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ICTICT517 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation Assessment task 1

ICTICT517 - Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation

Assessment task 1: Project

Assessment Task

For this assessment task you will require to work in which you identify the business requirements of a Learning Management System for an organisation called ILEM Institute.

The institute is planning to implement Learning Management System software to deliver various short courses in next 4 months. The software must accommodate 2000 users including teachers and students.

For this assessment task you are required to evaluate current strategic plan, proposed changes to the business client representative and evaluate the effect of the changes.

Activity 1: Client consultation

For this assessment task you are required to evaluate current strategic plan, proposed changes to the stakeholder and evaluate the effect of the changes. You should consult with a business client (role- played by your assessor) based on the following guidelines.

  • current ICT practices
  • business problems
  • strategic plan of the organization
    • vision and mission
    • goal and objectives

Activity 2: Report writing (Part A)

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, you are required to write a detail report. In your report you must focus on the following elements:

  1. Describe the current ICT practices of the organization
  2. Analyse current strategic plan of the organisation to understand the industry environment and current organisational goals (i.e.; Implementation of Learning Management System). Your analysis should include the following
    • Vision and mission
    • Identify the organization's strategic goals and objectives
    • SWOT analysis
  3. Compare information related to current operational practices and the strategic plan to determine possible ICT gaps and improvement

Activity 3: Report to your supervisor

Based on the activity 1 and 2, you need to report the proposed changes, gap and opportunities to your supervisor through email. Ask your supervisor for the feedback (Assessor role-playing as your supervisor)

Activity 4: Report writing (Part B)

This activity is based on the activity 1, 2 and 3. In this report, you are required to address the following elements.

  1. Screen shot of your email from activity 3
  2. Screen shot of client feedback from the activity 3
  3. Identify the tools and approach to use for addressing proposed changes, gap and opportunities as you identified in activity 2
  4. Evaluate the impact of proposed changes based on the strategic objective of the organization
  5. Evaluate the difficulties of implementing the proposed change
  6. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the tasks listed on the proposed changes
  7. Prioritize the following tasks of the WBS into four buckets using the following format. You may have multiple table based on the root tasks on
    1. prioritize the root tasks
    2. prioritize the sub-tasks for each root




List priority 1 tasks

List priority 2 tasks


List priority 3 tasks

List priority 4 tasks

  1. Develop a Gantt chart with estimated tasks duration based on the task priority table you completed in activity 4.6.
  2. Develop an action plan to implement the changes using the following format which is the part of the organizational policy and procedure for the project

Action Plan

Action (What tasks need to be done)

Responsible (who should take action to complete this task)

Start Date

End Date

Resources (What you need to complete this task)

Success Criteria (how will you identify your success)


Y/N (was the step successfully completed?)

  1. Once you finished activity 8, you should orally discuss the action plan with your supervisor (role play by your trainer/assessor). And make changes to the action plan based on your supervisor feedback and you need to include the approved action plan in your final report if

Follow guidelines need to be cover when you submit your assessment:

  1. Clarity: Overall clarity of
  2. Completeness: How well has the chosen area been covered.
  3. Originality: Is it your own work?
  4. Reference: You have to show at least 5 references that you have used for this

ICTICT517 - Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation

ASSESSMENT 2 Written Questions

Answer the following questions in your own words.

  1. What is the importance of an action plan?
  2. Outline and explain the main components of an action
  3. What method would you use for the effective implementation of an action plan?
  4. It is recommended that each objective of an action plan should be based on the SMART What do you understand by the SMART criteria? Describe briefly.
  5. What is SWOT analysis? What is the objective of the SWOT analysis? Explain the process for conducting SWOT analysis?
  6. Explain how the following tools can be used for strategic planning and evaluating in ICT systems and
    • Value chain analysis tool
    • PEST analysis tool
  7. Describe the following problem analysis tools for solving the ICT
    • The 5 whys
    • Pareto Chart
    • Failure Mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  8. How would you evaluate documents for proposed changes and effect of changes in an organizational setting?
  9. What do you understand by a term change management? Explain strategies that could be adapted for the effective change
  10. 5G is considered one of the emerging technologies in the ICT How this technology could impact on the strategic planning of any organization?
  11. Why it is necessary to align proposed changes with the strategic direction of an organization?
  12. How would you propose changes for the ICT system of an organization? What things you consider and what approach you follow?
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