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FM405 Human Resource Development

Faculty of Business and Informatics

Department of Finance and Management



Assignment Task Question

It is well understood that Human Resource is the gateway to any organization. The organization grows from strength to strength when you have better plans ahead and that the plans are well implemented. Come up with a Human Resource forward plan for the following functions

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Training and Development

Remember, you are not going to come up defining nor explaining the process, you will come up with a 3-year plan as to how the above functions will be catered. Every activities and roles as part of functions above must be identified. The objectives, resources, duration, judgment, strategic plan, budget, recommendation and more must be included. It is better to identify the task of the functions above before the plan can be executed.

This is two different assignment. The function of each plan must be contained in a table respectively. Remember, strategic plan for efficient, effective and result is what this assignment is all about

Take note

  1. The due date is end of August, 2021
  2. All assignment must be typed and returned through email in word document
  3. Theme font is Calibri Body, size 12
  4. The assignment must be attached to cover page
  5. Every assignment that come after the end of the due date will surely lose Mark
  6. Do not forget to let me know if you come across any problem. I have no restriction to you consulting people or seeking assistance from any source
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