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Greer John Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Case Scenario

Greer John Wealth Management Pty Ltd is a mature company with a strong base of investment customers who trust it with their investment portfolios. Its core platform for managing its customer’s accounts and investments was built in the early 2000s and was cutting edge at the time. This monolithic platform has served both the business and customer needs well. However, changing times mean that cloud-based solutions offer it greater flexibility and agility.  

Several factors have arisen that have made it clear to the executive leadership team that it needs to review its technology strategy:

1. Many competitors are evolving their digital platforms to better meet market expectations.

2. Regulatory reform in the area of wealth management is likely to require waves of change to various wealth management products managed by Greer John.

The executive leadership team understands it needs to seek out new ways of meeting its customers’ needs. It is investigating a digital strategy that will allow it to steadily and incrementally transition from its old platform into a cloud-enabled solution that will be nimble and agile in responding to its customers’ digital needs. 

A team of consultants has been tasked with building a suite of reports as concept briefs to address the different areas of change so that all stakeholders understand what new solutions will require.

As the microservices architecture specialist in the team, you have been tasked with writing a report about the microservices architecture component of the shift to the cloud. This is to help key stakeholders of the executive leadership team be informed what the change will mean for them.

1. Outline what you believe the specific benefits will be to Greer John Wealth Management in transitioning from monolithic architecture to microservices architecture.

2. Discuss key elements of service design:

a. What will need to be considered when splitting the monolithic systems into future microservices?

b. What benefits can be gained from service modelling?

3. Define what DevOps is and what the typical build and test process would require for Greer John Wealth Management to implement DevOps.

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