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RII60620 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

RII60620 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

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Civil construction is one of the categories of civil engineering. Civil construction involves many activities like

  1. Designing
  2. Constructing
  3. Building and maintaining the physical environment.

As per the records, it is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering. Being the oldest one it has tremendous scope. Civil engineering works on all the aspects of the construction of a building road or any such entity.

The growing and developing world has increased the demand for a civil engineers. Too many buildings, highways, homes, schools, harbors, and many more things are designed and created by a civil engineer.

There are many stages of civil engineering. This process requires a lot of management and planning. Every stage of the process is considered as the contract. The duration and the requirement of the contract are decided prior and then an engineer with his team works upon it systematically.

Civil Construction is the branch of civil engineering whose task involves maintenance, design, and development of civil projects. Their task is not just restricted to this, but they also manage the natural environment as well as the physical build environment. All this includes different sections like:

  1. Water
  2. Reservoirs
  3. Ridges
  4. Hills and hillsides
  5. Human-made buildings.

Further their projects include the knowledge about erosion, the impact of construction on building, laws and legal issues, grading.

Description of the Qualification

The requirement for the qualification of this advanced diploma reflects the role of the people who are already working in this sector. The people who are working in Civil construction can have a boost in their field through this advanced diploma. These engineers have the responsibility of establishing the management at the site. A learner must demonstrate theoretical and technical knowledge to be a part of the diploma learning.

Entry Requirement

Though there is not any requirement of admission to the course. But the prior knowledge of this field is required for the learner. A learner must know a diploma in civil engineering or a similar degree course so that one can pursue this course.

Responsibilities of the Civil Constructor

They are responsible for the establishment of the site management systems, plans, and policies and are required to demonstrate the self-directed application of theoretical and technical knowledge and initiate solutions to technical problems or management requirements. Licensing, legislative, regulatory, or certification considerations Licensing, legislative, regulatory, and certification requirements that apply to this qualification can vary between states, territories, and industry sectors. Users must check requirements with the relevant body before applying for the qualification.

Course details

The details of this course are mentioned below:

  • Total Units = 12
  • Core Units = 5
  • Elective Units = 7

Core Units must be studied by each learner and elective units are supposed by opting by the learner from the group A, B, and the training package.

Mentioned below are the details of the course:


Unit code 

Unit title 


 Leadership in the organization.


 Establishment of the environmental management system


Establishment of the quality system


Establishment of the risk management system


Establishment of occupational health and safety management system


The units that must be chosen by the learner from GROUP A are mentioned below.

Unit code 

Unit title 


Establishment of civil constructions plans


Establishment of civil works maintenance programs


The units that must be chosen by the learner from GROUP B are mentioned below.

Unit code 

Unit title 


Management of continuous improvement and innovation


Development a business plan also its implementation


The direction of the integration of projects


The direction of the scope of a project program


The direction of time management of a project program


The direction of cost management of a project program


The direction of quality management of a project program


The direction of human resource management of a project program


The direction of communications management of a project program


The direction of procurement and contracting for a project program


Manage program risk


Evaluate and develop small business operations


Conduct business negotiations


Establish and evaluate operational performance management systems


Conduct feasibility study


Manage the civil works design process


Prepare a civil works cost estimate


Prepare civil works bill of quantities


Prepare civil works schedule of rates


Manage major incidents and emergencies


Establish, maintain and develop a statutory compliance management system


Provide supervision in the leadership of diverse work teams


Manage and coordinate spill response


Establishment and maintenance of plant, equipment, and infrastructure maintenance system


There are many benefits offered to the learners. Many incentives and training are provided to the learners. Scholarships are also awarded. The government also provides loans to students who are not able to afford this course. This proves beneficial to the employees who wanted a career hike in the sector of aviation. With the increase in technology and development, there is a need for people who can design it, operate it, and maintain it. With the task of operation comes the responsibility of building and hiring experienced civil constructors. In the era where engineers are working on unique and beautiful buildings. The need for an experienced engineer is increasing day by day. The growing and developing world has increased the demand for civil engineers. Too many buildings, highways, homes, schools, harbors, and many more things are designed and created by a civil engineer. The course is designed for the students who have pursued the diploma of civil construction at a basic level, and also are working in this industry. After completion of the course, you will be the person who can handle and monitor the engineers. You will be the chief among all of them who had a diploma in civil construction engineering. This course is approved by the government too. So, if the students wanted a career hike in this field then one may opt for this course.

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