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Assessment 1 Hotel Chain Recruitment for Skills

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Higher National Certificate/ Diploma in Hospitality Management

Assessment Brief (CHI - 1 of 2)

Student Name/ ID Number:

Unit Number/ Assessment 1 Hotel Chain Recruitment for Skills:

Unit 1: The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Assessment Number/ Assessment 1 Hotel Chain Recruitment for Skills:

Assessment 1: Hotel Chain Recruitment for Skills

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed by this Assignment:

LO1 Examine the current structure, scope and size of the hospitality industry

LO2 Explore current and anticipated skills requirements in the hospitality industry

Assignment Brief and Scenario

Imagine that during your Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, you have been taken on as an intern by a three to five-star hotel chain with wider interests in the international hospitality industry.

Your first placement is with the hotel chains’ Talent Management team. Your job is to attract and develop staff members who can help to realise its expansion and growth plans. The aim is to ensure that the company has the right staff with the right skills to be a successful player in the fast-moving, ever-changing hospitality industry.

One opportunity to do this is at an upcoming University Recruitment Fair. You have been tasked with producing an academic poster and a series of factsheets that can be used to promote working in the hospitality industry and attract people to the company.

You need to be ready to make an academic posterpresentation, so you will have to prepare the poster containing the information you want people to see, and then be able to explain it to viewers in a short speech and answer follow-up questions.

(Further guidance on the submission format can be found below in this brief and will be given in class.)

The content should provide an overview of, or even insight into, the hospitality industry; and in particular include; -

(1) an exploration of the different sectors of hospitality and the many different types of businesses that operate within it, and the diversity of the products and services they offer; and

(2) an evaluation of how the hospitality industry contributes to the local, national and global economy.

If you want to develop your poster and presentation to a higher level, you should add;

(3) an evaluation of how global growth, and the use of franchising and licensing agreements, have influenced the development of the hospitality industry, and contributed to its total economic worth.

Your work will be stronger if you can give specific examples or details or offer some analysis.

You are also required to produce written material for use in a set of factsheets that can be used at the recruitment fair. You are told that you must include the following: -

(1) an examination of the different operational and functional departments within a large hospitality organisation; providing an organisational chart to explain the interrelationships between the different departments;

(2) an examination of at least 4-6 different employment roles that can be found in operational departments of hospitality organisations; and the skills required for these roles; and

(3) a review of the skills gaps and shortages in such roles.

Again, if you want or are able, you can develop your material to a higher level by adding;

(4) an analysis of how skills gaps of the kind you have identified are impacting on the hospitality businesses, and how they can respond to resolve these issues.

Writing separate material for each of these points would be a good way to carry out this task; but other approaches, for example taking points together, are possible. Equally, it is anticipated that you will use the four-or-five-star international hotel chain you are working for as your example of “a large hospitality organisation” for the first of these points at least, and preferably make reference to it all the way through.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO1 Examine the current structure, scope and size of

the hospitality industry

P1 Explore the different types of M1 Review the D1 Analyse how global business within the hospitality interrelationships of the growth, franchising and industry and the diverse products operational and functional licensing developments and services they offer units within a chosen have contributed to the hospitality business economic worth of the P2 Examine a range of hospitality industry operational and functional M2 Assess how the use of departments within a chosen franchising and licensing hospitality business agreements has influenced the global development of

P3 Discuss the contribution of the hospitality industry the hospitality industry to local, national and international economies

LO2 Explore current and anticipa

in the hospitality industry

P4 Investigate a range of different operational roles within the hospitality industry

P5 Examine the skills required for roles within the hospitality industry and current skills shortages

ted skills requirements

M3 Review the skills gaps

within the hospitality industry in relation to a range of different operational roles

D2 Analyse the impact that skills gaps have on hospitality businesses and make valid solutions for addressing these skills gaps

Submission Format and Guidance:

While Higher National programmes are vocational and flexible, so that the points below are not formal Pearson BTEC requirements, nonetheless for this assignment it is recommended that you give attention to the following points.

For an Academic Poster Presentation, this should be;

on one side of a single printed page, maximum A3 or A2 size for this assignment;

a summary of your research, presented in a well organised, easy to read and visually engaging way;

professional in presentation format, for example in using good layout, columns, text boxes, appropriate fonts and text sizes, colours, maps, graphs, charts, photographs, etc.

professional in text style, with clear and accurate language, and appropriate formal tone; using headings and subheadings, paragraphs or bullet points;

with referencing of research sources, using the Harvard referencing system; with a separate bibliography provided; and

word count of approximately 500-750 words included in or added to the poster on a separate page.

(Note that Pearson BTEC does not have formal requirements on word count. You will not be penalised for exceeding, or producing less than, the number of words indicated. The intention is to offer a guideline to assist you in producing an assessment that will be considered sufficient to demonstrate your understanding by an objective third party.)

The poster should be able to stand on its own as a clear, logical presentation of your work, without any explanation needed: However, you should prepare and be able to give a speech that is a one-to-two-minute summary of your work, which you can make to explain your work to someone looking at your poster; saving them from having to read and figure it out for themselves.

You should be ready to answer follow-up questions.

For Written Material/Copy, as far as possible, this should be;

professional in presentation format, for example using bold, text boxes, graphics, etc.;

professional in style, with clear and accurate language, and appropriate formal tone; with key points emphasised concisely, use of headings and subheadings, bullet points, etc.;

word count of approximately 1000 words overall (or as you consider sufficient to demonstrate your understanding to an objective third party);

with referencing of research sources, using the Harvard referencing system; with a separate bibliography provided.


Any act of plagiarism will be seriously dealt with according to the Academy’s and awarding bodies’ regulations. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below:

Plagiarism is presenting someone’s work as your own. It includes copying information directly from the web or from books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the Academy procedure. For further details please refer to the plagiarism policy and the student code of conduct.

You are reminded that you must sign a declaration that the work submitted is your own - see the “Learner Declaration” below.

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