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POLS 345 International Relations


  1. Answer five (5) essay question (20 points each) in order
  2. Answer each part of the question to receive full credit
  3. Each essay is to be typed in Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced
  4. Return exam to the instructor by attachment via email

Essay Questions

1--What is theory and how is it used in the study of International Relations (IR)? What are the two main theories of IR and how do they explain the IR System? What is similar about both theories and what is different? How do the theories address the use of “Hard Power” vs. “Soft Power”?

2--Who best frames the nature of the global system: those who believe the nation-states are the center of power or those who believe international organizations and the “global society” shape the system? Explain and support your answer.

3--Define the various levels of analysis used in the study of the IR. What level is best used to study intervention by nation-states into the internal affairs of other countries? Why? Which level is best used to study collective action by nation-states towards illegal actors in the IR System? Why?

4--What are the two main drivers of globalization and how is globalization challenging and changing the nature of the IR System? How do the two major theories of IR view and understand the evolving nature of globalization?

5--What makes the presences of illegal non-state actors in the IR System “destructive forces?” What enables illegal actors to operate globally and to mitigate the actions of nation-states to contain and eliminate them?

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