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ICTSAD506 Produce a Feasibility Report Assessment 1

ICTSAD506 Produce a feasibility report


This Assessment involves role-play (consultation), research and interpretation of technical information and report

A. Role-play to gather information in regards to project requirements (Consultation with the client):

  • Undertake discussions with Client (Role-play by Assessor) and workplace inspections to determine the following:
    • Workplace requirements for ICT network for the organisation
    • Discuss about the specifications to determine level and nature of security needed to meet enterprise requirements and ensure that future client requirements
    • IT infrastructure currently in place
    • Security requirements

Note: Client situation and business requirements in scenario under assessment description.

  • Arrange access to site and advise client of deployment and potential down times
  • Prepare a feasibility report for the Client: (you are to analyze scenario under the assessment description) to address the following.
  • Identify and describe emerging security issues and the need for security policies
  • Describe the client business domain and list the client requirements
  • Describe the role of stakeholders and the degree of stakeholder involvement in developing a feasibility report
  • List the system's current functionality and improvement options
  • Outline current industry systems development methodologies

ICTSAD506 Produce a feasibility report

Assessment Description

You have been asked by your client to undertake a feasibility study for an information technology project.

Part A

You will have 10 minutes interview session with your assessor to discuss and gather information about client requirement for the project. For this session you should prepare list of questions, which would help in completing the task. You should take notes during the interview and document the answer or response to the questions.

Part B

Your assessor (who will role play the client), will provide a summary of the problem and proposed direction. You should make a time to talk with the client and determine the scope of the project, ensuring you understand the clients’ expectations.

Once you have undertaken your feasibility study, you are to present your written feasibility report to your client to explain and discuss your findings.

Remember, the purpose of a feasibility report is to ascertain whether a project is viable in all areas. It does not need to confirm the clients’ proposal, just provide comment on its viability.


You belong to a small IT company and work in the Network design and implementation department. The task for this assignment is to prepare a detailed project feasibility report using the requirements provided by the customer.

The customer plans to open a public access internet centre in your city. The office space has 3 rooms and a frontage. One of the 3 rooms will be used to accommodate all the servers and other telecommunication equipment’s that will be identified by your team. The other two rooms serve as the main internet café. The client is planning to buy 15 computers and 3 sever in total. Your task is to collect these requirements and prepare a detailed project charter and customer report. Analyse all the requirements and provide a plan to the customer to implement this project. The document may include technical specifications for the systems, network plan, purchase planning, deployment options, risk and other details. The document prepared by your team will be used by the managers and client to approve the project funding and technicians as

Part C

Once you complete both tasks you must present and submit your report to your Assessor for assessment.

As a minimum, your feasibility study should document

  • the aim and rationality of the project
  • strengths and weaknesses of the proposed venture
  • opportunities and threats
  • resources required
  • provide possible solutions to the client, ensure that the feasibility of each solution has been assessed, including constraints
  • the prospects for success


Producing report of the entire project using the recommended format given in Appendix A

Project Report

Appendix A

1. Project Overview:

-Concise description, your understanding of the project

2. Project Scope:

-describe features and function of the project

3. Project Assessment Report:

3.1 Introduction:

-briefly describe client and your role on this project

3.2 Aim and Rationality of the Project

  • aim of the project
  • discuss why this project is required
  • discuss the project problems
  • discuss viable solutions you are recommending

3.3 Strengths and weaknesses of the proposed venture

  • discuss the features on the proposed solutions and how it can address the client needs
  • discuss the client requirements has not addressed appropriately by the each of the proposed solutions

3.4 Opportunities and threats

  • What else IT system of the organisation you can improve during the implementing of the proposed solutions
  • What are the weaknesses/impact of the proposed solutions?
  • Discuss integration challenges of the proposed solutions
  • Discuss overall performance of the proposed solution once you integrated with the system
  • What features are not available in the proposed system, but required to the client

3.5 Resource Required

For each of the proposed solutions

  • Identify the human resources (skills) required
  • Identify the hardware requirements
  • Identify the software requirements
  • Cost
  • Estimated implementation time

(you can present this in a tabular format)

3.6 Feasibility analysis

  • Analyse the proposed solutions and in terms of different feasibility criteria such as cost, time, human resources, technical and operational viability of the solutions

3.7 Recommendation

  • Recommend best solution to client
  • Provide reasons for your recommendation (think about project feasibility)

4. Project Sign Off:

(use the project sign-off template)

ICTSAD506 Produce a feasibility report

ASSESSMENT 2 (Written Questions)

Answer the following questions

  1. What is SDLC Methodology?
  2. What is RAD Methodology?
  3. What is Joint Application Development Methodology?
  4. How does JAD compare to the waterfall approach?
  5. What is Lean Development Methodology?
  6. What is SCRUM Methodology?
  7. Who are the project stakeholders and what are the inputs of each?
  8. What stakeholders are normally affected by IT changes within an organisation?
  9. What is the role of stakeholders whilst developing a feasibility report?
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