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Perkins report with workbook payroll

Part A: Perkins Report

College and Career Readiness is required to provide an itemized report of personnel services utilized on a monthly basis to the California Department of Education for Perkins reimbursement.

Please utilize the attached CCR Billing workbook and the workbook tabs labeled Perkins 2013-2014 and Payroll-Dec to provide a Perkins report that includes the workbook payroll detail.

Ensure that the report is formatted with accurate functioning formulas to complete the yellow cells on the Excel document. The following information has been provided to assist you in this task.

FTE – 1910, 2410, 1110

STRS – 3101, 3102

PERS – 3202

SDI – 3321, 3322

Medicare – 3341, 3342

Health – 3401, 3402, 3701, 3702

SUI – 3501, 3502

W/C – 3601, 3602

Disability – 3922

Liability – 5450

Defined Benefits – 3361, 3362

Part B:  One Page Memo Write

In the role of Program Manager, you, will be communicating with site administrative teams and District staff.  Review the Perkins IV Fact Sheets attachment and to write a one-page memo to site middle school and high school principals explaining how to use this document to determine appropriate use of Perkins funds to support the site CTE program during the 2018-19 school year.

Part C: Student Data Request

The College & Career Readiness department frequently analyzes student data to ensure that our programs are meeting student needs and the Program Manager position will be a critical leader in our department for this work.  Utilizing the “Student Data Set” that has been provided, please answer the following questions about Summer School enrollment (and explain your process).

Note that students can only be enrolled in one course during Summer School-Session 1 and one course during Summer School-Session 2. 

  1. How many unique students are enrolled in one or more Summer School course?
  2. How many foster youths are enrolled in Session 1 of Summer School?
  3. Please create a Pivot table (and include a screenshot) to answer the following questions:

Of the students who received an F in Geometry during 17-18 Semester 2:

  • how many are enrolled in Geometry during Summer School-Session 2?
  • how many are enrolled in a Summer School-Session 2 course in a subject other than Geometry? Which courses?
  • how many students are not enrolled in any Summer School-Session 2 course?
  • what percentage of students are not enrolled in Geometry during Summer School-Session 2?
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