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Business and Language Task 2 Project

TASK 2 - Project

Task summary

For this task you are required to conduct research and develop a briefing report to inform the development of the Human Resources Strategic Plan for a case-study business. You must then present the briefing report to the management team (Assessor) to seek feedback and approval and develop the Human Resources Strategic Plan.

Resources and equipment required to complete this task

  • Access to textbooks and other learning materials.
  • Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required).
  • Meeting participants
  • Space for a meeting
  • Access to a whiteboard or butcher's paper to write up ideas
  • King Edward VII College’s Strategic and Operational Plan
  • King Edward VII College’s workforce information
  • Human Resources Strategic Plan template.

When and where should the task be completed?

  • This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable).
  • Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.

What needs to be submitted?

  • Briefing report
  • Human Resources Strategic Plan including the Risk Management Plan

Instructions for students:

Read the case study below and answer all questions correctly.

Instructions for Assessors

  • What resources are required for this assessment? o How to conduct the assessment? o If this is a group assessment, how it must be organised?
  • Which week of the unit duration is this assessment given to students?
  • What needs to be submitted?
  • How much time must be allowed for each task?

Sample answers

  • This marking guide has sample answers for each and every task of the assessment. Where the task is a project, a list of requirements and necessary inclusions and criteria is offered for each section for assessors to use as a bench mark.
  • All the answers must be according to the elements and performance criteria and according to this marking guide.

King Edward VII College

King Edward VII College has been operating for five years. The college is based in Melbourne CBD and offers a range of courses in management, marketing, human resources and international business and currently has around 500 students enrolled across all of its courses. Courses are offered at all levels from Certificate II to Graduate Diploma. The college is very popular due to its competitive pricing structure, innovative teaching methods and state of the art facilities.

Due to the success of the college, the college plans to establish two additional campuses, one in Brisbane and one in Sydney. The Brisbane campus will commence operating in Jan 2016 and Sydney in mid-2016. Campus locations are already in place with the process being overseen mainly by the CEO and Finance Manager. No staff have been employed as yet but it is anticipated that each campus will require a receptionist, student services officer and 4 trainers. Existing staff at the Melbourne campus will complete all other staff functions until such time as student numbers increase substantially. It is anticipated that maximum student numbers at the new campuses will be up to 50 students per campus.

The College currently employs 24 staff members that include the CEO, a Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant, Human Resources Manager, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Academic Manager, Student Services Officer and approximately 14 trainers. Further details regarding the above staff is provided in the workforce information document and also shows staff turnover statistics.

A Human Resources Strategic Plan is now required for King Edward VII College given the company’s expansion plans and because of the overall importance of strategic planning for human resources.

The status of key areas of human resources is as follows:

  • Equal employment opportunity and diversity – equal employment opportunity is implicit in recruiting staff and in the workplace but there is no formal policy or strategy in place or arrangements for flexible working arrangements.
  • Human resources information systems – the current human resources system is basic. Staff files are kept in a filing cabinet and payroll is managed through accounting software. There is interest in migrating to an advanced HR information system as the business grows and has multiple sites. Costs need to be identified.
  • Induction – induction is limited to a couple of hours at the beginning of an employee’s employment. There is no follow up.
  • Job analysis and design – no formal systems in place.
  • Occupational health and safety – policies and procedures and processes are in place. However, no formal training system or ongoing development systems are in place.
  • Performance management – while performance management is indicated in the company’s strategic plan, it is sporadic and depends on the manager. Clearer procedures and systems need to be put in place and there also needs to be some attention to reward and recognition schemes.
  • Professional development – professional development onus is on the staff with no formal systems in place. Any professional development undertaken by staff is not always recorded although staff are supposed to complete a professional development register. An online system for recording professional development and that is linked to the human resources information system would be useful. There is no current budget for professional development and an annual amount needs to be identified per staff member.
  • Recruitment and selection – there is a desire to identify recruitment and selection strategies that ensure the recruitment of quality staff.
  • Staff retention and succession planning – no formal systems are in place.

