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MAT 117 Problem Set 2

  1. Assume that in 2013 the number of vehicle sales in the Ukraine was 233 thousand and in 2018 it was 96 thousand. (Hint: How many vehicles are 233 thousand vehicles?)
    1. [3 pts] Determine the average rate of change (slope) in the number of vehicle sales from 2013 to 2018. Include the units. (What does the answer mean?)
    2. [3 pts] If x is the number of years since 2013 and g(x) is the number of vehicles sold, write the equation of the line through these two points.
    3. [2 pts] Assuming g(x) is a linear function, use the equation to predict the number of vehicles sold in 2020.
    1. [8 pts] A cyclist traveled 10 kilometers per hour faster than an in-line skater. In the time it took the cyclist to travel 45.5 kilometers, the skater had gone 28 kilometers. Determine the speed of the skater.
    2. [9 pts] The Santana family and the Wiler family each used their sprinklers last month. The water output rate for the Santana family's sprinkler was 20 gallons per hour. The water output rate for the Wiler family's sprinkler was 25 gallons per hour. The families used their sprinklers for a combined total of 24 hours, resulting in a total water output of 535 gallons. How many hours was each family’s sprinkler used?
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