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Running Case Project

Running Case Project

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Students will gain hands-on, practical knowledge by completing the Running Case Project throughout the course.  The project involves analyzing the network needs for a fictitious company named Green Globe R&D, Inc., and involves designing a secure network for them.  Students will be responsible for submitting parts of this project each week, and for submitting the completed project in Week 7. 

Each week the project parts will be graded, and students are expected to adjust the parts based on feedback from the instructor.

In Week 6, students will submit a draft of their project to date to the Discussion Area for Peer Review from their fellow students.  All students will be responsible for submitting a draft, and for the critique of at least one other student's project, using the Peer Review form located in Doc Sharing, during the course of the Week 6 Discussion.

The Project

Green Globe R&D is an environmental research company located in Los Angeles.  They have about 200 employees evenly distributed (approximately) into 10 Departments.  Those departments include:

  • Administration ( including the offices of the President, Vice President, General Manager, and Receptionist)
  • Account Management
  • Client Services
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Tech Support and Network Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Reports and Publications
  • Legal and Human Resources

Green Globe has recently closed a deal to provide design oversight and research services to a large international construction corporation.  As a result, the company needs to expand it’s base of operation to support expected network growth of more than 300% over the next 24 months  Because of the sensitive nature of Green Globe’s work, and the competition it faces, it requires high security.  The company is worried about threats from cyberterrorists seeking to sabotage its efforts to produce environmentally friendly goods and services.

Green Globe has decided to completely rebuild its antiquated network from the ground up, including hardware, software, and peripherals. Your firm has been retained to design and implement a secure network for Green Globe.  You have been designated as the point person in designing a secure network for them.  The facility’s physical layout can be found in Doc Sharing in the file named “Case Facility Diagram.” You have seven weeks to put together the secure design for Green Globe.  The design must include the following:

  • A preliminary list of hardware needed including servers, workstations, routers, switches, wireless access points, virtual private network hardware, firewalls, and anything else you deem necessary (this could change as you go along) (Week 1).
  • A network IP addressing scheme (Week 1).
  • A graphical network design, created in Microsoft Visio, that you will add to as your design goes forward (Week 2)
  • Secure Routing and Switching configurations including sample access control lists (Week 2)
  • Secure wireless networking configurations (Week 3)
  • Proper placement of Intrusion Detection and Prevention sensors for maximum security (Week 4)
  • Secure firewall configurations including a sample firewall rule base (Week 4)
  • A secure virtual private network solution that allows remote traffic from employees and vendors, but is safe from unauthorized traffic (Week 5).
  • An overview of a comprehensive security policy, with three (3) sample policies – one each for Acceptable Use, Passwords, and Mobile devices (Week 6).

Week 1

  1. Create a preliminary list of hardware and software needed including servers, workstations, routers, switches, wireless access points, virtual private network hardware, firewalls, operating systems, and anything else you deem necessary (this could change as you go along). Explain your choices.  A few hints:
  • Users generally are broken into subnets and connected to switches
  • Switches are connected to router interfaces and the subnets are separated by the routers.  You do not need a router for each subnet, as routers typically have several interfaces, the subnets need only to be connected to one router interface.
  • Firewalls are generally place at the perimeter of the network, or at strategic points inside the network.
  • Wireless access points are placed at various locations throughout the physical plant and hardwired into the network (and yes – your network needs to have secure wireless connectivity – no copping out by stating that wireless is insecure so you won’t use it).
  • When designing your network and purchasing equipment, keep in mind that the company will probably be growing from 200 users to over 400 users in the next 12-18 months.  You need to allow for that.
  1. Design a network IP addressing scheme including the following:

Decide how many subnets are needed in the central office and list them with the reasons why you are creating each subnet

  • Include the following in your scheme – preferably in a table:
  • Subnet address for each subnet
  • Subnet mask for each subnet
  • IP address ranges for each subnet
  • Keep in mind that when subnetting, you will be using "Private" IP addresses.  These are IP addresses that are not assigned to organizations.  They are reserved for subnetting on private networks.  Private IP address ranges include the following:
  • Class A: 10.x.x.x(in normal Class A, the first octet is used for the network portion of the address, and the last three octets are used for the host portion)
  • Class B: 172.16.x.x through 172.31.x.x(In normal Class B, the first two octets are used for the network portion, and the last two for the host portion)
    • Class C: 192.168.x.x(in normal Class C, the first three octets are used for the network portion, and the last octet is used for the host portion)

Include at least 2 references in text and on works cited page.

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