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SSUD71-305: Project Portfolio and Program Management

Written Report - Project Health Check

Conduct a project health check of a fictitious project of your choosing. Using what you have learned in class, produce a report to communicate your findings.

The report should be a maximum of 2500 words and include tables, charts and other materials to support the analysis.

The report should answer the key questions about the project.

  1. Is this an approved project?
  2. Is this a unique project?
  3. Is there a fit with business strategy?
  4. Is the technology viable?
  5. Is there an appropriate sponsor?
  6. Is there customer buy-in?
  7. Is the project dependent on another project?
  8. Is the defect rate acceptable?

The report will need to evaluate the vital signs of the project. Students are encouraged to explore a range of searching questions which demonstrate thorough analysis of the vital signs.

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Customer buy-in
  4. Technology is viable
  5. Value-to-business
  6. Vendor is viable
  7. Status of critical path
  8. Milestone hit rate
  9. Deliverable hit rate
  10. Unresolved issues
  11. Cost-to-date
  12. Actual vs Planned resources
  13. High probability vs High impact risks
  14. Overtime utilisation
  15. Team disposition (effectiveness)

Finally, the report should provide a justified recommendation to the project steering committee as to whether the project should continue as planned, continue with a recovery plan, or be cancelled outright.

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