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Topic of Interest from Healthy People 2020: Diabetes

Objective: Reduce the annual number of new cases of diagnosed diabetic in the population.

Population: Older Adults

Geopolitical Community: Jacksonville, Florida 32209

Follow these steps in completing this assignment:

Step 1: Identify each of the following:

  • A health topic of interest (from Healthy People 2020) for your community assessment. Examples include: diabetes, obesity, substance use, teen pregnancy, violence etc.
  • The population of focus for your assessment (Examples include school-age children, older adults, homeless, women of reproductive age, adolescents, etc.).
  • The geopolitical community for your assessment (Examples includes City of Richmond, VA; ZIP code 23223; Yorktown, VA; Appomattox County, etc.).
  • Key informants (community leaders and / or members) who can inform you about the health topic, population, and community of interest.
  • Suggestions on how you could resolve these health issues.

Note: Watch this example of a 2008 Community Assessment. Also, here is the documented version of UNITED WAY OF CENTRAL INDIANA 2008 COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT. What do you think similar statistics might be for a "100 people" in your community?

Note: Review the following examples of findings from the Virginia Department of Health Congregational Health Assessments. Consider the following rural community assessments.

  • Hot Spring (Bath County).
  • Luray (Page County).
  • Tappahannock (Essex County).
  • Woodstock (Shenandoah County).

Step 2: You can skip step 2

Step 3: Collect objective data.

Step 4: Complete the Informant Interviews. Note: For an overview of key information interviews, watch Key Informant Interviews: An Introduction.

Step 5: Complete the windshield survey of your identified community. Note: For an example of a windshield survey, watch Windshield Survey of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Next, write a ten to twelve (10-12) page paper in which you:

1.Use at least three (3) sources of information (such as the U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Health Statistics, and a local or state government data source) to describe your selected community.

2.Describe the demographic makeup of the community to include information about the population’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, and income/financial status, morbidity and mortality rate, etc. Utilize the geopolitical assessment tool attached to this assignment.

3.Incorporate your observations from the windshield survey about the community and its attitudes toward health and healthcare.

4.Incorporate information learned from key informants that are relevant to your selected community and identified Healthy People 2020 topic of interest.

5.Describe at least two (2) areas of strength and two (2) opportunities for improvement within the community.

6.Based on the information you have gathered, describe how the data supports the identified Healthy People 2020 topic of interest. Consider the following questions:

Why does this problem affect this community or group?

What kinds of risk factors are present?

What resilience factors are present?

Does the problem affect only individual community members, or are families, organizations, or the community as a whole directly affected?

7.What resources are available to ameliorate this problem?

8.Develop a nursing diagnosis. It is recommended to have the following components:

Problem (Healthy People 2020 topic) Among (population) _____ Related to _____ As evidenced by _______. Example: Violence among adolescents aged 12-18 related to drive-by shootings as evidenced by 2015 City of Norfolk Police statistics.

Your paper should be ten to twelve (10-12) pages in length. Charts, graphs, and / or photographs may be included in the assessment’s appendices as needed. If charts, graphs, and photographs are used, you must refer to the information from the material found in the appendices in the body of the assessment.

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