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1MEL7B1 Law of Digital Entertainment : Sexual Scandal

The reflection is an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the derived learning to self or others, and the enhancement of the student's appreciation for the discipline. The reflection articulates multiple connections between this learning experience and content from other modules, past learning, life experiences and/or future goals. 


Planning an event has never been an easy task especially when it involves media coverage. There are instances where one can plan an event within a long time and it finally collapses before it even kicks off. The cancelation of the Nobel Prize in literature 2018 as a result of sexual scandal came as a shock to us especially given the amount of effort we had put in (Chalaby, 2018, p. 167). This came after it was revealed that the husband of one of the academy had long been accused of serial sexual assault. Notably, it was claimed that the sexual abuse had taken place more than 20 years ago. The entire academy was paralyzed

by the scandal which was followed by various resignation as well as expulsions. The incident happened some few weeks before the daily newspaper hand published that there some women who had complained that they had been sexually assaulted by the said suspect (Bertrand, 2018).

We recently developed as well as facilitated a media event for a client in a Nobel Prize occasion for which we were required to think across various considerations. During the compilation of the presentation, I had been tasked with a variety of duties. Consequently, we worked as a group for this particular day and every member of my team gave their best in making sure that all things went right. Through the development, we thought what could go wrong and tried to prevent it from happening. There are varieties of things that we did one of them being conducting media training and practiced presentation (Kim and Heo, 2018). One of the things that we did as a group to benefit our client was to make sure that he participated in a media training session with us prior to the big day. During the training session, our client was assigned, four different presenters. Our aim was to make sure that they were prepared as possible particularly when speaking in front of as well as to the media. To help with this session, we had each particular speakers undergo a trial run of his presentation some days before the event happened.

As a dedicated agency representative who knew little regarding the subject matter, I was required to give insight on the specific issues that were likely to resonate best with the expected media audience. In essence, one is required to be at the top of his or her priority list especially if one intends to keep the audience in mind (Wagner and Cabosky, 2018, p. 422). In most cases, a presenter can get easily caught up in various issues such as scientific terms, industrial catchphrases, or even legal jargon and can in a huge way alienate a particular audience very quickly (Street, Negus, and Behr, 2018, p. 63). And as part of my job, I was to make sure that I had brought the speaker to rather more appropriate levels given then the audience for which the event was being planned. During the training, I was as well involved in developing a key talking point that was intended to be used by the presenters in throughout the entire presentation and something that the media could use for most of their stories after the planned event.

The preparation was successfully done then came the big day, the day of the presentation. Although I had attended various events especially being a media personality, Nobel Prize was a different and special experience for me. All people were prepared for the day to leave alone our client who was a photographer. While everyone was anticipating for a colorful event, unexpected happened, the Stockholm daily paper Dagens released a report with testimonials of about 18 women who had been said to have been assaulted or rather exploited by Arnault (Mulligan, 2018, p. 17). Although several of these testimonials were anonymous, it was impossible to ignore given its cumulative effect.  In two of the cases, the allegations had amounted into a rape case. What made the matter even was the fact that the scandal seemed to have revealed that something was rotten at the very heart of the Academy of the Nobel Peace Prize. The whole ordeal shattered what was to be a beautiful moment for most people.

Planning an event and then it is cancelled is a saddening situation that any presenter would not want to go through. As a result, it is always important to access what went wrong during a particular event and learn to correct the things that were done wrong. In this case, there are some things which would have been done to prevent the cancelation of the entire event and make it a success. We would have made sure that our client was clean of any scandal before involving him or her in the presentation of the event. In this light, such instances would not have occurred in the first place.


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