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Buil1264 Construction Specialisation|Design Thinking Assessment Answer

 Overview of Assignment and Submission You are to individually prepare a 3D model of a train station as a massing study for early project appraisal. Instructions will be provided lively (and recording) during Tutorials. We will be using Autodesk Formit freely available via Links to an external site.) You are welcome to use any other industry standard 3D modelling application such Sketchup, Revit, Navisworks or Rhino. When completed, you will upload/save your 3D model using this link  (Links to an external site.) Assignment Breakdown In you submission document you will insert "screenshots" of the model showing at least the three following views: 1. Master view of overall site /show context such as full site + adjacent buildings (Title your cover page with your name, student number, site/station location AND the link to your model shared online via Autodesk free viewer (Links to an external site.) ) 2.Name your individual buildings/station or areas such as concourse, platforms, etc (220 meters long - aprox. measure for all new stations), If unbuilt areas on your site, such as open areas, parks or cycling lanes.. provide labels to the areas (also know as site zoning), solar shading is optional if relevant to your site, project. 3.- Area: space/utilisation analysis in square meters (m2) OR cubic meters (m3) e.g. such as Gross Floor Area, platform/concourse area m2 or letable area if developing commercial space (for this select any building in your model with a double click and then go to "Properties" tab at the top-right corner. If you want to see the drop-down of all your spaces, tick the "Use Levels" box while your building is selected!). There is no word counting in this document nor referencing is expected in this submission. For submission simply "screen shot" and paste various views of your model (e.g. showing points 1-3) in a word.docx or PDF file type. Optional: Please submit your 3D file (in any file format such as Formit, Revit, Rhino, Navisworks, SketchUp... any are 3D is valid for this assignment. (Note that Apple Mac users might opt to use SketchUp or ArchiCAD if want to use a standalone BIM software that runs on Macs, alternatively use Formit via your web browser). The purpose of this assignment is to: Provide students with an opportunity to step into industry standard Building Information Modelling (BIM) used in commercial and construction and infrastructure project including including Alliancing and Public-Private Partnerships. Encourage critically, creative and strategic thinking in building design and space analysis. This is current state of play at early EOI project stages (such as feasibility studies from property investment perspective, value creation and implications for design, construction and operations). To encourage practical thinking from lecture presentations and to include examples with ongoing works for Melbourne Metro stations and other transport infrastructure projects explained during lecture including design thinking, construction and value creation/capture with a simple step such as space utilisation in m2 or space in m3 Assessment Criteria Criteria Marks Total 1. Master view/full site view (Title your cover page with your name, student number, site/station location AND the link to your model shared online via Autodesk free viewer (Links to an external site.) ) 2. Building 3D massing with building labels (as indicating what building/s are intending to) and solar shading if applicable to your site. 3. Area: space/utilisation analysis, a breakdown in surface area a square meters (m2) such as Gross Floor Area or Letable Area and/or Public Spaces. 4. Questionnaire submission web LINK (Links to an external site.) or directly fill bellow:

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