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Genetic Engineering Technologies

Your research project is:

Generation of cut flowers (roses) with an extended shelf-life using genetic engineering technologies

Explanation: Flower’s shelf-life and senescence is an essential trait for the cut flowers in the horticulture industry. One of the typical scenarios to extend a shelf-life is to block the ethylene-production pathway in flowers, silencing its genes: let’s call them ethylene production genes, (EPG).

Your presentation will be given in the form of a 1000+ words report contains four main parts:

Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion

The introduction will cover:

  • Gene silencing mechanisms in cells and their key components,
  • How these components act and interact with each other and host cells.

Material and Methods:

Which gene silencing strategies you decided to use to silence EPG and why?


Explain your expected results


  1. Application of gene technologies in agriculture and horticulture (plant biotechnology). Give 2 examples not covered in my lectures.
  2. Advantages of longer shelf-life cut flowers in horticulture.


References should not be older than 2016. Any referencing style is acceptable but needs to be consistent throughout the text

Your report:

A 1000+ word review should represent your 30 min presentation. You can add pictures and diagrams if required. Use paragraphs to separate different parts of the review. Show in bold critical components of the gene silencing mechanisms.

You must clearly address a research topic

  • The information presented must be accurate and logically organised
  • You should demonstrate an innovative solution to an industry challenge/problem.
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