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PUA60719 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety

PUA60719 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety

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Community Safety refers to the safety of society, providing a better and safe environment to the people of the society. It means to prevent future crime by adopting different methods. It is believed that the community is itself responsible for the crimes that take place and it is only the community that can bring change in the community and provide and offer a safe environment to the people of the society. People tend to look after the time of the post-colonial period due to the loss of the traditional lost during the past time. The idea of preventing the community from various crimes can be broad and vast. members of the community can become more aware of the causes and prevent them with unity. Community safety programs should be initiated to aware the public and various techniques and skill should be taught to fight the crimes. Indeed, every citizen cannot be part of the program due to the different age, sex, gender, and age gaps but this should not become a source of distraction to offer a safe environment to the people.

The significance of listening goes two different ways. Local area individuals should attempt to comprehend what the police do and why. This includes the ability of police and the public authority to impart data to the general population and to be available to tune in to a periodic analysis. Building "political capital" will be a relationship advantage when the opportunity arrives for a police division, for instance, to make a remarkable move.

On occasion when exceptional measures are vital that may caution the local area, a setup believing relationship is important. It very well may be imperative for the local area individuals to acknowledge that their police division is prepared and proficient and to comprehend the need and purposes behind certain crisis reactions or measures. This expects a significant degree of clear correspondence with the local area consistently before a crisis happens.


The PUA60719 Diploma of public safety (community safety) is a course which is build to train candidate who can further provide public safety and save the environment. Community safer=ty programs are made to seek the attention of all the individuals without any respect for any age gap and it is designed to aware the population regarding health and well-being and how they can protect themselves from certain diseases or any crime. It has been seen that sometimes, due to rise of a certain disease or any crime in a certain community leads to misinformation. At that duration, certain safety programs come into use. Their insistent role is to build an assurance to the audience by providing them certain safety partnerships, individual and community resilience, understand community need and provide them with certain skills that would offer them to predict the risk factors. this could be done by planning and managing and promoting the programs to its large extend.

The course allows the candidate to go through the practical as well as theoretical training which covers a range of activities such as planning, managing problem, analysis of the problems, finding a suitable solution which is fir for every age group. While managing the problem, the candidate also learns about budgeting, personnel, and resources. This course doesn’t require any official documents or skills for entering into this course.


Community safety has become an important step to prevent society from unnecessary crimes and health issues which can be tackled with human awareness and taking some safety measures adopted and designed by the committee of community safety.

For completing the course, the candidate must complete 12 main units, out of which three are elective e. There is a choice where a candidate can choose any 7 core units and 2 elective units. The individual must devote his time to learning and the rest to practical training.

PUACOM004 Manages the organization and maintains contact at a good communication level.

PUACOM008 Built certain safety programs for the welfare of the community. Make sure that the programs are suitable for every age group and gender.

PUAEMR009 Keep a good knowledge about the risk factor and be ready to deal with it.

BSBMKG551 Promote the programs on various platforms so that more and more people can get involved with them.

BSBMKG626 Campaigns are also a crucial part of it. Therefore, development and implementation and strategies should be made for the campaigns

BSBMKG627 Implement the skills and strategies campaigns.

LGAPLEM606B Developed a well-prepared system to deal with the emergency

PSPREG028 Keep the track of regulatory compliance


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