Complete the following activities (present in a professional report format – 3000 words plus):

1. Prepare briefing report

Prior to developing the Human Resources Strategic Plan, you are required to develop a briefing report to present to the CEO and Senior Managers.

Review the King Edward VII College’s Strategic Plan that sets out the College’s strategic objectives and operational priorities.

Conduct research and prepare a briefing report regarding information on, and recommendations for the Human Resources Strategic Plan for presentation at a meeting with the CEO and Senior Managers that addresses the following:

An overview of King Edward VII College’s human resource requirements for the next three years, as identified from the scenario information and Strategic and Operational Plan and workforce information you have been provided with.

A review and analysis of emerging trends and practice that may impact on human resources management in King Edward VII College, and strategies to address these. This should also include a review of any new technology relevant to King Edward VII College and all of its departments and staff, and impacts on job roles and design.

A review of any recent and potential changes to industrial and legal requirements that will impact on the King Edward VII College workforce.

A review of the number and type of staff that will be needed to meet the company’s strategic direction, skill requirements for new and existing staff, and options for sourcing required staff. You must review the following range of options for sourcing staff and briefly analyse the costs and benefits of each approach to the College:

casual labor new graduates or trainees offshore workers outsourcing contractors or consultants.

The philosophies and values you believe should underpin King Edward VII College’s human resources management, as well as the policies and procedures that are required to ensure this. Review the scenario information to identify gaps in existing policies, procedures and systems to identify gaps.

Recommended human resources strategic directions based on scenario information, research conducted and review of Strategic Plan. As a minimum, your Human Resources Strategic Plan should include three priority areas and objectives and targets.

Your report should cover the topics in sufficient detail and set out in a professional report format with heading to separate the information. Ensure the language is appropriate for the audience, clear, concise, grammatically correct and free from errors.

When you have completed your report, send the briefing report via email to your assessor as though they are the CEO at least 2 working days prior to the planned meeting (your assessor will have advised you of the date and time on which you need to conduct the meeting). Your email must include a brief outline of the purpose of the meeting and the date and time and duration for the meeting (the meeting will be approximately 30 minutes).

2. Conduct meeting

You are required to conduct the meeting to discuss the briefing report you have developed to inform the development of the Human Resources Strategic Plan. The purpose of the meeting is to present information and recommendations for the Human Resources Strategic Plan and to discuss ideas and seek feedback.

Your assessor will play the role of the CEO and your assessor will identify a number of your fellow students to play the roles of Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Administration Manager and Academic Manager.

At the meeting, you are required to

Provide an introduction to the meeting and state the purpose of the meeting.

Explain the key points from the briefing paper, as well as provide the opportunity for questions.

Seek input on all aspects of the briefing paper for the development of the Human Resources Strategic Plan including:

Asking Managers about their preferences for human resources requirements including all of those explored in the report.

Discussing and agreeing on the philosophies, values and polices that you have identified for King Edward VII College’s human resources management

Discussing the cost and benefits of the recruitment sourcing options and deciding which will suit the new College campuses.

Write ideas up on a whiteboard or butcher’s paper. You will need to use the ideas you write up in the Assessment Task.

Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills including:

Speaking clearly and concisely

Using effective non-verbal communication skills to encourage audience interest

Responding to questions

Asking questions to seek feedback

Use of active listening techniques to confirm and clarify understanding.

Your assessor will provide feedback on some additional areas for consideration in the development of the Strategic Plan. You will need to incorporate this into the development of the Strategic Plan in Assessment Task 3.

3. Develop the Human Resources Strategic Plan

You are now required to develop the Human Resources Strategic Plan using your research and input from the meeting. Use the template provided by your assessor to develop your plan, ensuring that you complete all sections of the plan and clearly state strategic objectives and targets.

The template also contains the risk assessment plan that you are also required to develop. Identify all of the risks that may be associated with the Human Resources Strategic Plan and assess them in accordance with the risk assessment legend.

When you have completed the plans, submit them to the management team (your assessor). Your attached memo or email must indicate that this is the draft Human Resources Strategic Plan and you are seeking feedback and final approval.

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