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2FE895 : Corporate Entrepreneurship : Strategy of Corporate Entreprene


Review your article and submit your answer to the following.
1. What are the aims of the article – what questions/issues are the authors trying to investigate / research.
2. What research methodology is used in the article (e.g. sample size, questionnaire, case studies, quantitative analysis etc.).
3. What are the main findings.
4. Identify at least one finding from this article that you can apply as part of corporate entrepreneurship strategy within your organization or within organizations in the UAE. Explain why?




The paper will review the article that provides the objectives and aims of the article related to corporate entrepreneurship. It will evaluate the research questions that are provided in the article. Moreover, the paper will focus on the research methodology for conducting a practical research related to corporate entrepreneurship. The aim is to provide the findings based on the survey conducted for the enterprise managers. Also, it reveals the identification of one finding that could be applied to the strategy of corporate entrepreneurship. The findings of the survey conducted through the graphical representation will be explained throughout this paper.

Article selected: “THE I


Objectives and aims of the article 

The aims and objectives of the articles are as follows:

  • To analyze the impact of corporate entrepreneurship on the competitiveness of the growth of enterprises
  • To investigate the challenges of the corporate entrepreneurship
  • To evaluate new opportunities introduced to the enterprises
  • To demonstrate the relationship between a corporate entrepreneur and corporate entrepreneurship
  • To discuss the specialized characteristics of the corporate entrepreneurship
  • To investigate various applications of corporate entrepreneurship

The article possesses some of the research questions based on the conducted practical research related to corporate entrepreneurship (Magdinceva-Sopova et al., 2016). The research questions are as follows:

  1. Is the management independent making decisions about business operations?
  2. Do you encourage innovation among employees by providing financial resources for innovation?

3 Do you follow new trends and behavior among competing enterprises?

  1. Do you dominate the market and the environment in which you work?
  2. Do you take risks in your business operations?

Research methodology 

By applying the method of the questionnaire that comprises of five questions, a practical research was conducted throughout the articles that comprise of the components of corporate entrepreneurship model. As per Chen et al., (2015) the model consist of risk-taking, competitive aggression, proactive, innovation and autonomy are considered to be the primary factors of the model enterprises. The survey reports show that 55 enterprises were interested in the questionnaire and the rest were not interested.


The survey results present the changes that are required for the need of the organizational innovative supporting approach for the underwriters, positioning in the competitive market and operations. According to Guerrero and Urbano, (2017) the results states the various ways that are utilized for the process of the modern entrepreneurial to the present procedures in the enterprises. This is due to the fact that the idea of the corporate entrepreneurship generates the situations for the enterprises competitive performance and gaining a competitive position related to the employee’s entrepreneur or management knowledge and ability.

From the following graph, it is observed that as per 43 surveyed managers they are completely autonomous and independent decision makers in the operations of the enterprise. While 12 managers said that the decisions are taken by the owner's consultation (Reijonen et al., 2015).  

The graph presents that 41 managers responded that for innovations they do not facilitate financial service. Whereas, 14 respondents said that for the financial innovation the enterprise provides special funds.

The graph states that based on the question 28 respondents said that they consistently managed the competing enterprise's development. On the other hand 27 managers said that they carry out their work in a usual way.

As per the graph, 45 respondents said that they do not rule over the environment and market in which they are employed. Whereas, 10 managers responded that their organization dominates the environment and market (Kuratko et al., 2015).

The graph shows that 15 respondents said that they carry out risk activities and 40 managers said that they do not like to undertake risky operations.

Identification of one finding for corporate entrepreneurship strategy 

The finding that can be applied as a part of the strategy of the corporate entrepreneurship is the different methods that are applied for the integration of the process of modern entrepreneurial to the present enterprise processes (Wolff et al., 2015). It is due to the fact that the application for the idea of corporate entrepreneurship generates the situation for enterprises competitive performance and gaining a strong position in the competitive market.


The paper helps in revealing the aims and objectives of the selected article based on corporate entrepreneurship. Also, it provided five research questions that are based on the practical research conducted for the enterprise managers. The research methodology stated the procedure of how the survey is conducted. The aim was to focus on the findings from the survey that states that most of the enterprise management possess independent operations. It is observed that competitive enterprises are focusing on the development of the environment. Moreover, the paper highlighted the identification of one particular finding that could be applied in the strategy of the corporate entrepreneurship.


Chen, Y., Wang, Y., Nevo, S., Benitez-Amado, J. and Kou, G., 2015. IT capabilities and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate entrepreneurship and competitive intensity. Information & Management, 52(6), pp.643-657.

Guerrero, M. and Urbano, D., 2017. The impact of Triple Helix agents on entrepreneurial innovations' performance: An inside look at enterprises located in an emerging economy. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 119, pp.294-309.

Kuratko, D.F., Hornsby, J.S. and Hayton, J., 2015. Corporate entrepreneurship: the innovative challenge for a new global economic reality. Small Business Economics, 45(2), pp.245-253.

Magdinceva-Sopova, M.A.R.I.J.A., Postolov, K. And Petkova, T.A., 2016. The Impact of Corporate Entrepreneurship on Growth of the Competitiveness of Entreprises. Economic Development/Ekonomiski Razvoj, 18.

Reijonen, H., Hirvonen, S., Nagy, G., Laukkanen, T. and Gabrielsson, M., 2015. The impact of entrepreneurial orientation on B2B branding and business growth in emerging markets. Industrial Marketing Management, 51, pp.35-46.

Wolff, J.A., Pett, T.L. and Ring, J.K., 2015. Small firm growth as a function of both learning orientation and entrepreneurial orientation: An empirical analysis. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 21(5), pp.709-730.

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