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ER modeling Assignment 5

  • For each of these scenarios, draw an ER model, clearly denoting maximum and minimum cardinality constraints.
  • Write the one liner and four sentences for each diagram (statements that specify the minimum and maximum cardinality), and the number of tables needed. Post the Primary and foreign keys and any available attributes.
  • Your diagram must be complete in all respects with all notations to receive full credit.
  1. A class is taught by one faculty, but a faculty can teach many classes. A faculty need not teach any classes but class must be taught by a faculty. A faculty has facultyid, name, address, and department. A class has an ID, name, location, meeting time, and a textbook.
  2. In a faculty office of a department, each faculty has separate printer assigned to her which is connected to her computer. A printer cannot be assigned to more than one faculty and a faculty cannot have more than one printer. The printer has a printer id, model name, date from and date to, and the faculty has faculty id, department, and date joined columns. A faculty must have a printer but a printer need not be assigned to a faculty.
  3. Employees have an id, name, department and datejoined. A manager who is also an employee is managing a department and can be a manager of several employees in that department. Ignore Department as an entity in doing your ER model and just show the relationship between employees and managers.
  4. In a physician’s office patients are identified by patient_id and items charged to patients are identified by item_id. A patient can charge multiple items and the same item can be charged by multiple patients. A patient need not charge any item and an item need not be charged by any patient.
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