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Communications and Networking Scenarios

Assessment Task 2

Competency Title, Code and Banner Code


CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships

CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in health or community services

CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships

Assessment Type

☒ Written  ☒ Case Study  ☐ Project  ☐ Assignment  ☐ Other

Assessment Name

Communications and Networking Scenarios

Information for Students: You may have two (2) attempts for this assessment.

  • If your first attempt is not successful, your teacher will discuss your results with you and will arrange a second attempt.
  • If your second attempt is not successful, you will be required to re-enrol in this unit.

Materials Provided by Assessor: You will be provided series of workplace scenarios consistent with what might be expected in a community services workspace. You will respond to the written questions that are based on each scenario.

Materials and Equipment to be Supplied by the Student: Students will provide pens, paper and stationery as required.

Assessment Range and Conditions: Assessment will occur each students own time. Written responses should be uploaded to eLearn in order to complete the task.

Recognition: Assessment is done in a simulated workplace environment. Students with current, or relevant workplace experience matching this unit should discuss recognition or workplace assessment pathways for completion of this unit.

Target Group: This is an AQF Level 3 competency, devivered for Certificate III level qualifications in the community services training package. This unit is also present in Certificate IV level qualifications.

Assessment Criteria: To achieve a satisfactory result, your assessor will be looking for your ability to demonstrate the key skills/tasks/knowledge detailed in the Assessment Task to industry standard. Performance Criteria are listed in the Unit of Competence and in your subject guide.

Reasonable Adjustment:

The primary method of written questioning based on a series of workplace case studies Reasonable adjustment is available to students in the following circumstances.

1) Literacy: The literacy requirements of this unit are quite modest however entirely oral assessment of each roleplay task may be offered in situations where this is appropriate.

2) Visual, Hearing and other Disabilities: Resonable adjustments will be negotiated with each student idividually according to need and what is set out in any CIT Disability Access

Read the following case studies and answer the questions:

a) Resource Constraint Scenario

You are working in a small community youth agency. The organisation has its own rented space and operates it as a youth drop in, information and referral centre. The centre employs 5 staff and operates on a tight budget based on a couple of ACT Government grants.

1a. If you were employed by this organisation, what ways could you generate extra income?

1b. How would you ensure that expenditure in your programs was controlled to meet the needs of the programs?

1c. Your co-worker has mentioned to you that they will be approaching the manager and asking for two vehicles to use for outreach and other activities.

What information might the manager need in order to make an informed decision?

What would be an appropriate forum for the co-worker to present the information to the manager?

1. How should the team work collaboratively to manage differences of opinion related to this proposed expenditure?

b) Conflict Situations

You are working in a medium sized community organisation as a Case Manager. You have been working in this role for 3 years and feel that you are good at your job and have great rapport with your clients. One of your colleagues that has become a close friend has recently left on maternity leave and her position has been backfilled by a new, much younger staff member. The new worker has recently completed a social work degree and is extremely enthusiastic, however she has become quite bossy, dominates meetings and tries to provide advice on your clients. A couple of times you have snapped at each other badly and you are starting to not enjoy coming to work because of her. You arrive at work one day and she is starts questioning one of your client decisions, you have had enough and leave the building, slamming the door loudly. Your team leader does not seem to notice any problems.

1. What should you do in this situation?

(Hint: reflect on own behaviour )

2. List what formal policies and procedures you think might be relevant to the situation?

(Refer to Central Community Services Policy & Procedures document on eLearn)

c) Boundaries Scenario

You are working for a major alcohol and other drug service that provides medium term residential care. You are employed as a support worker and you work predominantly on evening shifts. You have got to know many of the clients very well and they trust you. The facility has a standard basic rule of NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO SEX/INTIMACY and a requirement that workers report any breaches to their supervisor. On night shift, you discover one of the senior residents, who has progressed very well in the program and was about to graduate, kissing a newly arrived client. Policy requires you to report both parties and potentially have them exited. The senior resident has an individual plan that stipulates any breach needs to be reported back to corrections resulting in the possibility he may be returned to jail. He is very tearful and remorseful. He repeatedly asks you to overlook this as it has nothing to do with drugs and alcohol.

1) What are some of the boundaries issues you can observe in this scenario between the senior client and the newly arrived resident, the senior client and the worker?

2) What is the appropriate course of action?

3) How would you go about communicating this situation within your organisation (to clients & supervisor) whilst safeguarding your clients rights?

d) Scheduling Scenario

You are working as a case manager for a busy mental health service that provides intensive support and supported referrals to clients. You have a client in common with an alcohol and other drug service and a men’s counselling service. Your client has requested you schedule a case conference with these agencies to coordinate his care.

1. Outline all the steps you would take to make this happen.

2. What do you need consider in working out a suitable time and location for all parties involved?

(You, other services and your client)

3. Describe at least two communication technologies that you could use to facilitate this meeting happening.

e) Team meeting Scenario

Each fortnight your team holds an hour long meeting to cover staff related matters and do some planning. The responsibility for chairing the meeting is shared by all team members and this fortnight the responsibility falls on you.

1. What are your responsibilities prior to the meeting?

2. In the meeting, discussion becomes lengthy and highly animated around one topic. People are talking over the top of each other.

What steps might you take to ensure everyone is heard and the topic is discussed sufficiently?

3. List some basic meeting rules that you might use to keep the meeting moving, on time and to the agenda

f) Network Meeting

You work with a community service organisation specialising in advocacy for the rights of people with a disability particularly in the areas of law, NDIS and general health. Your manager was booked to attend a network meeting held by ACT Government Community Services Directorate, however they can no longer attend the meeting. The manager has communicated to you that there will be a time where each agency will describe what they have been doing.

1. What do you need to do in preparation for this meeting?

2. What should you do at this meeting to represent your organisation and to ensure you gather information for your organisation?

3. How would you let the rest of your team and your manager know what has happened at the meeting and share information appropriately?

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