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Business And Language Task 3 Project Written Questions

TASK 3- Written Questions

Task summary

You are to answer all written questions.

Resources and equipment required to complete this task

Access to textbooks and other learning materials.

Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required).

When and where should the task be completed?

This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable). 

Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.

What needs to be submitted?

Your answers to each question in this task.


This is an open book test – you can use your learning materials as reference.

You must answer all questions in this task correctly. 

You must answer the questions by typing your answers in Microsoft Word or a similar program

your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completed assessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy

Question 1:

Name the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation and discuss its purpose (70 – 100 words).

Question 2:

Explain the appropriate process for developing a policy and procedure (60 – 100 words). 

Question 3:

Who are the types of people that should be consulted with during policy development? (50  – 100 words).

Question 4:

What strategies can you implement for monitoring and reviewing policies? (50 – 80 words).

Question 5:

Explain how you would approach each of the following barriers and challenges when implementing policies and procedures. 

  • An employee does not believe the new policy will be a benefit to the workplace. They are too stuck in their old ways and are resistant to change (70 – 100 words).
  • The new policy and procedure is too complex to follow so employees avoid using it (70 – 100 words).
  • Most of the policies and procedures have not been updated for some time because management do not want to allocate resources for the updates (70 – 100 words).

The managers of The Best Bite Café have just replaced the existing lights to energy saving bulbs. They decided to implement the change in order to save on energy use and do their part within the community in promoting sustainable practices and helping the environment.

Question 6:

Over the next quarter they would like to see how the change in light bulbs impacts their usage and overall costs on the business. Explain how they could monitor costs and encourage staff usage over the next quarter (120 – 150 words).

Question 7:

Before implementing a new energy saving policy, the managers must identify the responsibilities of everyone involved. This will help keep people accountable. Outline the roles and responsibilities for management and employees involved in the policy (60 – 80 words each).:

  • Management
  • Employees

Question 8:

Over the next quarter the café received their bill. Review the usage against the same quarter in the previous year and calculate the total usage. 

Last year:                                                 This year:                  

Months                      Kilowatts                   Months                      Kilowatts

February                               736                February                               604

March                                 1240               March                                  962

April                                     1259               April                                      817

Total kilowatts                      3,235              Total kilowatts                        ??

The cafe managers are so proud of the strong results they have attained on their energy use and staff engagement after the last quarter, and would like to share Question 9: their achievements with the wider community. What are some ways the centre could promote their sustainable practices? (50 – 80 words).

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