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ICTICT603 Manage the use of appropriate development methodologies Assessment 1

ICTICT603 Manage the use of appropriate development methodologies


This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements


On the given scenario students are required to develop project plan, project team, and needs to select appropriate development Methodology.


A departmental store, “Buy and Enjoy” in west Melbourne operated and owned by Mr Mark Hyndman, having 7 total department namely Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables, Electronics, Garments, Crockery, gift items and liquor. The total staff of “Buy and enjoy” department store were 45 all together excluding 3 top management and owner. The total store sales were quite good. The average sales of the store were minimum of $27,000 a week. Mr. Mark Hyndman was still upset with the Payroll system of the staff. The staff salary was not done accurately as it was counted manually and needs to occupy 3 staff for calculation of salary and transfer the salary in the staff accounts.

The Time-in and Time-Out for the staff system was still manual. Mark was thinking to put an electronic device to record Time-In and Time-Out to get the accurate time for each employee.

Mr Mark was keen to develop tailor-made software for payroll systems, for the company, where he can also process the payroll of 150 staff of his another supermarket in Geelong. He approaches “Dynamic System Solution” for Payroll application to develop. He was keen to complete the development Task in 2 months time.

The requirement of the development of payroll application given by Mark Hyndman are mentioned as follows,

  1. There should be two installations, one in “Buy and Enjoy “and another in Geelong store.
  2. The application should be Menu driven, where as the first mode takes you for updating data.
  3. We have hourly based casual staff, part time contract staff, & full time permanent Staff.
  4. The Primary Key to retrieve, Update, Insert, Delete and left employee be Employee Number.
  5. The summary report should be printed Department wise Employee Category wise.
  6. The data file should be created for finance updation.
  7. Another option lets you in salary calculation & last is salary slips printing option.
  8. The next option should give sub system list printing.
  9. The superannuation & Tax Calculation should be calculated separately should be in separate file.
  10. The Salary calculation should be done every fortnight.
  11. The updation of Master should be done and keep ready before one day.
  12. The application may need modifications after development.
  13. The Training should be provided to payroll department Staff.

You as a programmer of System Solution also need to attain meeting with Mr Jonathan White who was a senior system analyst.

You are required to,

  • Define Subject activity, that is what is the situation of a business and what are client’s requirements
  • Identify and document appropriate development Methodology
  • Concern with Mr. Jonathan (assessor), you are advice to prepare documents on Traditional and Non-Traditional development Methodology and also prepare team list involved, with their position and experience and expertise in the development language
  • You are documenting Preliminary investigation, and initial Project Plan and development time. After documentation on acceptance criteria of existing Payroll application.


  • All documents should be with appropriate titles, Student name, ID and also Unit Name & Code.
  • Each document should be with proper title, subtitle and required diagram. Students are supposed to use Resources but should understand and write. After submission Questions will be asked from the Assessment.

To gain the learning:

There should be 4 separate documents as asked and Sub Title should and diagram should be mentioned clearly

ICTICT603 Manage the use of appropriate development methodologies

ASSESSMENT 2 (Written Questions)

Part A

  1. Explain the resources used to select the appropriate Methodology (Refer to assessment 1).
  2. Explain the steps needed to be taken to develop the Payroll Application according to Methodology used in Assessment 1.
  3. Explain the steps needed to be taken to develop the Payroll Application according to Project Plan used in Assessment 1.
  4. After taking experience in Assessment, prepare a document of Project Plan for Sales Application of Retail outlet, implementing improvements.
  5. Define System Development Life Cycle.


  1. _________________ is a Team Member who is responsible to write programs.
  2. __________Analysis and Design is Non-Traditional development Methodology.
  3. Structured System Analysis is considered as ______________________________.
  4. The role and responsibilities of ___________________ is to work with client to prioritizes and Rationalize the requirements.
  5. The abbreviated SDLC means __________________________________________.
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