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1020GIC Professional Skills Development: Impact of Paid Employment


Many university students engage in paid employment. Discuss the impact of this on their experience at university and on their performance.


Topic: The impact of paid employment on the experience and performance of university students

This particular essay will evaluate the impact of paid employment on the university students. It is normal for the university students to indulge in several paid activities which help them in earning pocket money while being a student at the same time. The authors used data by surveying students at the University of Canberra in order to find out the effects of paid employment for their average grade in second semester (Applegate & Daly, 2006). The data that was gathered from the university students focused on the fact that the students had consistency in doing well from school to university and the effect of private study which provides good grades. It was found out from the survey that grades were affected due to absenteeism from class and not because of their paid employment. However, it was evaluated from the data that grades were improved in certain cases due to paid employment. On the contrary, if the students worked for more than twenty- two hours every week then it would have a negative impact on their grades. Thus, the impact of paid employment on the experience and performance of the university students were clearly analysed from this article. It also argued those points which could have a different effect on the students. It was clear from the survey that paid employment had both advantage and disadvantage depending on its use. Furthermore, it was also argued that the students should manage their time according to work and classes.

The authors mentioned that the purpose of the paper is to find out the pattern of the part- time working among a group of students studying at a university in Scotland (Barron & Anastasiadou, 2009). Students of hospitality and tourism management were surveyed because of the vocational pattern of their course and the easy availability of part- time jobs in the industry. The students were surveyed through a questionnaire and the extent of part- time employment among the students were analysed. The questionnaire described in detail the information about demography, level and the category of part- time employment among the students of hospitality and tourism management. The questionnaire also helped in gathering information about the benefits of part time employment in the life of the student and their pertinent experience.

From this survey it was found out that more than half of the group were involved in part- time employment in an average of 14 months. Moreover, by looking at the gender ratio it was found out that the tendency of paid employment was more in the females than on the male students. The particular paper agreed with the previous researches on this kind and it was found out that the students of Eastern Europe have a liking for part- time work and would appreciate the recognition for their dedication. The educators must consider the constraints faced by the university students to manage both employment and classes and think of alternative ways for teaching.

The author stated in his article that to help the students in developing their employability proficiency and professional abilities, they will be transformed into graduate role which is an important factor of studying in university (Coates, 2015). This particular paper has focused on the characteristic of university students getting involving in paid work during their study. It not only pays attention to the participation of students in paid work but also examines the impact of such participation on their academic life. It is evident from the study that there are lack of correspondence between the activities in which the students are involved and the support provided by their university. Whereas the universities should provide full support to the students and encourage their paid employment outside the campus. The findings collected from the study throw light on the methods that the university can follow to help and support the students’ involvement and the related outcomes.

From the above three researches it was found out that the students are gladly accepting the trend of getting job at the same time being a student in the class. With the scope of getting employment easily they are not only becoming financially strong but also getting hands- on experience which will help them in their academic life. The experience that they are gaining in the workplace will help them in the theoretical aspects and thus they can improve their grades. As they are getting paid for their work, therefore there will be a sense of dedication and commitment on the part of the students towards their work.

Another article looks into the constraints faced by the university students and lecturers in different courses (Munro, 2011). It focuses on the issue faced by the students especially those who are unconventional in the university. This is because the students might belong from not so well- to- do families and do not have any fixed idea about of the universities typical students. It was previously observed that most of the students in the university came from high standard family backgrounds and were provided with the necessary capital to begin their academic career. But recently it was observed that the unconventional students joining the university are coming from diverse background. Most of these students were full fee- paying international students who were older and matured, studying in distance education.

It was found out in this research that the number of local students are increasing recently in the university who contributes more time in their off- campus jobs rather than paying attention in the class. This article is contradicting the findings of the other articles where it was mentioned that the students were able to manage their job timing with that of class hours. The authors of this article mainly focused on these student workers as their dual role as a worker on one hand and a student on the other hand is a matter of concern for the university authorities. These kind of students are forced to be their own support in this part- time employment which poses a negative impact on their academic life as well as career.

In the other article it was mentioned that the aim of this paper is to analyse the outcome faced by the students who are involved in part- time employment simultaneously in continuation with a full- time course (Robotham, 2012). This article included the feedback of the survey that was conducted among the university students. It analysed the probable effect of the combination between job and study by paying attention to the stress put on the students. This was a web- based survey on the full- time graduate students of a university. Similar to other surveys it also found out that the trend of getting involved in full- time employment is common among the university students. The research paper found out that a lot of students are spending more time in their workplace than in their classes. But the difference with the other research is that in this particular one, more positive effects were found out than the negatives.

To summarize the findings, it can be pointed out that the Woolworths retail chain provides opportunity to the students to work in their outlets. They also pay good to the students and have a flexible timing so that the students can manage their classroom schedule. The working experience at the Woolworths is a great learning opportunity for the students which they can implement in their academic life to get good grades. This is the reason why most of the students search for employment scope in this popular retail chain.   


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