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Online Customer Service

Assessment Task 3 Monitor and review operational performance

Plan for monitoring performance

Appendix 2: Action Plan Template

Milestone: Action and/or objective
(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing)


Person responsible

Budget or resources
(where applicable)

1) Monitor the budgetary and financial performance based on online sales numbers and if the budget is on track or not

31 January 2014


- Sales & Marketing Manager

- Sales report

- Time of CFO

2) Monitor the productivity performance based on speed of service as well as the speed of delivery time

28 February 2014

Operations Manager

- Delivery report

- Customer satisfaction survey

3) Monitor employee performance in line with performance management policy

28 February 2014

- HR Manager

- Store Managers

- Staff performance report/data

- Staff observation

4) Provide the progress reporting at the end of each quarter to the Operations General Manager

31 March 2014

- External Consultant

- HR Manager

- Store Managers

- Operations Manager

- Hiring external consultant

- Report

5) Conduct regular performance management of online staff and lodgement of records with the HR Manager

28 February 2014

- Sales & Marketing Manager

- HR Manager

- Performance assessment

Areas of employee underperformance

  • Quality of online sales and service: Staff still make mistake in providing information and making an order.
  • Speed of online sales is still under expectation which mainly caused by order receiving process with long customer interactions.
  • Staff’s product knowledge is still unacceptable and they are unable to locate the information.
  • Online sales staff has poor customer service.

Possible remedial actions

  • Improve the training details or topics to be more suitable and cover required skills and knowledge of staff. The training should be redesigned to be longer to provide effective results to all relevant staff.
  • Management team should support to perform job roles together with suitable coaching and training programs.
  • Ensure to provide the training or coaching session to train staff towards product line information of the company.
  • Train or coach staff on how to properly use CRM systems as well as to effectively use the online ordering system.
  • Redesign staff work station to match with WHS requirements to increase staff morale.

Amended Contingency Plan (From Assessment 1)

Contingency Plan 03 (Amended)

Company name: BBQfun

Name of person developing the plan: External Consultant

Who was consulted as part of this plan?

Name: Sam Lee Position: Sales & Marketing Manager

Risk identified: High risk of new online sales and customer service staff is underperforming results.

Strategies/activities to minimise the risk

By when

By whom

Improve the training details or topics to be more suitable and cover required skills and knowledge of staff. The training should be redesigned to be longer to provide effective results to all relevant staff.

31 March 2014

HR Department

Management team should support to perform job roles together with suitable coaching and training programs.

31 March 2014

- HR Department

Conduct the personal coaching session for all online sales and customer service staff to ensure they will follow standards and provide good service to customers.

31 January 2014

Sales & Marketing Manager

Train or coach staff on how to properly use CRM systems as well as to effectively use the online ordering system.

30 April 2014

Sales & Marketing Manager

Appendix 3: Performance management plan template

Name/position: Lee Waters / Online Sales and Customer Service Staff

Manager: Pat Sweeney, Store Manager (Brisbane)

Review period: 20 February 2014

Reference from operational plan

Key result area

Indicator of success/

By when

Status report

Building reputation for quality products and quality customer service

Quality of online sales and service

% of informational or order mistakes (Target = 1%)



Building reputation for quality products and quality customer service

Speed of service (online)

Average time to completion (Target <10 minutes)


20 minutes

Increasing sales revenue


$ sales (Target = $30,000 sales)



Supporting people to perform via training and performance management

Professional development

Training hours (Target = 2 hours per month)


0 hour

Manager’s comments: Should learn more about products of the company and attend sales and marketing training with personal coaching session.

Signature: Pat Sweeney

Date: 20 February 2014

Staff member’s comments: Would like to develop my customer service skills and product knowledge.

Signature: Lee Waters

Date: 20 February 2014


Appendix 4: Coaching plan template

Employee: Lee Waters

Coach/Manager: Pat Sweeney, Store Manager (Brisbane)

Date of session: 1 April 2014




What do you want to achieve? OR

What are your objectives for the position?

How will you measure the results of the performance?

What’s the overall picture of your success?


How are things going right now?

How do you feel?

What is your current or the biggest concern?

What barriers are you facing?


What are some of the ways you could do to resolve the issues?

