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Dynamic Websites Assignment

Assignment title: Lucy’s Pets Service


Lucy’s Pet Service is a dog-sitting service, which aims to help people who work long hours and are unable to look after their pets. Customers of the service can book pet specialists to perform some tasks to alleviate the issues that come with long working hours. These services currently include:

  • Taking dogs for walks at particular times in the day and for particular lengths of time.
  • Feeding dogs at particular intervals. It would also take into account the dog’s dietary requirements and preferences.
  • Puppy socialisation, in which young dogs will be taken from the home and placed in an environment with other young dogs for a period of time.
  • Play sessions, where pet specialists come to the home at a particular time and day and play with a lonely dog for a set period of time.

As this service has grown more popular, it has become necessary for the company to put more of their initial quotations for dog care packages online. The costing depends on the number of sessions, the type of session, and the distance between the home and the Lucy’s Pet Service centre.

You have been commissioned by Lucy’s Pet Service to create an online system for customers to receive initial quotes for their requirements. Given that these may require careful tailoring, the system needs to have the ability to save those quotes and retrieve them later for editing or perusal. For the initial quotation system, they have cited you the following values:

  • Pet walking is purchased in fifteen minute increments, at £1 per 15 minutes (or £4 per 1 hour).
  • Feeding pets is charged at £3 per feeding.
  • Puppy socialisation is a two hour session, and is charged at £8.
  • Play sessions are purchased in thirty minute increments, at £3 per 30 minutes (or £6 per hour).

For all of these, the price remains constant if the home is within ten miles of the Lucy’s Pet Service centre. For each additional mile, the dog specialists must travel with an additional flat rate of 50p is added to the total bill for a day. For example, someone living 15 miles away could purchase 30 minutes of dog walking and a feeding for £2 (dog walking) + £3 (feeding) + £2.50 (distance). The same person only requesting the feeding would pay £3 (feeding) + £2.50 (distance).

The expectation is that a contract for dog services will involve a complex regime of alternating services on alternating days. As a result, the quote must allow each service to be booked on several days, with the specific day recorded. Several of the services (feeding and walking) may be booked several times in a single day. It is also expected that customers may have several pets and these pets may have different schedules that must be taken into account. As such, a customer may have many pets, and a pet may have many days where it is receiving many services.

Customers, before receiving a quote, must register with the system and store which pets they have. They should then be able to book a combination of services for that pet on a particular day. It should be saved for when the customer returns and each element should be editable at a later date. The system should then show the cost for particular days, with a full breakdown of where the money is being spent. A total should be produced for a full week, with that cost projected in terms of monthly and yearly costs.

Customers should be able to list dates, along with days, where the services will not be required and these should be taken into account when projecting costs. For example, a customer may say that they are on holiday during a set period of the summer, and unless pet care has been specifically booked on those days they will not be taken into account in cost calculations.

When booking a care package for pets, customers should also need to state the time of the day when they require a service. As a result, a service may be booked several times in a single day. Each service must be saved along with the time of day it is needed. When the package is displayed to the user, it should be displayed in the form of a weekly calendar showing when the service is requested. Changing the time of requested services should also change the displayed calendar.

You are expected to use a combination of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript to create this application.

Task 1 – 10 Marks

Create a setup page and tables for the system.

Task 2 – 15 Marks

Create the login and registration system, including the username and password. To gain the highest marks for this task, you should make the system as robust as possible.

Task 3 – 20 Marks

Customers must be able to set their requirements for each pet, modify these details, and add and delete pets as needed. The system should list all their previously configured pet care regimes.

Task 4 – 20 Marks

Pet care packages should be displayed in a calendar form, as a table with days and times. This calendar should show each of the requested services, and allow the user to modify any of them. When the pet regime package changes, the calendar should also change.

Task 5 – 10 Marks

Cost calculations should be performed for each pet care package, taking into account distance travelled, cost of each service, and customer holidays.

Task 6 – 10 Marks

Your project should make all appropriate use of cookies and sessions.

Task 7 – 15 Marks

You are required to write a 500 word reflection on this activity. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What have you learnt?
  2. How could the system be improved or further developed?
  3. Which parts of the development did you find most difficult?

Submission requirements

  • For each task you should present the necessary code and screen dumps in a wordprocessed document.
  • All references and citations must use the Harvard Style.

Candidate checklist

Please use the following checklist to ensure that your work is ready for submission.

Have you read the NCC Education documents ‘What is Academic

Misconduct? Guidance for Candidates’ and ‘Avoiding Plagiarism and Collusion: Guidance for Candidates’ and ensured that you have acknowledged all the sources that you have used in your work?


Have you completed the ‘Statement and Confirmation of Own Work’ form and attached it to your assignment? You must do this.


Have you ensured that your work has not gone over or under the recommended word count by more than 10%?


Have you ensured that your work does not contain viruses and can be run directly?