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A relational database matches data by utilizing typical features found within the data set. The resulting categories of data uses the relational model.

The software utilized in relational database is known as the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Relational databases are currently the predominant choice in storing data like financial records, medical records, personal information and manufacturing and logistical data.

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For example, a data arranged that contains all the real-estate transactions in a town could be arranged by the year each transaction occurred, the actual purchase cost, a buyer's last name and so on. Such a grouping uses the relational model. Therefore, this type of database is known as the "Relational Database."

Relational Databases Homework Help

A Relational database model of an application environment is actually using a general purpose tool available on modern computer systems which is sometimes called the relational database management system. It supports a number of models, each of which has a collection of conceptual objects, actions on those objects, as well as constraints under which those actions are performed. Those models coexist in a coherent relational database system which will be viewed as a hierarchy of abstractions. The actual part of a relational database management system is to implement all those models in a coherent method, transforming models on higher levels of abstraction into models on lower levels of abstraction all the way down to the machine level.

Fig: Relational Database Terminology.

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In a relational database system is viewed through the following four models:

  1. Global data model of just about all customers.
  2. Data submodels or views with specific courses associated with customers.
  3. Structural model of data.
  4. Multiuser transaction processing design.
  5. Data distribution design.

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