What will be the advantages and disadvantages of each option?


Which option is your best choice?

When should the option be started? What’s the first step?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how committed are you to thus option?

If the scale is less than 10, what would take you to a ten?

Appendix 5: Operational Plan Status Report template

BBQfun operation plan status report


Plan goal

Implement e-commerce strategy



Plan objective/s

● redevelop website and acquire physical resources

● recruit and train staff

● achieve profit targets

● adhere to budget

● adhere to timelines.

Person responsible

Project Officer

Key performance indicators

Current status
(Red, Green, Amber)


1.Quality of online sales and service

a. % of informational or order

mistakes = 10%

(Target: 1%)


Should immediately conduct coaching session and provide enough knowledge about products and services of the company to staff.

2. Speed of service (online)

a. Average time to completion: 20 minutes (Target: <10 minutes)


- Ensure all staff know how to use CRM system

- Ensure that staff can work very well with e-commerce system

3. Speed of delivery

a. Average time to delivery: 2 days

(Target: 3 days)


- Driver team leader is exceptional motivator.

- Driver morale is high.

- Driver attendance of routine training and team briefings 100%.

4. Online sales and revenue = $250,000

(Target: 300,000)

a. Profit =$40,000 ($ Target: 80,000)


- Ensure staff can provide good customer service and will never receive customer complaints

5. Budget: 10% overrun


- Reduce the wastage from order mistakes and over-stocking

- Reduce the overtime due to overly long customer interactions.

6. Training hours for staff


- Ensure that all staff receive enough and suitable training or coaching support from management team

7. Timeline: 1 October implementation


- Implementation on track

à e-Commerce underway.

Key action update

Key action



Reconfigure warehouse and office space



Purchase trucks and forklifts



Implement website redevelopment project

Website redevelopment is accomplished but there’s still the website downtime contributes to increased service and sales disruptions.

- Contact with website developer to deal with this issue.

Recruit new staff



Conduct the training for both new and retrained online sales and customer service staff

Not yet accomplished

The management should immediately provide enough and suitable supports through training and coaching session to improve customer service, sales skills and product knowledge of all staff.

Monitoring, reporting and project evaluation

Monitoring process is partially accomplished according to the progress of the project


Risk update




1. High risk of customer service quality problems for online customers leading to a breach of consumer law.

Conduct the online sales and customer service training for all relevant staff.

Distribute the relevant documents including all policies and procedures

Conduct the personal coaching session

Implement the customer satisfaction survey system.

- Staff still doesn’t receive suitable training session but the coaching session just arranged for the staff with underperformance.

2. Medium risk of loss of IP ownership if a relationship with the website developer contract ceases.

Sign the contract with the website developer for at least 2 consecutive years with automatically IP address renewal.

Maintain good communication with website developer

- Relationship is fine but we need the website developer to immediately take care of the website downtime that can negatively affect our sales numbers.

3. Low risk of not complying with WHS legislation through lack of risk assessment conducted on potential musculoskeletal disorders resulting from poor customer service workstation design.

Redesign the customer service workstation to follow the WHS requirements.

Conduct the training for all staff towards the WHS policies and procedures as well as the relevant legislation.

No work station redesign is completed yet and the company should immediately take care of this issue as it lead to the low level of staff morale.

4. Poor online sales

Provide suitable training towards online sales and customer service

Provide the coaching session or training towards the product information

No coaching session or training session completed to provide product information to staff yet.

5. Wastage due to overstocking product in anticipation of increased online sales

Train staff to be familiar with online system to reduce overtime work and the misuse of the system.

Should immediately ensure that all staff can properly use the system as it affects budget overrun situation of the company.

General comments

The formal training to provide the information about online sales, customer service and how to use CRM system should be conducted as soon as possible to increase the knowledge and skills of all staff which will help develop the service provided to customers and can also help maintain loyalty customers too.

Solve the issue with e-commerce website to eliminate the downtown issue as this can annoy the customers and increase the processing time for online orders which can reduce the number of sales and customers visiting our online store in the future.

Create and implement some marketing campaigns to introduce and promote more about our e-commerce website especially promoting the new service via social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube Channel. Also provide information on how to explore and place orders on our website to increase speed of online sales.


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