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Ticket Tasks

Task 1:

Prompt the user for the number of adult tickets, a number of children tickets, and a number of senior tickets that have been sold during the Event. These numbers should be non-negative.

Task 2:

Display the number of tickets of each type and calculate and display the revenue from selling tickets for the event if each adult ticket costs $20.00, each child ticket costs 50% of the adult ticket and a senior ticket costs 75% of the adult ticket. The output must be given in currency format.

Task 3:

Display a statement that shows a statistic of visitors attending

  • If the number of adult tickets is smaller than or equal to the total of children's and senior tickets, the program should display “The event is becoming a festival for everyone!”
  • If the number of children's tickets is greater than or equal to senior tickets, the program should display “The event is attracting more and more young people!”
  • In other cases, the program should display “The event should have more space for kids!”

Task 4:

The program prompts the user for the number of participants in this year’s event; the value entered must be between 0 and 40 (inclusive). The program continues to prompt the user until a valid value is entered.


After the user enters the number of participants, the program prompts the user for the names and event codes for each participant that indicates the type of event, S for Swimming, B for Badminton, and F for football. Along with the prompt for an event code, display a list of valid categories. Whenever a code is invalid, re-prompt the user for a valid code continuously. Display the count of the number of participants for each event.


To write code for Task 5without using an array, we ignore storing the names for participants and use different variables to store the count of each event only. A possible screenshot when running the application is given below.

Ticket Tasks
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