC 1.1) (400 words min)

For the assignment

In the case study, explore and give explanations that account for Samantha’s behavior, compare and contrast two perspectives - biological approach (compulsory) and one other. (AC 2.1) (400 words max)

From the case study, give an explanation of how culture, gender, and socio-economic status can affect the frequency, prevalence and diagnosis of psychological disorders. Refer to studies that give supporting information to any claims made and state how they relate to Samantha’s situation. (AC 3.1) (800 words) (Max 1200 words – Tasks 2 & 3, +/- 10%)

(All Tasks Max Total 1400 words, +/- 10%)

Sample Psychology Assignment Help Solution Done by the Experts


Psychology is the study of human behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Abnormal psychology can be defined as abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behavior that might or might not present a mental illness. Although the number of behaviors can be classified as abnormal, this branch of psychology suggests studying of abnormality in the clinical context. Although, there has been a long tradition of research and debate to understand psychology yet due to cultural variations and approach it is yet to be defined in a most acceptable manner. There might be different conditions or multiple causes that lead to abnormal psychology. However, the debate is still on to describe what is abnormal. There has been a long history of fights between the biological school of thought and philosophical school of thought regarding abnormal psychology that gives rise to dualism in mind and body issues. There have been different approaches to classify this disorder and in the abnormal category, there can be subnormal, supernormal, or paranormal. Abnormal psychology as described previously deals with abnormal behavior based on this there can be two types of behaviors. While one is maladaptive another is adaptive. Behaviors are maladaptive when it is evident that the individual has some problem with the behavior and he/she is stress as well as lacks the strength to cope with the environment. Abnormal psychology mostly studied under clinical psychology that tries to understand this abnormality and treat psychological conditions. Although abnormal psychology can be studied under clinical psychology, contemporary practice models avoid such usage of words like an abnormality. Psychopathology is another term that is similar to abnormal psychology but it is related to psychiatry where the pathology of the disease process is studied from a biological perspective. Thus one definition of abnormal psychology is an abnormality in behavior that is not socially acceptable at different layers of the environment surrounding an individual. The second definition is statistical infrequency that says normal deviance from psychology in day-to-day life can be considered as normal as their frequency of occurring is within the expected range for any group of population. But if a person has an extremely high intelligence quotient or extremely low IQ, due to their statistical infrequency or rarity they are considered to be abnormal. The third definition of abnormality is any type of functionality impairment (not physical) due to the mental health issues or psychological disorders that affect the day to day life. The fourth definition is dangerous behavior or abnormality in behavior or attitude that is dangerous to self and others (Butcher, Mineka, and Hooley, 2017). But the issue with defining abnormality is till today there is no consensus on what is the control beyond which it will be considered as an abnormality. Similarly, the cultural background also influences the behavior. What is considered normal in one culture might be considered abnormal in another culture? Therefore, it is difficult to understand and define abnormality.

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