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Hlsc120 Indigenous Health And Culture: Assessment Answer


Reflective Essay: Hindu Culture

Task Description:

In this task you will write a reflection about one of the key messages of the unit: Biased treatment matters in health care. Reflective writing should demonstrate critical reading and thinking skills.

We are going to discuss about Hindu Culture.

Your essay should follow the following format:

Introduction: Briefly identify the main points that you will explore in the essay

  1. Define intersectionality and use this framework to describe your cultural location
  • Define intersectionality; provide reference details. 
  • Use the framework of intersectionality to describe the numerous ‘social or cultural locations’ we all have, such as gender, age, ethnicity etc. Intersectionality allows us to consider the complex manner in which privilege and disadvantage are combined in our complex identities.
  1. Reflect on how your cultural location, attitudes, values and beliefs might affect the    assumptions and practices you bring to the care of patients
  • Health professionals' biases have been identified as an important contributor to disparities in health care.
  • Consider how your cultural locations have shaped your attitudes, values and beliefs. Values, beliefs and attitudes are formed in early childhood and are influenced by many different mechanisms such as family, class, ethnicity, religion and schooling
  • Beliefs:an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially without proof; firmly held opinions or convictions. 
  • Values: principles or standards of behaviour                                                                                   
  • Attitudes: a settled way of thinking or feeling

Honesty is the best policy. We are looking for you to show 'insight' into your own cultural location, attitudes, values, and beliefs, and future health care practice.

Insight: the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

The unit has introduced you to a range of concepts you can use to think critically about your own complex identity and the potential impact this might have on how you care for patients.

  1. Describe some culturally safe health care practices you can undertake to avoid biased treatment of patients at an individual level
  • Make sure you define cultural safety and provide reference details
  • Outline some actual culturally safe practices with individual patients
  • Write from ‘I’: think about it might mean for you to undertake those practices
  • Support with scholarly references
  1. Outline how you can be a health service provider who can advocate for the non-acceptance of biased treatment and contribute towards better circumstances for patients at a population level

    • You need to imagine you are health professional, working in a health setting. How could you engage in advocacy activities that will help reduce bias in healthcare and improve health outcomes for patients at a population level? 
    • Please note - this component of the essay is notasking you to discuss health advocacy for individual 
    • Some examples of advocacy at a population level includes activities such as:
    • -Actions that bring about institutional change (e.g. hospital level, health care system-level)
    • -Influencing health policy in your workplace and at other societal levels
    • -Contributing to developing health programs
    • -Contributing to community development initiatives (partnering with community groups)
    • -Participating in campaigns against discrimination etc
    • -Undertaking research which collects useful data
    • Make sure you provide scholarly support for the points you make – how has your suggested advocacy worked elsewhere?
  2. Conclusion: Summarise your main points in light of your reflection. Draw on these points in support of your argument for why cultural safety matters as a health care provider

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