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Reflective Writing Practice

Reflective Writing Practice

What is reflective practice, and why is it a part of experiential learning?

If you are a university student, you must have by now known that your biggest teacher is your life experiences. Reflecting on your life experiences teaches you a lot of things and helps you learn from your mistakes. This reflection is often given the place of reflective practice in learning. Reflective practice is a part of continuous learning for different professions. In a way, reflective practice has a very simple definition of speculating on what you do in daily life. It takes into account the encounters you have and the way you react in different situations. The entire process is focused on improving the way you act and carry yourself and move along with it further in life. Reflective practice is the initial point of self-improvement.

The whole process of reflective practice is of looking back on a certain situation and an experience to think of what went wrong or what happened and how your reaction could be better in a similar situation next time. It is the practice of being insightful so that self-improvement is a very present phenomenon in a person's life. As we grow up, we practice reflection to some extent. When this reflection takes a systematic approach, guided by steps, it becomes reflective practice. Reflective practice emerges from a tendency to learn from our mistakes and past.

Even in academic assignments, teachers and professors push us towards working on reflective practice to improve our reactions and temperament. Whenever your professor gives you the assignment of Write my Reflective Practice, you should introspect on the most recent experiences and find the most relevant one to ponder. Reflection is a process that we indulge in all the time.

However, if you feel like I do not have time to write my Reflective Practice, you should rather choose to take the help of experts. You might know what you have learned from an experience and how you want to move forward from it. However, you don't need to have the right resource or mindset to put it on paper. In such times, it is okay to seek help from an extensive resource like urgenthomework.com. The portal helps you write your assignments with ease and even extends the option of writing a reflective practice on your behalf for an assignment.

The Write my Reflective Practiceoption from urgenthomework.com is a helpful resource because it creates a reflective practice based on real-life situations. Based on the subject around which you want to base your reflective practice, the urgenthomework.com portal writes a thoughtful account for your assignment. Now, you might think it's better to write my Reflective Practice on my own. However, if you are nearing an important deadline and need to complete the assignment as soon as possible, urgenthomework.com helps you in the rush time.

College students have many things on their plate, and the whole experience is a constant process of learning. Experiential learning is at its peak during college life. Therefore, people learn a lot through reflective practice. However, you don't need to be able to write a good reflective summary as an assignment.

On the other hand, professionals in very complex fields like healthcare have to take up reflective practice from time to time. This is because healthcare is a demanding job where you are faced with challenging situations every day. In the sector, you need to improve your reactions and management skills because many things, including lives, depend on you. In business management, too, you need to work on reflective practice because you deal with people day in day out.

To cultivate reflective practice skills, professors in these academic fields give assignments on a reflective writing exercise. At such places, whether or not you take the help of external resources depends completely on yourself. If you are a beginner in reflective practice writing, you should depend on the resources present at urgenthomework.com. Once you get the hang of it, you can go ahead and do it yourself. On paper, the reflective practice looks simple and something that we do all the time. However, when it comes to a reflection on academic writing, there are many steps and processes involved.

What is the difference between reflective practice and just thinking?

Of course, as an adult, you tend to think a lot. However, this could be a problem because we often tend to be overthinking. Overthinking leads to unnecessary thoughts and problems that do not exist. On the contrary, reflective practice is about identifying problems in real-life situations and giving your thought process the right direction to reach a feasible solution. Reflective practice is about solution-oriented thinking that gives us implementable answers. Thus, there is a clear line of difference between reflective practice and thinking. However, thinking and reflective practice overlap because you cannot reach the finality without thinking.

The reflective practice exercise helps you learn from your real-life experiences and apply them to different situations in your field of work. Reflective writing theory is something that applies in both academic and professional purposes. However, a reflective writing style is something that has to be learned. Therefore, it is always better to rely on a reliable resource like urgenthomework.com for a good academic reflective writing guide.

Here are the steps to writing a reflective practice account for your next academic assignment. Since it depends more on your thoughts than anything else, at first, it might not be easy to find a proper direction. However, once you develop a habit of it, you know how to write a reflective account.

  • Identify a situation you were in

The first step of reflecting and gathering your thoughts around something is to identify it. You start the reflective practice by focusing on which situation you want to think about. Every day, we face numerous situations. Not every situation is critical, or not every situation gives us a lesson. Therefore, it is important to identify the exact situation that can have a huge impact on how you act and feel. Isolate the particular situation and start focusing your thoughts on it. Remind yourself of all the things that led to the situation and all your reactions to it. The outcome of that situation must be due to the reactions you had in it.

  • Describe the situation in detail to introspect

The next thing to do while writing a reflective account is to describe the whole incident in detail so that you can recapitulate and relive the situation in your mind. This will help show you a new perspective on the incident in question. Moreover, you will be able to conclude the description. The description needs to be accurate because it is through experience that you learn. If you miss a detail, you might not reconnect with the memory and establish the learning lines. Therefore, it is always better to describe a situation that we remember thoroughly. This is not a problem because the situations that teach us something do not go away from memory that easily.

  • Analyze the situation

Sometimes, we cannot think clearly in a situation right at the moment. However, when we remember and analyze it later, we understand that we could have reacted differently. Thus, after the description, it is important to analyze the situation. When you analyze the situation, you get an idea of your mistakes in the past situation. Analysis helps you conclude where you can start improving. An analysis is always important, even in a small situation. However, it is important not to over-analyze. Analyzing is how you reach answers and important decisions. When you analyze a past situation, it helps you gain a clearer perspective. This is because you detach yourself from the past and can see it from another paradigm.

  • Theorize and conclude

After analysis of the situation, it is also important to conclude. The conclusion is the final product of the reflective practice. It is only through the conclusion that you derive the solutions to be implemented. Therefore, it is important to properly theorize the conclusion. The conclusion is the crux of the entire reflective practice. Thus, make sure that you use the right reflective writing phrases in it. Try to observe your thinking patterns and bring them out on paper. Try to write down what you felt at that time and how you processed it. How you processed the situation leads to the conclusion. Thus, make sure you maintain a flow to the theories and reach a valid conclusion.

In reality, the creative and final opportunity is with the student here because reflective practice is about your own experiences. Thus, you have the freedom to explore your thoughts. However, if you ever face a hindrance in writing a reflective account, you can always depend on urgenthomework.com. The portal will help you write your thoughts in a proper, presentable way. The portal does not hamper your experiential learning, and it aids the process instead of taking off pressure from your shoulders.

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